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Casio CTK-500

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The Casio CTK-500 was my next keyboard after the Casio Rapman. A few years after I felt I could do no more with the Rapman, it was the CTK-500 the further fueled my piano and keyboard playing interests. Since I spent time talking about the Casio Rapman keyboard, I figured it is time I mention my second-ever keyboard that I used to play music on. So I'd like to welcome you to another blog post of mine here on "John's Blog Space!" I hope you enjoy this one as much as I hope you enjoy my many posts in all of my blogs.

Casio CTK-500

Let's talk about the Casio CTK-500 keyboard now.

The Casio CTK-500 offered a bigger and better music experience than most other offerings from Casio at its time. Unlike the Casio Rapman's 32 keys that I blogged about previously, the CTK-500 is a 61-key keyboard offering many different instruments and 45 sample songs. There were buttons for which to control tempo and even to insert ad-libs. It had 40 rhythms and 120 tones. Despite the fine musical enjoyment you can get out of it, you are out of luck if you are planning on making MIDI music with it, because this keyboard does not have any MIDI input or output.

It was the Casio CTK-500 that was my next keyboard for making quality music. I saw it at stores long ago to where I was impressed playing around with it that I wanted to get this keyboard. It was the keyboard my mother got me back in the mid 1990s. Actually, when I was researching this blog post, I did not remember the name of this keyboard until I started doing some random searching. I do know this keyboard had some renditions of certain songs that I could remember. So on Google, I looked up Casio keyboards while remembering one of the songs- "Blue Suede Shoes" being one of those songs. Afterwards, I found out the name of this keyboard and decided to finally put my blog post together! I enjoyed the quality of the beats and the instruments this keyboard had. That is why I enjoyed playing music on it for as long as I did back then.

My Thoughts on the Casio CTK-500.

It is perhaps best to say that I grew up as a musician by going from the Casio Rapman to the Casio CTK-500. It was a wonderful keyboard for me to play music and hone my own musical talent with. I enjoyed mostly using the built-in rhythms and songs to listen to and perhaps even use to enjoy music apart from trying to create my own material. As I felt I was at the end of my rope trying to develop music with this keyboard, I felt it was time to move on. I totally enjoyed playing music on this keyboard for the time that this was my keyboard. Maybe if it had MIDI input/output and if I had a PC that could take advantage of this, I would love the CTK-500 even more. Other than that, I was really glad to get this keyboard and play it proudly. I had some great times with this keyboard for as long as it lasted for me.

Video Preview.

This video showcases all of what the Casio CTK-500 had to offer. MANY fond memories in this one! It is almost as much as I remember playing this keyboard back in the day. Check it:


Though the video shows some damage to the keyboard, it still is a great indication of what the Casio CTK-500 had to offer.

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