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Soft Drinks

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If you enjoy soda, this is a blog post you'll probably enjoy. I actually wanted to blog about soda for quite some time. Lots of soft drinks have caffiene and sugar and can slowly eat away your good health. But for those who drink them, who cares? We just want something cool (and tasty) to drink! So I will open the floor for discussion of soft drinks for this blog post. Since almost any blog post can be viewed by anyone worldwide, I even invite a lot of my international readers to tell me about soft drinks maybe not sold here in the United States.

--- Soft Drinks ---

This will set the mood:

soft drinks
^ from: guysandgoodhealth.wordpress.com - This blog post is all about soft drinks. Is one of your favorite drinks in this picture?

A lot of us want something tasty and refreshing to drink. You might be drinking a soda right now reading this blog post. There is still nothing better to drink for comfort than soft drinks. No matter what your favorite soft drinks are, there is plenty to love for any number of sodas. Some sodas are offered in diet form, caffeine free, and even diet caffeine free. So you can still enjoy the taste of most soft drinks while still closely monitoring your health.

I mentioned soft drinks as comfort drinks. You certainly don't make soft drinks as the only drinks you drink for when you need to be hydrated. Most soft drinks have a lot of sugar and can do a lot of harm to your body with each sip. Even still, there is no denying the tasty and indulgent properties of most soft drinks. In trying to stay healthy, one change I made over time was limit myself to one soda a day. There are days when I have two sodas a day, but I NEVER go over two sodas a day.

Not every soft drink is readily refreshing and enjoyable. I can remember in the mid-late 1990s of a drink called Kick. I think the slogan was that it was the "hardcore nitro psycho soft drink in a can." Kick was a soft drink that could thrash taste buds (even the sodas themselves said so!). It was a drink that was pulled from the market eventually.

Let me offer a few quick reviews and thoughts on certain soft drinks I've had before. Check out the next section.

--- Quick Soda Reviews ---

Here are a number of soft drinks I've had. They include a lot of past and present varieties. Official websites to some of these drinks are in the headings. Click on them for more info on each on those featured soft drinks.


Coca-Cola (or Coke) is perhaps the most popular soda people drink. You will have no problem spotting people drinking Coca-Cola considering its popularity. There are even people who fancy Coca-Cola in those classic Coca-Cola glass bottles. A recent marketing deal has Coca-Cola bottles and cans with "Share a Coke With..." and then something. Coca-Cola wasn't always such a tasty deal, however. In fact, Coca-Cola used to prove that it was possible you could be high and drunk at the same time because Coca-Cola had cocaine in it long ago. So this was more like one of those alcoholic drinks way back when.

I rarely drink Coca-Cola to be honest. Not that I hate it or anything- I just don't drink it as much among various soft drinks.

So what do you say? "Share a Coke With John?" Please? Anyone?

Vanilla Coke.

When I was a student at Lamar University in 2002, I used to have Vanilla Coke a lot. The taste of Coca-Cola was mixed in with a vanilla flavor for a unique taste. It was pretty good drinking Vanilla Coke.

Coca-Cola Zero.

Coca-Cola Zero (or just Coke Zero) is supposed to be a zero-calorie alternative to Coca-Cola. Some people, however, think Coke Zero has ingredients that may be even more unhealthy than a regular serving of Coca-Cola. It does have a good taste to it.


I drink Pepsi more than I do any other variety of soda. I mostly enjoy the refreshing and smooth taste of Pepsi. I just like Pepsi more than I do Coca-Cola.


I sometimes drink Sprite. Best thing about Sprite is that it is Caffeine Free. While I drink Pepsi more often, I actually get Sprite a lot for a soft drink at restaurants often times.

Dr. Pepper.

One thing I didn't know about Dr. Pepper is that this soda is made right here in my home state of Texas. All I know is that its bold taste never disappoints and never fails to quench thirst.

Pibb Xtra.

So you need a soda bold enough to cool your mouth off after eating something spicy? Pibb Xtra might do the trick. Pibb is already a fairly good Dr. Pepper alternative; Pibb Xtra is even better.

A&W Root Beer.

The kind of root beer I drink mostly these days is A&W Root Beer. The one thing I didn't know about root beer is that it is Caffeine Free. A&W is made with aged vanilla. All I know is that this is good root beer to have washing down food or for whatever else you're doing.


I used to have Barq's a lot when I was younger. Barq's has a bold taste and a good taste.

Dad's Root Beer.

Once, I tried out Dad's Root Beer. It tasted pretty good.

Hawaiian Punch.

Nothing like Hawaiian Punch to quench your thirst. I had Hawaiian Punch often times when I was younger. It has been a long while since last downing a can of Hawaiian Punch.

Canada Dry.

I sometimes drink Canada Dry as an alternative to Sprite. Canada Dry, as I'm told, can actually be good for you to drink. It is a Caffeine Free drink with a quite good taste.


Made in México (Hecho en México), Jarritos is a series of soft drinks with real fruit juice in them. I had their fruit punch once and thought it was pretty good. Nothing mind-blowing or very tasty, but it's alright to me.

Those are some of many different soft drinks I've had before and my thoughts on them.

--- Coca-Cola Freestyle: Retrospective ---

Here is a bonus section for me to discuss in regards to soft drinks. I want to go back to mentioning the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine since we're discussing soft drinks here.

While we are on the subject of soft drinks, one of the most unique machines I've ever seen was the Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Machine. Rather than select a specific drink, you can actually select a combination of soft drinks mixed together to form your own unique soda to drink. So you can get yourself a cherry-flavored Sprite if you want to mix regular Sprite with some cherry soda. Some vendors dare add various alcoholic drinks in addition to offering basic soft drinks. Of course, since we're talking about the Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Machine, the choices will likely involve Coca-Cola products more than any other.

I blogged about this machine before. If you want to read my blog post on the Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Machine, you are welcome to check out this past blog post I made on it: "Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Machine" (John's Blog Space).

--- Soft Drinks: Final Thoughts ---

No matter what your favorite soft drink(s) is/are, these are a great and varied form of liquid refreshment to enjoy. Feel free to enjoy soft drinks while out and about or while enjoying lunch or dinner. There are a whole lot of options for you all ranging from flavors to certain other considerations- including diet and caffeine free. Sometimes, water isn't enough to quench thirst. If you are able to enjoy a soft drink, go try yourself a good soft drink to quench your thirst!

After posting about a not-so-nice topic recently, this is a much lighthearted topic. I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

What is/are your favorite soft drink(s)? Do you like soft drinks?

Like I said before, I long wanted to do a post on soft drinks. I just never got around to really working on the post or completing it until now. I certainly hope you enjoyed this one. Be sure to visit other blog posts here as well as my other blogs. Subscribe and Follow for more! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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