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Casio Rapman

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In the 1990s, hip-hop was huge. Almost anyone wanted to be a hip-hop star. Some, however, didn't know how to start. Casio could help! The Casio Rapman was a music keyboard that made being a hip-hop star fun. I decided to take a trip back in time by coming up with this blog post regarding this old keyboard. I also will explain my own experiences with this keyboard, because this played a role in my eventual love and continued love of piano and keyboard music. I'm glad you could be here on "John's Blog Space" to check out my latest musings. So welcome to JBS!

Casio Rapman

Get to know the Casio Rapman with this post. I couldn't find a decent picture to set up this post, so I will avoid trying to use a certain picture to set things up here.

The Casio Rapman is a music keyboard allowing people to pretend being the next best hip-hop star. It was released back in 1991. It has 32 keys, some drum pads, a scratch wheel for making record scratch effects, and even a microphone which your voice can be adjusted. It even came equipped with a number of instruments and sample beats to get started being that hip-hop star you wanted to be back in the early 1990s. Since this was more of a novelty type keyboard, this keyboard didn't have any facility or ability to produce MIDI music. So you could only do so much with an affordable kind of keyboard like this.

My own personal experience with the Casio Rapman helped fuel my own fascination with keyboard music. My brother and I played with the Rapman. When my brother moved on to college, I basically was using the Rapman to make music and practice my own music making skill. I had quite some fun times trying to make my own music. While the 32 keys were more than adequate to try to play music on, I actually was eyeing something bigger and better as far as keyboards were concerned. The Rapman was great for me because this simply gave me the opportunity to play and compose music on a proper keyboard.

While I grew up with hip-hop music, I wasn't really looking to be exclusively with this kind of keyboard if I wanted to make all kinds of music. This keyboard did serve me well, though. My piano and keyboard music love only grew as I got older and as I eventually got two other keyboards after the Rapman. Both of which, also from Casio.

My Thoughts on the Casio Rapman.

Sure, I came out better music-wise with later keyboards I own, but as we say, we all have to start somewhere. The Casio Rapman was that bigger-and-better thing for me to evolve as a piano and keyboard person. Today, anyone who plays music on a Rapman certified themselves as a true '90s person. The Rapman is a music keyboard that is more like a toy to a lot of people. However, anyone wanting to enhance their craft with keyboards would probably be better served with a bigger keyboard or even a proper piano. The Rapman, though, was a great novelty. Though I moved on to bigger and better later in my life with keyboards, it was the Casio Rapman and my interest in making music that helped start all of this for me and my life.

Video Insight.

Here is a video for you to take a look at that gives you an idea of what the Casio Rapman had to offer. I chose this video because it is the best at simply showing what you could come up with playing it. So enjoy this video:


I hope you found this blog post entertaining.

I am glad you could drop by "John's Blog Space" to see my fine post! I probably brought back memories for some of you early 90s folks, and for that, you're welcome! :) I'll blog about anything and everything in this blog and in my others. So make sure you're Subscribed or Followed in some capacity to keep up with my latest posts. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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