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John's Corner: Animation Ambitions?

Making voxels with MagicaVoxel and watching unique animations on YouTube have inspired me to want to make animations in the future. So for this edition of "John's Corner," I want to tell you about my animation ambitions. I will even introduce some of the voxel models I've been developing in recent times. If you want to keep up with my creative work, please visit John's Creative Space.

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Johns Corner

--- John's Corner: Creativity ---

I had the creative bug and decided to take advantage of it. Previously, I was never able to develop anything really interesting, nor did I have the drive to continue making material. I have now created a lot of different assets to hopefully one day utilize my assets in art and video. If not making assets, I am developing them. The end goal is just to make material for you to [hopefully] enjoy. I've been using Qubicle Constructor a lot. These days, I am using MagicaVoxel.

There is a sad story in all of this. It was back in the mid-1990s when I aspired to get into computer animation after seeing one cartoon series long ago. Never have I made a proper 3D model of any kind for going on 20 years. Or at least, never made a 3D model of any kind I wasn't proud of. I am now going on making voxel models, which are easy to make once you get the hang of it and once you master making models despite the limitations of voxel models.

To give you somewhat of an idea of my progress in developing my models, let me share with you this picture:

MagicaVoxel sample
^ from: (my Facebook profile page) - One model, four ways. The base model is on the far left, and the other three models were made using the first model as a base. One animation I may plan to make is based on this school setting I created.

You can see from the picture that I created assets resembling a scene at a secondary school. Note the lockers in the background. I created this scene to somewhat resemble a possible scene or a possible project. So you now have an idea of some of the material I've created and may utilize in creative work.

--- Creative Works Plans ---

You read in the previous section about my ambitions to make animations and other material. This sounds like stuff I should be announcing on "John's Creative Space" and not here on "John's Blog Space," but I feel I am communicating to a broader audience with this blog. That's why I link to my "StyleSpace by JBM" blog here on "John's Blog Space." It's all about trying to reach as much of my audience as possible.

Rambling aside, let me share with you material I am working on with the use of my voxel artwork:

• I plan to do some animations. I know how to animate models in Blender using bones and such, but I am not as confident in making models to be animated properly. What I may do is mostly make slideshows with subtitles. I had an interesting plan to try making animations using text-to-speech (TTS) voices. But unless you have some of the more professional-type TTS voices, forget about it. I often try to be cheap. I am not usually wanting proper voice-over talent for my work. Just want to be unique.

• Among the animation ideas, I have mostly thought about various short stories I've created and want to bring to life. In fact, I thought of a story just last night. It was a story of two High School students who have endured depression recently, and all because of one man. I even thought of a bunch of comical animations, but don't know how to express them.

• I have planned to release conceptual voxel models of a game idea. The models created primarily offer a look at a series of posts I plan on releasing to "John's Creative Space" in a unique set of blog posts for that blog. Some posts here on "John's Blog Space" will be deleted and replaced with new versions on "John's Creative Space."

• I want to be careful with the plans for this talking point. I planned on making some animations inspired by various personalities. Some stories and animations I thought of are inspired by people whom I've come across in person and online. There are even certain parodies I've planned. I thought of a project that would tie in more with "StyleSpace by JBM" than with my other blogs because one project involves a fantasy story featuring a set of fictitious fashion bloggers and certain challenges they face. Maybe with some experience and skill, I may go ahead with that project. Besides that project, I even simply had plans to make voxel art of certain bloggers I like and/or respect.

All this and more are in the pipeline for my creative works. Stay tuned to my blogging work to see what I come up with!

--- What I Want My Readers to Know ---

I blog. I prepare art. I may do videos. As much as I love blogging, I try to keep busy in many different ways. So when it seems I am not active in one department, I am either just living life or trying to make something special in the future. You will certainly be in the know when I do create something for you to enjoy. I am certainly happy and hopeful to create something that culminates all of the creative energy and all of the creativity that I have to express. If you've supported my blogging work, I also would appreciate your support with my other works.

LAST CALL! If you want to follow my creative works, please visit my creative works blog:
John's Creative Space

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