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Rainy Days and Mood

Rainy days can either be relaxing or depressing. Some people just want to stay home and be lazy when its wet. Some find rain to be relaxing. Any way you take rainy days, everyone has a different sort of take on days that get anywhere from misty to total washout. Rainy days depress some people because such days are so dull and bring down peoples' productivity. To counteract this, some people even devote certain rainy days to fun in-home entertainment, like watching movies or playing board games. On the other hand, some people embrace rainy weather by doing things ranging from playing in the rain to even (among the fashion community) do fashion pictures and posts while it is raining.

The certain mood to rainy days can range from days where there are sprinkles or drizzle to flooding rain days. Some days are just rainy, and some others can be rainy with storms. These sorts of things can screw with your mind if rainy days really affect your thinking. I personally admit that I do tend to be less productive and less like staying awake on rainy days. Everyone takes rainy days differently and in different ways. Weather does play a psychological edge often times.

Whether a day is a dry one or a wet one, it's still a day of the week and still a day of your life. Try to make the most of each day regardless of what the weather is like. Creative types will find ways to make rainy days more productive and more interesting. If that means staying home and reading your favorite book(s) or watching your favorite movie(s), so be it. You still try and make the most of each day even if you loathe rainy days. So remain strong if rainy days bring you down.

This was a mostly casual blog post- no research or anything to try to make something high-quality and detailed. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and maybe found something to discuss in regards to this. Speaking of discussion, here is my question to you all who want to discuss this topic a bit more...

How do you handle rainy days?

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Great post John! Inspiring!

I am a lover of rainy days and not because I'm storm born (haha). Rainy days are inspiring days...relaxing days. Days where I pull out the laptop and write or read that book I've always said I would. And living in The Bahamas, rainy days here aren't that much so I make the most of 'em.

Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise


I handle rainy day pretty well, most of the time:) sometimes I even enjoy them, especially when I don't have to be out and about all day;)


I love to hear the song of rain at home. I'd not prefer to go outside. Maybe because I'm lazy type...hahaha.

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