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Mech Suits

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Mech suits represent some of the most powerful defense. Anyone who has seen anything like Transformers, the Gundam series, the Metal Gear series, Cyber Sled, the Virtual On series, the MechWarrior series, may have seen huge mech suits operate on ground or in space. Advances in technology make it possible to turn science fiction into science reality. So we may see a time where giant mech suits are battling each other to defend... or possibly destroy the world. there may be a time when those seemingly unrealistic realms become reality. What we may see as the future may be now. This blog post takes a look at mech suits.

I initially named this thread as Mobile Armor, but a more familiar name for these structures is Mech Suits. So I named it as Mech Suits. You should know what I am discussing regardless if you are familiar with these things.

--- Mech Suits ---

Let's set the mood with a picture. Here's one for you (may be edited in the future in case I am unable to use this picture):

mech suits
^ from: - Mech suits like this could be pure fantasy to many of us. However, it is possible this bit of science fiction can become reality.

Mech suits are large robotic structures operated by people. We are often times fascinated in science fiction at the thought of huge robotic structures that attack or defend various cities and deep space. These are the sort of structures that can only exist in science fiction. And since it's science fiction, these things could NEVER find their way into the world we live in... or COULD they? There may actually be a time when mech suits are created as an extra layer of defense for various nations. Such mechs could even make tanks obsolete.

If you're a fan of Robot Wars, it may also be possible for mech suits to be used in recreation and sports. Imagine a sporting league that features real mech suits battling each other that brings rock 'em sock 'em robots to absolute shame.

One of the first real mech suits created was the Kuratas by Japan. For the price of about $1.3M USD, you could have your own mech suit. For a sample of Kuratas, check this out:

^ "KURATA, the world's first robotic mech suit"

Can you imagine what any military-spec versions of this thing would be like? If you're crazy enough and/or rich enough, go get your own KURATA here (or learn more here): Suidobashi Heavy Industry.

--- Mech Suit Examples ---

You can look to any number of science fiction or games to get an idea of what mobile armor would be like. So what am I talking about? Let me give you some inspiration on envisioning real-life mobile armor by using these fictional example videos.

Mech Suit: Video Examples.

Let's begin with a mech suit you can actually buy. Check this out:

^ "KURATA, the world's first robotic mech suit"

Can you now imagine what mobile armor would be like if such technology actually existed?

So you think this is something Japan would specialize in? Well, meet an American group that made their own mech suit:


Who would win? MegaBots or KURATAS?

Now for an anime example. Not just ANY anime, though... how does Macross Plus sound? Enjoy:

^ Macross Plus-Opening Battle

Something like this is more along the lines of "could this possibly happen in reality?"

Let's go to gaming now. Here is another mech suit example from the classic PC fighting game, "One Must Fall! 2097." This game features a variety of mech suits controlled by various pilots. Have a look:

^ "One Must Fall - Nova - Destruction"

This gives you the feel of what it could be like if mech suits were used in recreation like fighting. Sure would be interesting seeing mech suits battle each other without trying to kill off humanity or anything.

Finally, this one is for you more modern gamers. From the 2013 E3 show, there was a life-like version of a mech suit from Titanfall. Can you imagine something like this come to life:

^ "Life Size Titanfall Mech Suit at E3 Expo 2013"

(Bonus Video!) IN CASE YOU ARE INTERESTED... here is a bonus video for you to see in regards to if there are Titan-like mechs in real life: Titans in Real Life? The Science of Titanfall - Reality Check.

You now have some insight in regards to mech suits and mech suit battles. These videos have given you a bit of insight to help you imagine making mech suits into reality.

--- Would Mech Suits Be Possible Today? ---

It would be pretty cool... and quite scary if there were actually mech suits as seen in media. These high-tech machines would be sufficient in regards to military usage. You can be almost certain that certain high-class militaries and high-class technology experts will find ways to make various mech suits and prepare them for any number of situations ranging from crowd control to war. Some people even jokingly said in YouTube comments that they would join the military just to pilot mech suits if they were real.

As a scary scenario, imagine someone somehow steals a mech suit and decides to go on some kind of spree shooting up stuff and crushing everything in sight. At best, military mech suits would be more effective and more powerful than using tanks. I am not so sure about things like energy beams or plasma swords. Those would probably have to be devised in some sort of way by companies crazy enough to try to create such hazardous materials. But again- these things COULD be made possible today.

I hope you liked this blog post. So what do you think? Is it possible we could see these mech suits come to life and function in today's world? That's the end of this post. Glad you could visit my blogging universe. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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