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Same Name

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Know people whom share the same name as you? Are there any famous people you like who have the same or similar name as yours? This is actually a blog post I wanted to start up a long time ago... only I've only completed it now. For this blog post, this is where I ask my readers/viewers if there are any famous people whom share the same name as you or similar that you like or admire.

However many people you can recall may mostly depend on your name. Since my name is John, "John" and "Jon" are actually going to be more popular than a lot of other names. Heck... "John" is even in The Bible!

Anyhow, let's begin!

Same Name

In case you don't know, my name is John. So I will be looking at some folks with my name or with certain variations of my name.

How This Post Works.

Here is how this post works:
• personality must have the same name or a similar name as yours.
• if you go by a certain English name, only those with the same or similar name is allowed.

So for example, if your name is Don or Donald, you think of someone like Donald Trump. If your name is Carly, you may think of someone like singer Carly Rae Jepsen (call me maybe?). Your name may be Lily, and you think of someone like Lily Allen. Your name may be Bill, and people who come to mind include Bill Clinton or William Tell. Ladies named Jennifer may know of Jenny Chu or Jennifer Hudson. If you know your name in another language, then it is fair to know your name is Joe/Joseph and know someone like José Bautista.

Conversely, this is not a post about if you have a first name which is a surname. For example, this is not about if your name is Carlton and think of people like Larry Carlton or Vanessa Carlton.

Got it? So let me begin with various folks with the same name as mine.

Same Name: John or Jon (in my case)

This will be my list of notable folks with my name or a similar name. I'll try to identify a number of folks with my same name. You don't necessarily have to like those who share your name. Having said that, here are a number of folks who have the same name as me.

These are not the most famous ones with my name, but several folks with my name just to show you what this post is about. I'll be mostly brief with some different names.

• John Hancock
When asking for a signature, usually people will refer to it as signing your "John Hancock." John Hancock was one who signed on the Declaration of Independence. The John Hancock known these days is an insurance company.

Need some help with your History lesson? Check this for more on John Hancock: John Hancock - American Revolution on

• John Elway
John Elway is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He is a multi-time Super Bowl champion doing his damage with the Denver Broncos. John Elway was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004. He is currently the general manager and executive vice president of the Denver Broncos.

• John Force

John Force is one of the winningest racing drivers in any discipline of motorsport. As of November 25, 2016; John Force is a 16-time Funny Car champion in NHRA Drag Racing. He even won the championship every year in the 1990s except 1993. His first championship was in 1990. His most recent was in 2013. John Force is an overall great guy. He'll even be a good story teller with his racing career. But don't take my word for it...

^ The Best of John Force

• John Cena
I honestly don't know why people hate on John Cena. He's one of the most consistent and capable wrestlers ever. Maybe he's not like a part of the WWE's "Attitude Era," but he's the best wrestler in the WWE for his era. He's currently a 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Only Ric Flair has more reigns as World Champion with 16.

Besides wrestling, John Cena has done quite well in media ranging from acting to being a recording artist. Want to get yourself going? Here's some John Cena raps for you:

^ ""

• Jon Miller
People mostly know of play-by-play announcer Jon Miller as the voice of ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball as well as him as the play-by-play announcer for the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball.

• Juan Pablo Montoya
John in Spanish is "Juan," so here's my first Juan entry. I would have never followed (then) CART had it not been for Juan Pablo Montoya. The native of Bogota, Colombia is one of the best race car drivers today. Among his list of accomplishments are being a two-time Indianapolis 500 champion, the 1999 CART Champion, and what I think is the toughest thing to do in all of racing- win a Formula One race. Juan Pablo Montoya is surely Hall of Fame material if he isn't already.

• Juan Manuel Fangio
One of the best Formula 1 racers in history was Juan Miguel Fangio. In the early years of Formula 1, he was the F1 World Champion five times. Many regard him as the greatest F1 racer that ever lived.

• Giancarlo Stanton
I learned "Giancarlo" is a combination of "John Charles," so that expands the array of names somewhat. Giancarlo Stanton is a beast of a baseball player. He is known for being a solid baseball player as one who furiously hit home runs. You hang 'em, he bangs 'em- HARD. It's like you hold your breath when he bangs balls out of the ballpark.

Other Notable Johns/Jons.

A few others to make mention of...

• Lil' Jon (Jonathan Smith) - hip-hop recording artist.
• John Legend - R&B recording artist.
• John Cougar Mellencamp - rock music legend.
• John Heisman - legendary college football coach, trophy named for single-best college football player.
• John O'Korn - current college quarterback, played for Houston but now with Michigan.
• Johnathan Joseph - professional gridiron football player (currently of the Houston Texans)
• John David Booty - professional quarterback (and former Houston Texan)
• John Stockton - legendary basketball player.
• John Wall - professional basketball player
• John Smoltz - legendary baseball pitcher.
• Jonathan Toews - professional hockey player from Canada.
• John Andretti - professional race car driver from the famous Andretti family.
• John Kernan - motorsports broadcaster and anchor of former ESPN show "RPM2Night."
• Giancarlo Fisichella - former Formula 1 race car driver.

That's some of the many different Johns or Jons out there. I could name more, but I'll stop here.

I hope you found this post fun. So let me ask you...

What famous people share your name? How many such people can you identify?

That's it for this blog post. Remember to Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) for more of my content when they become available. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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