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Casio CTK-671

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The Casio CTK-671 is a fine portable keyboard. Since I have blogged about Casio music keyboards, I figured I'd mention one more. The CTK-671 is my current music keyboard that delivers fine sound in a stylish package. This blog post is an opportunity to make mention of this keyboard and what it has to offer. So if you're ready for another post of mine, welcome again to "John's Blog Space!"

Casio CTK-671

This blog post is about the Casio CTK-671. So if you're interested, let me talk about this music keyboard for you.

The Casio CTK-671 is a beautiful and capable keyboard. The keyboard features 61 keys along with a number of different instruments and rhythms to choose from. It allows for you to make music either on its own or use its MIDI input and output to make quality music. That's right- unlike the Rapman and CTK-500 I reviewed previously, this Casio keyboard allows for MIDI input and output. You can even jack in some Line-In for more music making power. Perhaps the CTK-671's most intriguing feature is that you can add extra instruments and rhythms from your computer. Back then, you had to download extra instruments and rhythms from Casio's website or from some other resources. You can only add so much to this keyboard with the onboard memory it has. The keyboard has a light-up orange display showing the keys being pressed as well as other information. The experience for making music is both exceptional and modern for any musician of any level.

My Thoughts About the CTK-671.

This Casio CTK-671 is handsome and with some great musical ability. I bought a MIDI cable to hook it into my former PC. The keyboard was used a lot by me to create music from my keyboard. Its sound quality is excellent from its speakers. I used to use a program called NoteWorthy Composer (NWC) back then for which to make my MIDI music even before I got this keyboard. Now in trying to bring in instruments to the Casio CTK-671, it was kind of a weird process. I had some trouble with the program for which to import instruments and rhythms onto the Casio CTK-671. The fact the program had some wonky Japanese-to-English translations only made things a bit more weird to try to get to work. All in all, the Casio CTK-671 works very well for making marvelous music. If you don't mind an older keyboard that can still provide as great of keyboard music now as it was in its time, then I would surely consider you get the Casio CTK-671.

Video Insight.

If you like my look at the Casio CTK-671, then allow me to provide some video insight on this keyboard. Take a look (and listen) to this:


Maybe this spurs your interest in older keyboards.

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