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Wayback Wednesday: Oct. 15, 2014

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Hump Day! Welcome to #WaybackWednesday! It's time again I share videos of old stuff among my wonderful people worldwide. Get ready for another batch of classic songs (and other material?) for this Wednesday. I'm taking a lot of you back while some of you may be checking out some material for the first time ever. Either way, you're going back in time.

--- Wayback Wednesday: How it Works ---

Wayback Wednesday on JBS
Welcome to Wayback Wednesday on John's Blog Space!

Most of what I select for "Wayback Wednesday" primarily consists of music videos. Rather than share with fans, I usually share YouTube videos among friends in my Facebook profile. Most of what I share are selections based on a certain group of songs I want to feature. I want to label it as "Wayback Wednesday" for the sake of hashtag usage. The proper person in me knows it is "Way Back Wednesday" rather than "Wayback Wednesday." The main criteria element is that the material must be at least five years old. So as of this blog post, all Wayback Wednesday features material from 2009 or earlier. Nothing from 2010 or later will be featured. All Wayback Wednesday selections go in chronological order from earliest to oldest. So more recent material is featured before going to least recent material. For example, a song from 2003 will be shown followed by a song either from that same year or before 2003.

Here's the quick rundown:
• material that is at least five years old is featured.
• selected material is from more recent to less recent.
• not every selection is music.

This is a sample post:

Wayback Wednesday: (Month Day, Year)

• (song arist - song title, or title) (year) {linked}

I decide to post just a link to the video rather than slow down the performance of my blog with embedded YouTube videos. Links to some videos may or may not be available all the time. You're basically clicking at your own discretion in this sense.

Depending on traffic and other considerations, I may start this as a common feature of my blog. Having said all of this... let's begin!

--- Wayback Wednesday: Selections ---

Here are the songs I've selected for this Wednesday. Click on the links to view the YouTube videos associated with the individual songs.

If you like to comment, feel free to let me know which songs you like from this list I selected.

Wayback Wednesday: October 15, 2014

Jordin Sparks - One Step at a Time (2008)
Some time after Hurricane Ike hit the Houston area back in 2008, I wanted to get a music CD for when power would be restored to my house. What I did was pick up Jordin Sparks' debut album- a self-titled one. My favorite song of hers is this one- "One Step at a Time." Why do I love it? Listen for yourself.

Kings of Leon - Use Somebody (2008)
Here is a very cool song for you rock fans. I once heard this song as a fabulous trance remix. You, however, can listen to this as a great rock track from the previous decade.

Gym Class Heroes - Clothes Off! (2007)
Not sure what MTV award show I was watching, but when I heard this song by these guys, I was sold on how awesome the Gym Class Heroes are. They have a unique blend of hip-hop with a little bit of rock thrown in. These guys are from New York... but upstate New York. These guys are Fueled by Ramen and are all kinds of awesome. Have a listen to this one!

Lucas Prata - And She Said... (2006)
That's what she said! :) I'm giving you a double shot of Mr. Lucas Prata. This first song is a classic of his. It is surely a catchy number from him. What did she say? Enjoy this song here.

Lucas Prata - Never Be Alone (2004)
The other Lucas Prata song I selected is this one which was released two years before the classic "And She Said..." I am not sure if I could have found this song in any better quality, but I ended up picking this video to showcase this song.

X-Ecutioners and Linkin Park - It's Goin' Down (2002)
The X-Ecutioners are responsible for taking certain rock-type songs and giving them a nice electronic dance music remixes. Are you a Linkin Park fan? They are not your average rockers. They are very diverse in their styles. I personally respect Linkin Park. Listen to this fine joint.

M2M - Don't Say You Love Me (1999)
If classic '90s pop-rock is what you want, meet M2M. This song was featured in the soundtrack to "Pokémon: The First Movie" in 1999. You can enjoy this one even if you aren't a Pokémon fan. When looking for this song, I tried to find the best-quality version of this song. Here is a YouTube tip- the most-viewed version of some song doesn't always mean it's the best version. So enjoy listening to this version I found for you. Sweet vocals and fun music make this a total joy to listen to.

S Club 7 - S Club Party (1999)
Here is a feel-good song for you all. Why feel good? Because there's no party quite like an S Club Party. If you're feeling down, maybe this song will get you feeling good.

A*Teens - Dancing Queen (1999)
Ready for some more fun? I got it courtesy of the A*Teens. This is a modern (at its time) version of ABBA's classic "Dancing Queen" song from the 1970s performed by this Swedish group.

Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses and Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses (Country Version) (1997)
Let me be honest. I first heard of this song from a MIDI file I listened to long ago. It was one of the most beautifully-done songs I've heard. There was a time I heard the actual song. I included the original version and the country version. You know what? If you listen to this song and start to cry, it's natural because this song is just beautiful with beautiful lyrics. Anyhow... please enjoy this one! You have either no soul or no appreciation of music if you don't love this song in any way.

Crush - Jellyhead (1996)
I remember this dance piece back around 1997 or 1998 or so. It was one of many dance-type songs I've heard on 104.1 KRBE here in Houston back then. This song is a '90s dance classic to me. Never heard this song before? If not, get to know Crush by checking this song out.

D' Angelo - Brown Sugar (1994)
Let's delve into the realm of R&B with a hot joint from D' Angelo. Smooth vocals and sweet beats are what you can expect in this one. Go ahead- groove to this one.

Jeffrey Osborne - On the Wings of Love (1982)
This song is beautiful to listen to as it is sung handsomely by Jeffrey Osborne. I wasn't born when this song was released in 1982. Trust me- this song is beautiful. Listen to it and enjoy.

Abba - Dancing Queen (1976)
You probably didn't think I'd leave this post without mentioning the classic "Dancing Queen" now, did you? This is the original before the A*Teens rendition. It's still a fun song performed greatly. Old school loving coming your way!

"First NES Commercial" (BONUS VIDEO!)
Did you know that on October 15, 1985; the Nintendo Entertainment System was first sold in the United States? Happy birthday, NES! This is a bonus video for you NES lovers.

This concludes another "Wayback Wednesday" post of mine.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of old songs. Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) if you enjoy my online work. I enjoyed finding these songs for you all. Thanks for checking out my posts! Have a great day/night and thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I always love to listen to old songs.....they put me in a good mood....memories and stuff like that<3

LEN K said...

Oh no...all the songs I know are before 2000!!
I suppose I'm less obsessed in music after that.

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