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Car Style - The Ford GT

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(UPDATED: March 14, 2012)

Some call this car a cheap American tribute to the European GT40. But for what it's worth, the Ford GT is a 21st century version of the Le Mans-winning Ford GT40. Retailing at about $160K, this is definitely not some Sunday driver. It isn't an extremely exotic car, either. This is a car I've always loved. I still remember trying to follow and imagine what would become of the Ford GT90 Concept Car back in the 1990s. Now we know what this deal is all about. This is a chance for me to offer opinions on this car's style.

--- Car Style: The Ford GT ---

Here's a picture of the car for reference:
Ford GT
^ from: - The Ford GT is a 21st-Century reimagination of the classic Ford GT40 of the 1960s.

In the 1990s, a concept car called the Ford GT90 provided a look into the future. This peek into the future was a modern interpretation of the Ford GT40. The first of the modern GT40s came in 2002 known simply as the Ford GT. This is a car that costs about $160K US Dollars and is very much a beautiful car.


The car's overall design pays homage to the classic GT40 of the 1960s. The car features a beautiful pair of headlights in glass enclosing. A pair of fog lights compliment the front bumper portion of this car along with a big front opening. Its hood features two huge scoops for an aggressive and lovely shape. The metallic gas cap is near the right side mirror and adds a racing-style touch.

The most dramatic element of the side is the side air duct. The Ford GT is very sleek in design. A nice pair of side mirrors compliment the car's side profile. A couple of vents behind the side windows adds some extra aggression to the side profile. The roof of the Ford GT isn't really intimidating or super-stylish, but it compliments the car's overall image nicely. The lovely engine is covered under a nice rear bonnet along with a lovely rear windshield. You can notice the little rollcage when seeing the rear windshield. More in the interior in the next section. Another aspect of the sides of this car's bulging rear design at the rear, adding some powerful design to the rear bonnet.

A lovely pair of circular brake lights accentuate the rear. Some openings between the brake lights compliment the rear. A lip spoiler adds some aggressive character A muffler with a twin set of exhaust tips make up the rear muffler.


The steering wheel is neither sporty nor stylish. The instrument panel extends to the center console. The speedometer is the big gauge to your right. The speedometer suggests this car can do 220 mph. To have a big speedometer in the center is more like a car saying "who cares how fast you're going? Just enjoy the ride like you're supposed to!" The air-conditioned vents are all accented with metallic accents. A very miniscule radio system is ahead of the shifter. You're almost better off not listening to any music. A sporty shifter features a metallic, spherical shift knob. The air conditioning knobs and such are near the shifter and handbrake. A sporty set of seats help keep you comfortable while enjoying this lovely beast.

The Ford GT is an awesome car. I've never thought it was an all-conquering car, but it is styled quite well either standing still or at speed. It's a great car and a modern take on the GT40.

UPDATE: March 27, 2010

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UPDATE: May 25, 2011

Road and Track magazine invited its readers to vote on what concept should be the next Ford GT. It was a three-way decision between designs from Camilo Pardo (the original creator of the Ford GT), Lars Sältzer, and Radovan Varicak. The winning design was that of Radovan Varicak. You can read more about his design of the next Ford GT here: Radovan Varicak’s Future Ford GT Design - Special Report

If you want to see the two losing designs, these two links are available for you to use:
Camilo Pardo's design: Camilo Pardo’s Future Ford GT Design - Special Report
Lars Sältzer's design: Lars Sältzer’s Future Ford GT Design - Special Report

For more information on Road and Track magazine, please visit

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