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Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Machine

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The Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine offers a variety of drinks to consumers. Even if it is all or mostly drinks offered by The Coca-Cola Company, you get to enjoy drinking any number of drinks from a single machine. You can even mix-and-match to make your own drinks! After all, "Freestyle" wouldn't be freestyle if you didn't have some leverage and some options, right? So here's to freedom! Or at least... freedom to choose any number of drinks or making your own drink from any combination of drinks. This blog post introduces you to the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine.

--- Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Machine ---

Get to know the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine! Here is a picture:

Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine
^ from: www.redferret.net (links to article) - Two examples of the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine are shown here. This ain't your ordinary fountain drink machine.

Let me tell you my story with the Coca-Cola Freestyle. Gather around as old man (or at least by today's culture) John tells you a story.

My Coca-Cola Freestyle Story.

Here in Houston, I went to a restaurant of a popular burger chain called Fuddruckers. I ordered myself a grilled chicken burger from them and went around to get a soda. The device for which soft drinks could be dispensed came from these tall and fancy machines. These machines had a touchscreen interface dispensing only one drink, compared to most fountain drink machines that feature maybe six or less different drinks to choose from. When I used the device, I noted a variety of drinks to choose from. You could choose between the likes of soft drinks, water, and even sports drinks. Picking one drink meant I could choose from any sub-menu of drinks. So in my usage of the device, I wanted a Sprite. Now here is where a monkeyshine happened to me. I wanted a regular Sprite from the machine, but I ended up getting grape-flavored Sprite. It tasted surprisingly good. Can't be all bad, right?

This experience this past weekend inspired me to blog about the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine. I, of course, did my own sort of research just to make sure I didn't screw up any facts. Let me share with you as much as I know about these machines.

General Look at the Coca-Cola Freestyle.

Whereas most fountain drink machines offer only so many choices (you may even see two or more fountain drink machines side-by-side offering more choices), the Coca-Cola Freestyle is a tall, free-standing fountain drink dispenser offering a variety of different drinks to those who use the machine. The Coca-Cola Freestyle has a touchscreen interface where any number of drinks can be chosen. Push the glass or cup to the lever to have ice dropped into the cup or glass. All that remains is picking a drink. Pick the general drink or flavor you want to consume. You may then choose any individual flavor of that drink. Here is where the fun begins. It is possible to mix and match certain drink flavors to make your own drink. You may even try certain combinations that others may consider nasty. So if you ever wonder about the "Freestyle" namesake of this machine, it comes from the ability to pick from any number of flavors and drinks to make your own unique drink recipe. When you've made up your mind or want to improvise, press the "Pour" button to start pouring your drink into the glass or cup. Depress the button soft or hard to allow as much or as little of the drink as you want.

The Coca-Cola Freestyle features technology to allow for any number of drinks to be dispensed at any unit. I have even heard of some people and vendors even offering certain alcoholic beverages. One YouTube video I saw in my researching of this topic had someone mix a lemonade drink with Seagram's gin, for example... at a Dairy Queen (of all places)! IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED... here is that video I just mentioned of the Coca-Cola Freestyle at a Dairy Queen in the previous sentence: Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine.

All I could pull up on prices for the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine is that these machines start at "$2,000 US Dollars minimum." I am not real certain this is something you need for your home. However, it is not bad to look into if you have some kind of entertainment venue or some kind of eatery.

Video Insight on Coca-Cola Freestyle.

I would show you some of my own pictures, but I didn't really like the pictures I took. So what I did instead is feature a video for you all. Here is a video I want to share with you on this fountain drink machine. Click on the link below to view on YouTube. I have to warn you that this video is accurate in describing the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine even though this video concerns drinks available in Canada:

^ Coca-Cola Freestyle Fountains Launch In Canada

I had two videos prepared as I was preparing this blog post, but I found one comprehensive video that sort of did all or most of the explaining for me. That explains this fountain drink machine in one video.

--- My Review of the Coca-Cola Freestyle ---

I would argue the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine is a quantum leap in offering a variety of drinks to consumers. The ability to even take drinks while mixing with others makes the Coca-Cola Freestyle an excellent fountain drink machine. It allows for average consumers to enjoy their favorite soft drinks while giving more ambitious consumers the chance to mix and match various flavors to make their own unique drinks. If you are to come across any of these machines at any sort of location, feel free to either get yourself one of many different drinks offered from these machines, or try to concoct your own unique beverage from the available ones at a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. No matter what, there are over 100 (and then some) ways to quench your thirst when operating one of these machines.

For More Information...

For more information on the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine, please visit www.coca-colafreestyle.com. Get social with the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine by looking at these links:

Coca-Cola Freestyle on Facebook
Coca-Cola Freestyle on Twitter

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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That will conclude this blog post.

Have you seen or even used one of these fountain drink machines? What do you think about them? Would you like to see these machines at some of your favorite restaurants or at entertainment locales (such as movie theaters and sporting arenas)? Let me know what you think and thanks again for reading!

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