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Random Heroes

John Marine | 9/20/2015 03:14:00 AM |
The world needs heroes, even random ones. Even random heroes toting big guns. Heroes are needed in the world of Random Heroes because the world has been invaded by aliens. You are the last hope to save the world from these evil beings. This blog post is my own review of "Random Heroes." The review is based on my playing of the Flash-based version.

--- Random Heroes ---

Random Heroes
^ from: - When aliens invade the world, who needs some superhero or some team? A bunch of random heroes will save the day!

Released in 2011 by Woblyware, "Random Heroes" is an action platformer that will have you feeling like a hardcore (or "H4RDC0R3" for you people who love confusing old men like me with hacker speak), gun-toting bad a$$. You need to be that kind of person to blast your way through the various levels of Random Heroes. This game is available in Flash, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon. Ravenous Games made the non-Flash version of this game.


Two emo or punk guys went into a cemetery and awoke a horde of evil zombies and robots, and they have terrorized the city. These are monsters who come from a different dimension and have terrorized the world as we know it. It is up to you to go and drive away the evil forces from our world. There could have been some task force specifically designed to wipe out the aliens. There could have been some superhero or superheroine that is humanity's last hope. But no- you have a bunch of nameless people armed with huge guns with the task of wiping out these baddies. So don't worry about some overrated and cheesy storyline or some whiny heroes who say what almost any hero-type character would say. This game is all about heroes- random ones with big guns!


There are have 18 levels and three boss battles in your quest to save the world. Every sixth level is a Boss fight. You can play as any of the three included heroes, and progress in the game will allow you to play as two extra characters. This game allows you to upgrade your weaponry and also add certain perks to help save the world by collecting money. Keep buying items and killing enemies to help add to your Achievements. You will sort of pick up money quite quickly and somewhat easily.

There are a total of nine guns you can use in the game. You start off with a weak 9MM pistol and work your way to more powerful, faster-firing weapons. Each gun is rated for their damage and their rate of fire. Damage determines how much attack power you can lay out with each fired shot. The rate of fire determines how quickly (or slowly) shots are fired off.

Buy Armor to add extra units of health. There are five Armor upgrades you can purchase. Having more than one unit of health is better than the three you start off with. So make sure to buy these upgrades as you have enough money to get them.

There are five Books to buy, and each Book gives you certain perks and bonuses. These are mostly boosts to picking up items. One book gives you slightly better attack power. Collect them all to gain that edge you can vastly use.


It is a better strategy to go with guns that deal great damage at a decent firing rate. You'll want to pick up all nine guns, but maybe the most ineffective of the nine is the Flame Thrower. None of the enemies are terribly difficult to defeat. Just make sure to attack quickly and don't leave yourself open to either get shot or run into them. If you get killed, don't worry about the money you have collected. The amount of money you have will carry over as you restart the level. So you still will have sufficient funds to buy upgrades if you have enough money. Also, none of the platformer elements to this game are extremely difficult. This game really isn't all that difficult or challenging.

Now that you have a grasp on this game, I'll let you know if this is any good.

--- Random Heroes: Review ---

"Random Heroes" is none too difficult or cheesy. The game is very fun even if it doesn't seem overly hardcore and laden with explosions and blood. There isn't too much really to complain about this game. If there was maybe one or two complaints, however, the game mostly feels too short. There's no real replay value once you've cleared all of the accomplishments. What you probably could do after completing all the accomplishments is maybe start a new game to go through the game again. I probably would have liked different characteristics and abilities with each of the heroes, but there isn't anything to distinguish between them except for simply picking one on personal preference. Sounds and music are very good. Nothing impressive, but very good all around.

Video Preview.

I must warn you that this is the non-Flash version of "Random Heroes" in this video. Still, it is your best look at this game and what it has to offer:

^ "Official Random Heroes Trailer"

Want to Play?

I played this game from Armor Games' website. If you want to try your hand at this game, click the link below. Good luck! :)

Random Heroes on Armor Games

Woblyware made the Flash version of this game, but the game was really designed by Ravenous Games. To learn more about Ravenous Games and the games they offer, visit

I hope you got to take something from this review.

Happy gaming. I hope you enjoyed this look at "Random Heroes." Please be sure you are Subscribed and Followed so you can keep up with my latest posts. Until next time, it has been a great pleasure of you to visit my blogs, including this one. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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