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Rediscovering Blender

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@Blender3D is powerful. #b3D offers a powerful suite to make media of many kinds, ranging from 3D modeling to gaming and animations. After 15-20 years of trying, I recently made my first 3D model of any kind from start to finish with Blender. I have a long ways to go to be fully confident in my 3D work. Being on TurboSquid, I realize just what I have to do to make myself viable in such a deep and diversified talent pool in making 3D items. The name of this blog post is "Rediscovering Blender." The reason why is because I once used Blender to try to learn 3D as well as try to make items with Blender. Unfortunately, I never successfully made anything from start to finish with Blender until recently. Now that I built my first true 3D model, it has given me an idea of what is possible if I were to create more products for TurboSquid. I want to make more items because I want to further build up my portfolio of material for various media outlets.

I will NOT be offering this item online, but here is a look at my first-ever true 3D model that I've created as well as my first-ever true 3D scene:

my first 3D model
^ This trophy I made serves as the first-ever true 3D model I created from start to finish. This model was made completely from polygons. No voxels or conversions were used in the creation of this model.

If you are a regular blog reader of mine and wonder why I have been rather quiet blogging lately, there is one such reason. Part of my less active blogging has been as a result of trying to make other material outside of blogging. That includes me learning Blender and the different nuances to try to make material through I have been busy trying to find certain things to make in order to build up items for my TurboSquid products. I have also been busy trying to learn Blender and how to make certain things. Remember that I do more than just blog posts. I try to make myself a blogger as well as a one-man studio of all kinds of media material. I am no one-trick pony, nor do I try to be.

And what about my TurboSquid products? Here is my first TurboSquid product you can access:

my first TurboSquid product
^ (click to access product) This is my first TurboSquid product, released on March 3, 2016. To learn more of products I offer on TurboSquid, follow "John's Creative Space" or find my TurboSquid products under my handle, "JohnMarineDesigns" on TurboSquid.

This post could easily be on "John's Creative Space," but I am using my main blog to discuss my Blender work and ambitions as I rediscover Blender.

Rediscovering Blender

To learn more about Blender 3D, please visit

Blender offers a free and open-source program to make all kinds of material. The only limitation is your imagination. It can be tough trying to turn a vision into reality through the means of Blender. In these situations, it is best you look for resources online as well as online videos on how to use Blender.

A long time ago here on "John's Blog Space," I mentioned my past ambitions to use Blender. Those ambitions involved making race tracks. I never made a single race track since announcing those ambitions. On top of that, I was not at all experienced in trying to make a simple course. I also lacked the confidence to even try making something. A lack of skill and confidence leads to a long time of putting aside something until finally able to make something. To this end, I had to generate enough confidence to create something.

I had used Blender a number of times in the past. Recently, though, I had to re-learn how to do a lot of things in Blender to better be able to make material I want to make through the program. Because I had to re-learn some of the many things I learned using Blender previously, I had to slow down some of my past visions of working with Blender and not consider making anything until I felt confident enough to actually envision and make them to the best of my ability. I honestly consider a number of different projects I want to take on. How to actually execute these in a given setting is the real key in all of my work. To be honest, I still am trying to learn a few things as well as how to actually execute them through Blender. My visions remain just visions until I actually and properly convert them from visions in my mind to actual creations on my computer. That, in itself, is as much a challenge as actually trying to create something.

Despite my lack of skill, I am slowly coming around to being more confident in creating material through Blender and hopefully as assets for media projects or products for people to consume for various gaming and media works. Starting slow and improving my skills will ultimately lead to me making more quality material through the means of Blender. I actually feel it is possible to eventually create material I can be proud of to distribute online and use in projects. So my rediscovering of Blender is both a process of re-learning various things while also trying to apply those methods to my work. It is an ongoing process- just like living life.

Can You Expect Anything From Me?

What can you expect from me and my work?

Expectations on 3D and Blender?

Because my level of experience and skill are very limited, I may exclusively work with low-polygon material. That makes my work suitable for things like games and some media projects. Low polygon material usually makes for quick material to produce. Just because something is low in polygons doesn't mean it has to be boring, however. If you are going to expect me to make a lifelike re-creation of the McLaren P1 (for example), look elsewhere. I don't have the skill or the patience to make incredibly lifelike and realistic models. I will, though, try to make a variety of models that I think will interest you greatly.

What I want to do is offer items that are ready-made for animation and/or rigging. I do want to offer some base items to get people going, but I ultimately want to make my material completely ready to go and warranting of a decent asking price. I almost literally lose sleep at night trying to envision what kinds of items I want to create. As I try to learn how to model in Blender and learn various techniques, I want to make my presence felt with a variety of items. I am not usually satisfied until I feel I've done everything possible to make something as best as possible.

In addition to making models, I also want to utilize my 3D creations in videos. I haven't yet excelled in this department. I will reach these levels in due time.

Expectations on TurboSquid?

TurboSquid features all kinds of material from many people of many talent levels. Higher quality material is often very heralded on there. After all- there are people who seek professional-quality work for games and media. Sometimes, the hobbyist level models of so-so quality get slighted in favor of more incredible work by others. Any products I do offer will be offered at reasonable prices (even if free) based on the level of detail and how proud I am to model certain items the way I do. I want to offer my work to others while also profiting from my work.

People have contacted me wondering if they can use my work in their media projects. What I want to do is offer a proper sort of outlet for people to use and utilize my work. I chose to work with offering my material on TurboSquid to meet these needs. I may consider other outlets, but I am mostly sure of my work being most visible and most profitable on TurboSquid. So just look for "JohnMarineDesigns" to see my work. Or alternatively, search "JohnMarineDesigns" on TurboSquid.

Other than that, I want to thank all of you for your continued support. Let's work together and make magic happen.

Be sure to stay with my blogging work to see more of my material. Since a majority of this post relates to my creative work, please look at "John's Creative Space" to actively keep up with my creative works online as well as gain insights on various elements of creative work. Be sure also to follow any of my other blogs (including "John's Blog Space," which you are reading now) for more on the various topics covered in each blog. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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