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Car Style - The Honda/Acura NSX (NA1 Model)

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The car: Honda/Acura NSX (NA1 Model)

Can you believe that the NSX has only two generations? The first one was in production between maybe 1990 and 2001. I've had the chance to see a few NSXes before. These cars are like Japanese Ferraris. Maybe not the character and appeal of Ferraris, but definitely cars outside the norm. I actually wanted to do a video as to whether or not the NSX is a true supercar, but the NSX is definitely a great car for its time. It's actually still a great car today. The car was basically seen as a liveable supercar. You pay lots of money for an NSX, but you certainly get what you pay for. It may just be the most expensive and best-performing Honda/Acura of all time.

--- Car Style: The NA1 Model NSX ---
The first-generation NSX is a wonderful sports car. Up front, the NSX features this kind of large front air dam in the front bumper, along with extra openings on either side of the front. Included in these openings are fog lights. While not a fan of retractable headlights, the NA1 NSX features them. The car looks lovely even with the retractable headlights flipped up. Its side profile has some edge to it, especially with the huge side ducts on the both sides of the car. The rear of the car features a nice spoiler. The taillight cluster is styled very well. The rear features somewhat of a rear diffuser.

Since this car has been around since the early 1990s, you're not going to find interior appointments that you may find in a modern car. Does it take away from its interior looks? Absolutely not. The NSX feels very much like a supercar on the inside. The interior is very performance-oriented. The seats are styled like a racing car. What good is a performance car if it doesn't feel and LOOK the part? She can be a daily driver (would you daily drive a car like this?), but she's no boring economy car.

I'll always love and remember the classic NSX. In fact, I've never hated the NSX whether it's the NA1 (that I've talked about) or the NA2 NSX. It's a great car even today.

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