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John's Corner - My Game/App Quest

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"John's Corner" this time is about gaming. Since buying an OUYA console, it has been fairly hectic for me to try to envision building my first game. I have limited programming and only so much art experience. What I have been doing is take here-and-there advice to develop material whether for games or media projects. The best news of all is that I never felt more capable and equipped to design something. There are just some times when you feel productive enough to make something that will be amazing. Or at least... what you hope will be something amazing. That, right now, is me and my situation. Allow me to share my thoughts in this blog post.

Happy new year! This is my first released post of 2015 on "John's Blog Space." Welcome to my series of posts where it is just me talking with you all person-to-person. This is...

John's Corner
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I plan on making another blog post regarding the OUYA. Now that I have an OUYA and have played around with the OUYA, I will offer a proper review of mine on this gaming console in the future. Please stay with "John's Blog Space" for my own updated OUYA thoughts.

--- John's Corner: My Quest to Make a Game and/or App ---

Some people aspire to design something they feel will really get them noticed. They may create things that they can proudly stand behind and showcase to the world. The creation of these items is of great importance to people because they want to make something that people want to remember and admire. My journey of late has been to create various media projects or even games and apps. Those whom have visited my creative works blog- "John's Creative Space" may know of some of my different works I've showcased. I feel some sort of importance in trying to create something to exhibit my creative spirit.

Game Importance.

Because I do love games, I feel it is best when you can make your own game rather than just play them. As I am trying to learn making games, part of that experience involves being educated in mobile gaming since the OUYA console is Android-based. The unfortunate thing is that I am not a mobile gamer. Someone suggested I try to develop for mobile devices and then port my work to the OUYA. Should I successfully develop something for the OUYA, I want to be sure it is something I can proudly show off.

Among the ideas for an OUYA game of mine are certain brawler and racing titles. To be honest, a lot of different mobile-type games don't interest me all that much. Most notable are a lot of infinite games (such as endless runners) and procedural worlds. The ideas I have are more old-fashioned and classic. I'm sorry if I'm too outdated and out of the loop with certain ideas. I've never made a game before. It's more about learning as I go along until I eventually make something that could eventually be enjoyable. Another idea I had was something where you play with a certain character in a variety of fun and cute moments. Not sure if that would fly on something like the OUYA, but it's another idea of mine.

App Importance.

I know I am at a disadvantage because I only know Android best. So I may be unable to tap into the iOS market if I develop something. I've had a simple app in mind that I hope will be helpful. I want to offer an app that offers positive and motivational material to others. I may even try to make it interesting by offering mini games in addition to the advice offered. Prior to trying to learn Android, I've had a good bit of trying to self-teach Visual Basic (remember THAT?) and here-and-there C++ programming with some games... namely Duke Nukem 3D.

I noted about not being much a mobile gamer, even more I feel I have to properly learn Android and be able to utilize it to make a quality app. The vision and the determination are both there. All I need to do is tap into those things and come up with something great. Most important to me is being able to offer something in today's fancy realm of mobile applications.

No matter what I create, I know I will give my best effort. Everything just has to be something I can proudly proclaim and promote. I can always try to update my content to make it better. In other words, I want my first game or my first app to be as valuable as any of my blog posts or videos. Only time will tell if I can successfully make a game or an app.

I engage in a lot of different activities and different kinds of media. I therefore have a tough time committing to everything I do. So I find myself breaking from certain things- like blogging. I don't give up on anything unless I feel I can't contribute any longer to something. Either that, or if I simply lack the energy to make something for a certain arena or platform. I'm not leaving anything, people. I still need great people like yourself to go along for the ride with me. Subscribe and Follow if you love my work and haven't subscribed for followed yet. More media madness from me to come, but until next time, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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