Friday, February 19, 2016

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Let me introduce you to Fans25 is an online forum and a community mostly devoted to college football. Besides college football, though, mostly college basketball and some other traditional sports are discussed. The site is run by a fellow named Brett Haynes. I was introduced to Fans25 by a popular person who was under the name "Common Sense." I was introduced to perhaps after someone saw one of my YouTube videos maybe five or more years ago. As I joined the site, I was introduced to a number of different people around America who love college sports. Most of the people whom I've come across were generally kind and passionate for sports as well as for their favorite teams.

Consider this paragraph my testimonial to When I join a certain community, I try to get as involved as I can to present myself as a functioning member. The involvement is enhanced or muddled depending on how I feel about being among the community. The Fans25 community is a fine one. So I try to chime in at times on the site. I consider myself a regular to Fans25 though I am not on all the time. I do like being part of this community and hardly ever feel out of place or that my opinions don't bear as much weight as anyone else's opinion.

For as good as Fans25 can be, it, like anything else in life, can be made better. One way to help make the site better is to join the site! So you want to talk about how Crimson Tide football is better than everybody else? You think THE Ohio State University owns everybody else? You think Kansas Jayhawks basketball is the best? If you are a college sports fan in any capacity, why not share your love on Fans25? We can always use more fans! So why not join this little-bit-crazy sports family? :) You love college sports (as well as other sports). Come on down to Fans25 and show your love with this fine community!

If Brett ( Owner) is Reading This...

Continued well wishes to you and your fine message board. I hope for the best for you and your site. Even in some low points and in some lulls in participation and traffic, stay positive and stay strong. There is silver lining to every cloud.

For More Information...

If you want to check out and join the Fans25 community, visit

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