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John's Corner: Wayback Wednesday

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This "John's Corner" is on #WaybackWednesday. Wayback Wednesday on JBS is what this edition of "John's Corner" is on and my WW blog posts. If you ever wonder where I got the inspiration to make these posts, this edition of "John's Corner" will fill you in. You'll get to know about why I do this and how I consider which songs to feature in my posts. Before going any further...

Johns Corner
Welcome to John's Corner!

The deal these days is on Throwback Thursday. Even though Throwback Thursday is popular, some devote Wednesday as a day of looking back. There are some radio stations- mostly hip-hop radio stations- that devote Wednesday to old songs. That is how I began to get into posting links of YouTube videos of old songs. I did it mostly among Facebook friends. These days, I'm trying to feature more of these to more than just my Facebook profile friends. One of the real bonuses of doing these "Wayback Wednesday" posts is that I get a chance to share music with others. It also helps to share my nearly unconditional love of music. There are some classic songs that are old, but not terribly old. That's why I set the threshold of music at songs that are at least five years old. Since it is 2014 as of this post, that means I will not feature anything 2010 or after in my "Wayback Wednesday" posts.

Each week I've done these posts on Facebook, I always try to find at least one song in each of the following genres:

• Hip-Hop, R&B, and adult contemporary
• electronic dance music
• rock
• (optional) certain other genres including video/computer game music

Sometimes, the material I post for "Wayback Wednesday" has nothing to do with music. I simply just provide some material like sports events, news events, motorsports, and more. I just do what I can to provide classic material for my audience. At times, I even surprise myself just how I am able to recall such things.

I almost randomly pick songs and other material based on stuff I remember. I have a love of music to where I just think about what kind of songs and what kind of variety I want to offer in my weekly look backs at music. Posting certain songs makes me wonder just where the music industry has gone and how much music has changed between now and then. I get nostalgic and sometimes even just feel sad at what music has become today as opposed to certain past times. I may even offer certain songs that I think others would like even if I don't necessarily like some of the songs I select. Everything is based on a random sort of songs I feel like featuring. It's rare I get support from viewers or visitors, so I keep to myself on picking certain songs and such. It may also be possible I feature certain songs again in future installments of "Wayback Wednesday" if they've already been featured in other posts of mine. My job isn't to find and feature every single song once and never return to them. For example, I may pick out a song one week, then put that same song in another "Wayback Wednesday" post three weeks later.

If you enjoy my "Wayback Wednesday" posts, thank you. I may start doing these regularly here on John's Blog Space. I think I reach out to more people with blog posts than just simply doing this among Facebook friends.

I'm glad you all are able to support my work. I am grateful each day to express myself to you all in my own unique ways. Do me a favor- have yourself a great day/night! This concludes another edition of John's Corner. Thank you for reading!

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throwback is good no matter what of a week it is!

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