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Men's Look - Oxford Shirt, Jeans, and Casual Shoes

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The look of a button-down shirt, jeans, and some cool shoes is a cool look for guys. I think every guy who wants a cool look should have a good long-sleeve button-down shirt, a good pair of jeans, and some cool shoes or sneakers to top it off. I'm mostly discuss women's fashion, but this is a men's fashion deal here.

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Thanks to every male who had a chance to read this blog entry. I know you haven't read this blog entry yet, but I want to thank everyone who have visited my blog to see this blog entry. I have added many more Amazon items for you males out there looking to find your own fashion items. I hope you can find and put together a look you can be proud of based on the information in this blog entry.

--- Button-Down Shirt, Jeans, Shoes ---
I've always thought that an oxford shirt with a pair of jeans and some cool shoes make for a great look. It's a casual look with a little class. I don't really have the look I'm about to discuss, but I'll share some items with you all. A lot of the images come from Amazon results from searches.

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The Oxford Shirt.
Here's an example of the kind of shirt I had in mind for this blog entry:

Quiksilver Young Men's Lifted Button Down Shirt,White,Medium

I have a bunch of button-down shirts, mostly short-sleeve. I only have one long-sleeve button-down shirt. You might have seen me wear it in some of my past videos. I have a white button-down long-sleeve shirt of my own. I used to have a white oxford shirt and a blue one. But, I now only have the white oxford. I would probably look for a classy, yet casual oxford shirt. This is all a casual look, but it's casual and classy. That's why I like this look.

Here are more oxford shirts you may be interested in. They include proper and casual button-downs:

^ Van Heusen's wrinkle-free poplin oxford shirt comes in ten different colors and a multitude of sizes. Sizes range from 15 to 18. There are MANY sizes available, so please click on the image above to see all available sizes and colors.

^ In striped and solid colors (seven in all), this Van Heusen oxford shirt boasts long sleeves. Sizes range from 15 to 18 with multiple lengths for the neck and sleeves. Click on the graphic to learn more about sizing.
^ This long-sleeve button-down shirt only comes in Genesis and is made by Calvin Klein. It is only available in X-Large and XX-Large.

^ If you prefer plaid, try this Woolrich long-sleeve shirt. It is called "Lafley." There are two colors available with sizes ranging from Medium to XX-Large.

^ This is a long shirt made for clubbing, but may be tempted to try this shirt on for casual wear in addition to the club. This shirt only comes in blue with sizes for Medium and Large sizes. The same maker, ArtDeco, features many more button-down shirts for men in other different varieties. So if you like this shirt, click on the shirt above and look for other shirts in other colors.

The Jeans.
Now on to the second element of the look- jeans. A good-fitting pair of jeans will add a little more flavor to this look. I'm thinking more along the lines of a pair of loose-fitting or vintage jeans. Maybe find a good pair of bootcut jeans. I would probably go with a pair of medium wash or dark blue jeans. If you can't sport a good pair of loose jeans, then go with a style you're best comfortable with. It all depends on what you're going after.

Levi's Men's 517 Boot Cut Jean, Black, 32x34

The right pair of jeans will give your legs a good look to compliment your shoes. Speaking of which...

The Shoes.
Depending on your preference, the look is finished off with a sleek pair of sneakers or slip-ons. Here are some examples:

Skechers Men's Urbantrack Forward Casual Lace-up,Black/Taupe,7 M US

^ I primarily had a good pair of oxford sneakers in mind, and these are about the best possible shoes to come to mind. These Skechers sneakers are a by-the-book definition of sleek and sporty. But what if you want something a little dressy, while not too dressy? Check these out:

ALDO Powel - Men Casual Shoes - Brown Misc. - 9

^ These shoes are casual in nature and completes this look with a bit more classy edge. This is a good pair of shoes to wear to straddle the line between casual and classy. What if you prefer some slip-on casual shoes? Try these:

Skechers Men's Diameter Casual Slip On,Dark Brown,10.5 M

^ Another pair of Skechers that's a slip-on casual. Think of these as the lace-less alternative to the previous Skechers sneakers I mentioned.

I think the look of an oxford shirt, a good pair of jeans, and a sleek pair of sneakers or shoes makes for a handsome look for guys. It's both casual and classy. Do you guys have a look like this? You at least now have some inspiration from me.
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