Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Car Style: The Tesla Roadster

John Marine | 12/15/2009 08:38:00 PM | |
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Tesla makes some beautiful cars. The electric car maker has as its baby, the Tesla Roadster. How do I feel about this car in looks? Find out in this blog entry.

If you think electric cars are boring-looking, you may gladly make this car an exception. This is a sporty roadster with beautiful styling. This may be the most appealing electric car ever. The car is a sweet in its design. The lights are designed nicely, and its front air dam is nice-looking as well. From the side, I almost want to imagine this Tesla Roadster as a Series 1 Lotus Elise. It has that kind of side profile to me. The taillight cluster looks pretty nice as well as the rear diffuser.

The interior has an exotic car-like interior. The steering wheel is sporty and seems pretty grippy. Of course, how would I know any of this if I've never seen this car in person? The dashboard and gauges are very sporty and stylish. This car even has some nice-looking seats.

Who says that electric cars have to be boring and look boring? It's a very unique car if you fancy electric vehicles. This is a very fun car with gracious styling. It's a sporty vehicle that may change the minds of those who think that all electric cars are boring-looking and unentertaining cars. It's a car that's a nice way to spend $109K USD if you want a different kind of sports car. Maybe it isn't boastful, maybe it isn't full of character, but it's a greatly-designed and executed electric car. Don't let the fact that it's electric shy you away from this car.
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