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Formula Hybrid

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Formula Hybrid is where colleges and universities build formula race cars powered by green and alternative engines. Started by Dartmouth College in 2006, colleges worldwide have made and tested their own electric or plug-in hybrid formula race cars. Students are challenged to make such machines applying what they learn in the classroom to make such racing machines. As you would imagine, it is great fun to make and build such cars and put them in competition.

If you have taken part in or represent a certain college or university that has competed in any formula competition (including Formula Hybrid), allow me to make a special hello to you and welcome to my main blog- "John's Blog Space!"

Formula Hybrid: Competition.

The events take place at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire- popularly known as "The Magic Mile." The competitions that these schools take part in include acceleration, autocross, and endurance. The Acceleration event is a performance test of how well a car can get up to speed. Since these are alternate source cars, these cars can have instantaneous acceleration. The Autocross event is a performance and handling test where you must try to race around a set course and clear it as fast as possible. Clipping cones can result in time penalties added onto your run. Finally, the Endurance test is a challenge of how well these cars can sustain themselves and last around a set course for a long period of time. Usually, this is a test lasting anywhere between 10-30 minutes. Only other thing besides these competitions is primarily design competitions.

My Thoughts on Formula Hybrid.

To me, I think it is cool that college and universities. A lot of people can attest to wanting to not having to sit in a classroom learning things when they could be applying what they learn into the real world while also (hopefully) enjoying applying what they learn in the real world. You do have that sort of school pride that goes into the whole process. Because after all, you would hate to be a Michigan student getting upstaged by Michigan State or Ohio State. As much as I love regular formula race cars, it is great seeing these alternative sourced machines built and raced by colleges and universities. Even those who eventually don't become part of the automobile engineering realm gain some quality lessons to learn in life. As you would imagine, what these colleges and universities demonstrate through programs like Formula Hybrid become vital and instrumental in further development of automobiles. So imagine being in college and learning these things to help influence making better and more efficient cars through competitions like Formula Hybrid. Sounds like a win, eh?

For More Information (and a demonstration)...

For more information on Formula Hybrid, including signing up for the next competition or learning more about the Formula Hybrid challenge, you can visit This is a video demonstration of Formula Hybrid:

^ "Formula Hybrid 2015"

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