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Car Style - The Honda/Acura NSX (NA2 Model)

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The car: Honda/Acura NSX (NA1 Model)

Can you believe that the NSX has only two generations? The first one was in production between maybe 1990 and 2001. I've had the chance to see a few NSXes before. These cars are like Japanese Ferraris. Maybe not the character and appeal of Ferraris, but definitely cars outside the norm. I actually wanted to do a video as to whether or not the NSX is a true supercar, but the NSX is definitely a great car for its time. It's actually still a great car today. The car was basically seen as a liveable supercar. You pay lots of money for an NSX, but you certainly get what you pay for. It may just be the most expensive and best-performing Honda/Acura of all time.

Starting in about 2002, the second-generation NSX was unveiled. Gone are the retractable headlights in favor of permanent headlights.

--- Car Style: The NA2 Model NSX ---
I like to think of the NA2 NSX as a reimagined NA1 NSX. The second-generation NSX is a bit more swoopy in its design compared to its previous model. While I do like it, I think some of the character of this NSX is missing from the previous model. The front vents on the NA2 NSX's front bumper are lower as they made the front air dam is larger. The signal light cluster from the NA1 NSX is now part of the permanent headlights on this NA2 NSX. The spoiler is raised up a little higher with an updated taillight cluster. Also included is a rear diffuser. Maybe not a rear diffuser you'd see on a powerful FIA GT car, but a useful and stylish one.

Inside, the car is more modern and more stylish than the previous model. The interior is very lovely with comfortable seats and a stylish dashboard. The interior of this model is lovelier and more inviting (for a modern car) than the previous model).

If (whatever the next NSX will become) there is a future NSX, and if it's anything besides mid/RWD, it would be a great shame for this car to die a slow and agonizing death. So honor the classic mid/RWD NSX models should the NSX be reincarnated to a front/4WD or even front/RWD form.

UPDATE: 3/27/2010
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John Le said...

An NA1 is an NSX with a 3.0L engine. A 2005 NSX automatic NSX is a NA1. A 1997 3.2L manual is a NA2. Look at the vin numbers.

John Le said...

Also there is only 1 generation of NSX. It was updated in 1997 (3.2L and 6 speed manual) and 2002 (fixed headlight, updated front and rear bumper), but the interior is the same minus some colors and preforated leather. OEM parts can mostly be bolted on to make a 1991 look like a 2002+.

John B. Marine said...

Thanks for clearing these things up and providing insight, John. I also thank you for responding to my blog entries.

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