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Bowling (Ten-Pin Bowling)

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Bowling can be quite fun to partake in. You never know what will happen as you try to knock down 10 pins in a frame of bowling. It can be fun no matter what. So for this casual blog post, I'll share thoughts on the sport of bowling. I am no ace in the sport or anything, but I have done some bowling before and want to share this with my wonderful worldwide audience.

NOTE: When I did my research for this blog post, Wikipedia made mention of two different kinds of bowling- pin bowling and target bowling. This post refers to pin bowling, and especially the traditional ten-pin bowling.

--- Bowling at a Glance ---

Let's set the mood! Here is a little bowling video to get you excited about this topic:

^ "Crazy Bowling Shot"

Now for some commentary on bowling.

Brief History.

(Information in this section was taken from Wikipedia)

The sport of Ten-Pin bowling dates back to more than 3,000 or 5,000 years ago; and more modern bowling dates back to about 1840 with the first ten-pin bowling alley built in New York City. Bowling equipment was proudly served by the Brunswick Corporation starting in 1914 to help enhance the sport. Just like golf, this was a sport brought over to the United States from Europe, and it stemmed from the German nine-pin game of Kegeln.

Who Bowls?

Bowling today happens in a number of different bowling alleys and is enjoyed by people ranging from casual bowlers up to professional bowlers. You have families and circles of friends playing bowling at bowling alleys, and you even have the professionals- like in the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) who are among the very best in the profession. I have even seen TV highlights of collegiate bowling at times. The sport is played by males and females, and they range from individual bowlers to bowling teams.


Though the sport is enjoyed by a range of people with a range of abilities, there is actual technique involved in being a great bowler. You don't just roll the ball down the lane and hope to knock down all of the pins. The strategy begins as you try to line up your shot. Much like a race car driver has to envision the next turn of a race track when running laps around the track (I had to get a racing reference in!), a bowler has to envision how he/she is going to knock down all the pins in one frame of bowling. The bowler has to give a good amount of force swinging the ball and rolling the ball down the lane. The ball can go straight ahead or even have a curved trajectory to try to knock down all the pins. And of course, you want to make sure to knock down the pins while making sure not to let the ball fall into the out of bounds area- the good old gutter balls.

(Some) Terminology.

A traditional game of bowling is done in ten frames. Frames in bowling are like innings in baseball. You get two chances to knock down all ten pins in a frame. In the tenth frame, you can get three attempts to knock down all ten pins. If one is successful at knocking down all ten pins in one bowl, you get a strike. Bowling three or more strikes in succession earns you a turkey. If unsuccessful in knocking down all ten pins in one bowl but take out the missed pins in the bottom half of the frame, you earn a spare. The greatest feat any bowler can accomplish is the Perfect Game- a score of 300. How do you do that? Knock down all ten pins... in all ten frames. It has been done before, but it is rare. Bowling a perfect game is as great of an accomplishment in bowling as pitching a perfect game (or even a no-hitter) in baseball.

Bowling Style.

Show some style when at the bowling lanes. Here are a few things to note:

bowling ball
^ from: - If you really want to be unique, why not have your own special bowling balls?

Most bowling balls are very smooth and shiny. Some others are more rubberized. Not all bowling balls are created equal. Find a type that best suits you and your skill level if you want your own custom bowling balls.

bowling shoes
^ from: - Bowling shoes. Men's bowling shoes, in this case.

For those of you who read my fashion blog "StyleSpace by JBM," I may discuss bowling fashion in that blog to compliment this discussion here.

The most important bit of fashion regarding bowling is in bowling shoes. You need sufficient traction on the wood floors as you try to line up your shot. Bowling shoes are low-heel oxfords that give you the needed traction as you bowl. They are available for males and females in various styles. You rent a pair of bowling shoes to go bowling in (or you can bring your own, of course). Just find a pair that suits the shoe size you normally wear.

Some people wear bowling gloves or wrist supports to get a better grip of the ball. Consider getting yourself these items if you want better grip of the ball as you're preparing to bowl frames.

There isn't really much else to discuss regarding bowling fashion except for those who wear special shirts and jackets to look stylish while bowling. You probably want to look at such items if you just want to look cool at the bowling alley or when you're trying to buy items to form your own bowling team.

That's about it in discussing bowling.

--- Bowling: Final Thoughts ---

Bowling is very fun, whether doing going to a bowling alley or even in playing virtual bowling. I still remember playing bowling with Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort. I usually score in the 170-190 range in my Wii bowling. Bowling is still great fun either playing solo or with others. Go out and enjoy playing this fun sport. Or if you're watching on TV, marvel at the technique and skill bowlers of various skill levels provide. There's just nothing like it.

In Case You're Interested...

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Look around for stuff that will interest you bowlers. Happy shopping! :)

It is now your turn to speak up.

Do you enjoy bowling? What do you think about bowling?

I hope you have enjoyed this post and my efforts to discuss the sport of ten-pin bowling. That concludes another post of "John's Blog Space." Subscribe and Follow if you want to keep up with my latest posts. Thank you for reading!

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