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S Club 7

Recently, I saw some S Club 7 videos on YouTube. I was looking for inspiration making music in LMMS, and one or more songs I was working on had '90s pop influence in them. Lyrics to some of S Club 7's songs are so positive. As you all know, I am someone who welcomes and praises positivity. So for this blog post, I will feature S Club 7 here. Don't expect anything purely detailed. I simply will use this post to introduce and showcase S Club 7 to all of you fine folks of cyberspace.

S Club 7

There's no party like an S Club 7 party! :) Meet the seven-member crew ready to blow your mind:

• Tina Barrett
• Jon Lee
• Paul Cattermole
• Hannah Spearritt
• Bradley McIntosh
• Rachel Stevens
• Jo O' Meara

And here's a little picture of these super cool seven:

S Club 7
^ from: (Twitter) - S Club 7 was one of the finest groups of '90s pop. They reunited in 2014 with their "Children in Need" event.

The material below features videos of theirs. You'll see why I got to respect S Club 7 more after researching some videos in preparing this blog post.

S Club Party.

^ "S Club 7 - S Club Party (Official Music Video) - Rachel Stevens"

Bring It All Back.

Listen to this song and watch the video. There is a good mix of positive messages and fun dancing.

^ "S Club 7 - Bring It All Back [OFFICIAL VIDEO]"

Two In a Million.

This is the only song I could really remember best preparing this blog post. Have a listen:

^ "S Club 7 - Two In a Million"

Reach [For the Stars].

^ "S Club 7 - Reach [OFFICIAL VIDEO]"

There is your video look at S Club 7. Needless to say, I have new respect for S Club 7 after having seen some of their videos. They really seem to represent a lost culture in music. As much as I get tired of people posting "like if you're listening to this in xxxx" in YouTube comments, it does make you think what has happened to music and why most of today's music is as enjoyable as it is today.

For More Information...

Want more S Club 7? Get social with these folks:

S Club 7 on Facebook
S Club 7 on Twitter
S Club 7 on YouTube
S Club 7 on Google+

I hope you've enjoyed the material I've presented in this blog post.

Pop Since the '90s... Where Has it Gone? (Bonus Section!)

This is a bonus commentary section from me.

People today (and even then) would likely complain that a lot of pop music was girly back in the 1990s. On the contrary, at least a lot of '90s pop was real and fun compared to now. Another point is to make is that not everyone listens to the trashiest or most dark rock music or the most raunchy hip-hop. Not everybody is hardcore, and neither should they be. Many of my older readers would probably argue that even a lot of music before the '90s is better than a lot of today's music. To me, the reason why a lot of '90s pop still resonates with people in this day and age is for a few reasons. The biggest reasons for me are the melodic nature of a lot of songs as well as the positive vibes in songs. I always believe in trying to chain together notes in a harmonious and a melodic nature. I am not the least bit disappointed or lamenting just because I prefer more melodic music than anything real hard or trashy. People may say music like what I featured here may be boring or unexciting, but at least this is better than a lot of other music on today.

Now fast forward to these days. Basically, everywhere you look is a lack of anything real encouraging or happy. More people tend to care about hardcore or epic. This is why a lot of people often look back at the '90s wondering just what the heck happened to music. On another end, you could also probably argue that most of today's music is more about money and a generic music style instead of people being distinctive and unique. Even in the pop realm of boy-crazy girls back in the 1990s, a lot of the music was fun to listen to. People today will probably make fun of how girly and weak some of '90s pop is. What you shouldn't overlook is just how much fun music was and just how much positive energy people put into music. And of course, let's not forget trademarks of the mid-late 1990s- midriff-baring tops, flared jeans and pants, platform shoes... all of which fairly popular today (though midriff baring today is more along wearing high-waist bottoms than belly-baring and low-rise bottoms).

So I was pleased when I started watching music videos from back in the day with S Club 7 (whom I known little about prior to this blog post). Maybe not only music culture, but culture in general changed to where we don't see . Don't get me wrong. I've listened to the raunchiest hip-hop, the sweetest melodies in smooth jazz, the most pulsating electronic dance music, some of the most interesting (and sometimes depressing) country music songs, and some of the most tear-jerking classical music songs... '90s pop holds a key place to me. This is a lost time in music and culture. The best thing of all is how there are people today- even millenials- who are probably hearing a lot of this music for the first ever time and like this more than almost all music of today. Is S Club 7 the all-time greatest music group? No. However, they are better than a lot of other music groups of almost any genre even today.

Especially among the better '90s pop artists and groups and songs, honor the classics. Most of all... where has music gone ever since?

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