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Biolab Disaster

John B. Marine | 11/15/2016 12:50:00 AM |
In the infancy of HTML5 gaming, Biolab Disaster showcased the power of HTML5 gaming. It is a brief science fiction game whereas you are blasting through a biolab infested with aliens and robots. The game is infused with loads of hostile enemies, hazards, and even some puzzles. Can you survive the madness?

This is a game made using the ImpactJS framework and made available for both browsers and mobile devices. There is no Flash involved- the game is made entirely through HTML5 and JavaScript. ImpactJS is the same framework behind a number of games, including the very popular indie game "Elliot Quest" (which I reviewed here on "John's Blog Space").

Biolab Disaster

Here is a look at Biolab Disaster...

Biolab Disaster HTML5 JavaScript
^ from: (Google Play - click on image to visit Google Play page) - Biolab Disaster was one of the first games to utilize HTML5 rather than Flash.

Biolab Disaster is not really meant to be any serious game. The game was developed by developer Dominic Szablewski, of PhobosLab. The game features three levels. There are no Accomplishments, difficulty levels, or anything like that. It is basically just a playable tech demo. With that said, though, Biolab Disaster is actually pretty intense. One thing you want to do is access the checkpoints to return to in case you die. There are some test tubes around you are mostly collecting for scoring sake. Other than that, your time is spent blasting enemies and avoiding hazards. If you want to challenge yourself, try to clear each level without dying, and also try to collect all the test tubes and defeat all enemies.

My only complaint with Biolab Disaster is that it seems too small when played on mobile devices. With the touchscreen interface and the mobile controls, you sometimes can lose your character the way the "buttons" are placed on the touchscreen. So you may want to be mindful and careful of this when gaming on the mobile version of "Biolab Disaster."

In Case You Are Wondering...

If you want to develop games using ImpactJS, tou can get the ImpactJS software from http://impactjs.com. However, be ready to pay a lot of money for it- $99 USD, in fact.

I mentioned ImpactJS was used to make games like "Elliot Quest." To see my review of that game, please visit: "Elliot Quest" (John's Blog Space).

Want to Play? For More Information...

You can play Biolab Disaster in your browser and even on mobile devices. For more information on Biolab Disaster, visit: Biolab Disaster.

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