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Just Another...

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Nobody ever wants to feel like just another entity. No one wants to ever feel replaceable. Feeling like just another [whatever] makes some people feel unloved and disrespected. I always try to tell people personally online how much I appreciate knowing and following them. If there are people whom I love and respect in any capacity, I want to show I am not just another random soul. That's why I sometimes want to tell certain people in blogging and elsewhere in social media how much I am appreciative of others. I don't want to feel like just another person. I prefer feeling like I (hopefully) have provided some kind of positive impact on someone's life. Some people- like celebrities- are used to getting so much support from fans, and they usually don't try to individually show their appreciation to fans. Then sometimes, there are famous online personalities that either do or don't individually respond to others right away. Regardless, the feeling of knowing your presence means something to someone is always assuring and admired.

Here is another blog post which hopefully will help you feel better about yourself if you feel like just another useless or random soul to others.

--- Just Another... ---

Let's set the mood.

just another
^ Do you ever feel like you are just someone inferior, rather than being someone important or special? Feeling like just another nobody can make anyone feel disrespected and not appreciated.

Here are some nuances of feeling like just another...

Just Another... Among Peers.

Feeling like just another person among peers makes you simply seem like you offer no value or incentive with your presence or your work. You are basically someone who feels shoved to the side rather than someone even moderately appreciated.

Just Another... Among Classmates and the Workplace.

Every student in a class is important. At least... for teachers and places who seriously care about everyone getting a quality education and treated with respect. A workplace will have its hodgepodge of people who'll get along and those who can't get along. No student or employee wants to feel like he/she is just another expendable and replaceable entity. Some may not be special or wanted, but the opportunity for someone to take a school or business to the next level obviously wants to feel special and not feel like another worthless soul.

Just Another... Among Sports Teams.

Team chemistry in sports is crucial to success. Nobody wants to feel divided in a sports environment. A team that doesn't feel like each individual player isn't any real contributor to a team's success ends up feeling like just another athlete that could be better utilized.

Just Another... in Relationships.

Feeling like just another person rather than someone special can be damaging and demoralizing. If one feels someone can do better than the person he/she is with, that person should devote his/her entire energy towards someone he/she can love with his/her heart rather than be with someone who doesn't suit that person.

An even more worthless feeling is dating someone or being with someone simply for romantic or sexual pleasure, then letting them go. You think being with someone who doesn't appreciate you is bad enough? Try simply being someone's temporary love toy. Or as we say, "wham, bam, thank you ma'am." I've heard in countless daytime talk shows of women being one night stands. You know- be with someone and move on. Being loved by someone makes one feel like just another

Just Another... in Families.

How would you like to feel like you're just another person... among your own family? This can lead to absolute worthlessness if your own family treats you like you're just another insignificant person. Either you have to have done something completely unforgivable or have family members who simply hate you to ever feel like you are just another member of the family rather than someone very special. Your family should be a voice of support and love. If you feel like just another family member within your family, you feel worthless and unimportant. And among families, this can be seriously depressing.

Just Another... Among Fans.

I don't have a lot of people who actively comment to my material online. But for the loyal ones who do read and post comments, I am thankful. I am thankful for the fans I do have and those who do admire my work. I may not respond to everyone, but I feel great knowing my work does mean something to others. Maybe I'll have superstar status and have all kinds of fans on Facebook and Twitter and elsewhere. I still want to assure my loyal and respectful audience that their support is very much appreciated.

Just Another... When Trying to Impress Someone.

When I interact with some people I respect online, I sometimes feel like I am disregarded or disrespected. Sort of like when I blogged about unrequited love, there are times when I feel like I am not appreciated or that my attempts to show kindness don't mean anything. Sometimes you may try to be kind to someone and maybe not even realize if someone honestly dislikes you. The feeling of being just another person who likes someone or something in some way is the feeling expressed here. At least it feels good knowing someone honest and loyal cares.

Through the feeling of being just another person in others' lives, it makes you wonder two things: (1) what exactly do I mean to someone? (2) Are there things I could change about myself to where I feel a bit more important or a bit more respected to someone?

--- Just Another: Feeling Better About Yourself ---

If you feel like you are just another insignificant soul, either you can do more to feel more important, or you need to surround yourself with people who care more about you than the ones you are around at present. Feeling like just another person with no charm or appeal just makes you feel worthless in the eyes of others. Don't forget to believe in yourself regardless of what anyone may think about you. How can others believe in you if you don't believe in yourself?

The most important thing in all of this is in being able to remain strong and to feel loved. Any sort of thought that makes you feel less than you really are just cheapens your worth to others. Maybe you can change to where you may be better respected among others. If that doesn't work, then you just don't have too many other alternatives.

--- Just Another: To All of my Loyal Readers and Fans... ---

I just want you to know that you all are NEVER just another bunch of people who randomly visit my blog. Your cooperation and involvement with me and my work are appreciated every day, all year. You are NEVER just another soul that visits my work- especially if you are a loyal and honest visitor to my blogs and my other online work. So don't ever feel bad, unloved, or not appreciated.

Time for discussion. Here goes...

Have you ever felt like just another insignificant or unimportant entity? If so, how do you deal with such conditions and being around people who don't care as much? How would you help someone who may be dealing with a situation like this?

These life issue topics can really be tough to blog about. However, I feel I must discuss these matters so I can help people feel better about themselves. I care more about helping people than getting views with topics such as this. Anyhow, I hope you found some use for this blog post. I hope you Subscribe and Follow to keep up with my work. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Strangely enough, I've felt that way my entire life. From childhood to adulthood. My family (outside of my mom and bros) had a big part to play in that. They were always competing with each other, so they thought by putting another sister's child down, it would mess with their psyche and their child would reign supreme. Fast forward to today and all it did was mess up everyone. It wasn't until recently that I started to believe that I meant to someone and that I was really above it all because I chose not to treat anyone indifferently because of the things they said or did to me in the past. There are still times when I feel like I'm not good enough but that's when I give myself a pep talk and keep it moving.

Thank you for sharing this post with us John!

Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

John Marine said...

I think this feeling is a common issue which keeps accrue all the time with people. Sometimes more sometimes less. Thanks for sharing this!

LEN K said...

Yes, John. I'm always grateful for your support and sweet reviews. Definitely you provide a positive impact as you leave a comment on my site.


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