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BetaMax: Sherbet Plains

John B. Marine | 9/05/2015 01:46:00 AM |
"BetaMax: Sherbet Plains" by Super Cookie Games is an old-school 2D platforming experience but with super fancy graphics. Big-nosed Max is out to save his girlfriend Min while defeating the evil Mittens. I am reviewing based on my OUYA experience with this game. However, it has long been offered for Android and iOS. So if you're ready for another review blog post of mine, you've come to the right place- "John's Blog Space!"

--- BetaMax: Sherbet Plains ---

"BetaMax: Sherbet Plains" is a platformer that plays itself out among 21 levels including a final boss battle (Level 21 is the boss fight). According to the developer, Super Cookie Games, BetaMax's history goes back as far as 2010-2011. BetaMax was released to Android in 2013. It was some time earlier in 2015 that BetaMax landed on OUYA. So this is the work of over three to five years to get to this point.

Max's girlfriend Min has been kidnapped. Rather than cry his eyes out hoping and praying his girlfriend will return to his loving arms, this guy with a big nose decides to venture out into the world and try to rescue her. The world you get involved in is sweet. It is sweet in the sense that there are lots of candy-themed and sweet-themed items in the world, such as all the sweets you collect. Everything is simple- navigate your way through the various perils and reach the exit to go to the next stage. But of course, a handful of hazards await you ranging from evil bunnies, massive rolling donuts, and more. Nobody said this sweet world was COMPLETELY sweet...

If you want to challenge yourself, try to complete each level getting three stars. Here are the ways to earn stars for your progress:

• complete the level
• collect all three cookies in each level
• collect as many items as possible to fill up the candy jar.

Simple, huh? It is not important to collect all three stars to advance through each level. This one will give you a very nice platforming experience.

My Review/Thoughts.

"BetaMax: Sherbet Plains" is a very good platformer game in its execution and in its play. However, there isn't too much variety or personality to make it great. The game just feels boring traversing most of the same kinds of levels dealing with some of the same sort of obstacles. It has variety all around. I just wish there was a bit more variety in level design and maybe even in level types. For example, why not a few levels at night? Maybe some underground levels or levels in conditions like rain, wind, snow, or stuff like that? I also wouldn't mind a few more enemy types. A way to recover your health would also be helpful. I also think the game would be better and have more replay value if you could better keep track of your progress. What if you wanted to ensure that you collected the maximum three stars for all the levels? This game has no way to keep track of your progress to help you reach that goal of totally beating this game.

There is one thing I am indifferent about. At least on my OUYA, I noticed points in the game where the graphics are a bit off with some of the sloped terrain or some other different other graphics on screen. This is only a minor annoyance that does nothing to ruin the flow of "BetaMax: Sherbet Plains." Speaking of graphics, I forgot to mention that the old TV-style effects can be annoying. You can thankfully toggle this screen display at any time during the game.

So all in all, I would say that "BetaMax: Sherbet Plains" is a very good platformer. Only that there are a number of factors that prevent it from being a great platformer game. Perhaps too many factors to keep it from being great. It is still worth playing regardless of the negative commentary I've given it.

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Learn more about Super Cookie Games and all the games they offer by going to Get "BetaMax: Sherbet Plains" on your OUYA by going to BetaMax: Sherbet Plains on

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