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In the "Zone"

Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don't. You are sometimes able to effectively do your job or hobby to perfection (or near it), and you sometimes can't. Being in that "zone" is all about performing at a level that makes you a superstar at something. All of us have certain levels we wish we could be at all the time in whatever we do whether as a hobby or a profession. This blog post is all about being in that zone. What is that zone? What qualifies at being at a certain level that we can be satisfied with? A lot of my fellow bloggers could possibly relate to what I am about to discuss in this blog post.

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Okay, enough small talk. Let's go to work!

--- Being in the "Zone" ---

Let me share a quote with you all before I begin:

"When I'm doing my best is when I'm completely focused... You completely wipe off any thoughts of the future, there's nothing going on in the past, you're just completely locked in on the moment, and there's no thinking, you're zoned in on this moment in time."

-MMA Fighter, Frank Mir

And now a random image...

in the zone
^ from: - What happens when you are you "in the zone" doing hobbies or professions? More to come in this blog post!

We all want to do our best at any task given to us or want to take part in. We could be doing anything- taking part in a hobby, performing in our profession(s), competing in athletic and sporting activities, even in being romantic or sexually active with others. The only thing that makes us happy in our work and activities is knowing something is done right and efficiently. Somewhere during the process of participating in a task is a sometimes rare level of performance that makes us more efficient and more effective in completing tasks. This "zone," then, is a special bit of territory that makes us near unbeatable in our work. While we do our best to satisfy the needs and wants of the task at hand, there are certain situations when positive momentum takes us over to where we consistently crank out positive results. These high levels of performance don't last forever, so we have to take advantage of these times and ride that wave as much as we can. Being "in the zone" makes you feel good while also going for longer. If you are in the zone, you feel you can perform harder for longer, and you feel impervious to any and all distractions.

This "zone" is a level of karma or spirit that isn't easily broken by any number of factors. Once you are in the zone, there is nearly no stopping your momentum or your vibe. You also don't want things to ruin being in that zone. Something like this is not anything you can quickly call upon to help you do better. Being "in the zone" is not like picking up an energy drink and being able to quickly draw upon such energy on demand for a time when you really need it. This "zone" can only be reached with momentum or, in some cases, luck.

So that is a look at being in that zone. What about some thoughts on being in this zone? Go to the next section.

--- The Zone: Schools of Thought ---

Here are ways to look at being in the zone, based on what actually qualifies as being in the zone...

Being in the Zone.

Being in the zone means you are performing whatever task you are doing, but you are doing it more efficiently and more confidently than you normally would. It means you are doing something in a way or ways that most people could probably NEVER accomplish if they were doing the same task(s) you're doing. You feel better and more confident about yourself than you normally would. You may even enjoy what you do more than you ever have. This "zone" is more like something that attaches onto your mind and spirit and helps you do something better what you can already do. You can complete certain tasks, but that zone helps you feel even more professional and capable.

That is what it is like when you are in the zone. What about when you are NOT in that zone? Well...

NOT Being in the Zone.

What happens when you are NOT in the "zone?" Where do I start... you get bored, you seem unable to do tasks right, you maybe even give up, you may doubt yourself, you may hate yourself, you are counterproductive... see where I'm going with this? Not being in the zone is a level of performance where (to use runner speak) "hit the wall."

When Being in the "Zone" Spikes.

Earlier in this blog post, I mentioned that being in the zone is not like picking up something on demand to be "in the zone." Reaching this level of performance is something you have to feel and be confident about. At a certain point of being "in the zone," you will spike. You will go from great confidence and belief to returning to a certain level of determination and drive for what you do. Let's face it- unless you are REALLY good, nobody performs at a high level for a long time. Even Cinderella goes from a polarizing princess to being just another average girl. Don't feel bad if you are unable to perform at high levels for longer than what you are probably capable of. Momentum runs out. It is called reality.

You obviously want to perform well at something. Whether or not you reach that "zone" makes you better or worse depending on if you actually have the energy or the drive to do so.

--- In the Zone: Final Thoughts ---

Enjoy being "in the zone" when you are performing certain tasks or taking part in certain activities. Just like there are days when you feel good and times where you feel lazy, being in a certain "zone" allows you to be better than what you are normally capable of. You are not able to perform at the best levels all the time. So when you're in the zone in your activities, you reach a level of zen and harmony where you can perform at your best more efficiently and consistently. You will ultimately spike when being in the zone, so when you "come back down to earth," just remember that you are capable of anything as long as you have the drive and the energy to do so. Take advantage of these moments when you can perform at the highest level... then savor being at even higher than higher levels.

--- In the Zone: BONUS Final Thoughts! ---

There is kind of a special reason why I created this blog post for reasons other than trying to motivate and inspire my readers/visitors. Recently, I have become active again- wanting to make more posts for my "John's Creative Space" blog including 3D models and music. I am also trying to return to YouTube with more video content. I mostly have been drawing energy to try to fuel a comeback to a lot of my creative work. Most of the reason why I didn't blog so much this past month was because I was trying to boost my creative energy. Among other things, I recently have gotten back into making voxel models, and I even learned how to rig models in Blender. I am currently learning and trying to make animations with Blender.

Right now, the ups and downs of my own creative energy is at a high again. So I created this blog post to not only announce trying to be more creative and share more content, but also to help other people maybe get inspired and motivated. I feel better about myself knowing I can help other people feel better about themselves. Consider this post something to ponder about as you go through life. I hope I'm able to inspire you and maybe get you going as well after you've read my post here.

This post is over. So let me ask for you discussion's sake:

What does being "in the zone" mean to you? How do you feel you perform when you reach such a level of performance?

I hope you liked it and could take something away from it- as I always hope I can do for all of you. Thank you for visiting my blog as well as for reading!

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The zone is definitely one of my favorite places to be :) The Keep Calm poster is just classic and perfect for this post. I like the most, however, that you related these thoughts to your own life. I agree that creativity comes in bursts and wish you the best in all your endeavors! I experience the zone most in writing--most of the time, I'll just sit and stare, but when I get going, I get going. It happens in running too--sometimes you get so into it that you forget you're running or running fast feels normal! Great post as usual, John!


To me being in zone is when things fall into the place, when something we have worked for suddenly becomes sth we can claim, when we feel alive and one way it is sth that cannot be forced but still sth you have to work know what I mean? You have to do your hardest and it will happen...but there is no knowing exactly how and when...sth I read that happiness is a by product...sth that you cannot buy, it's just that you come in your own...and the same goes for being in the zone.

I don't always feel like doing sth but I often do it because I know it will pay off in the long run....and that in the end I will be happy that I did it.


I agree that creativity comes in bursts and wish you the best in all your endeavors! Another great post John. Have a great day <3

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