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What do you get when you have an artist that combines some of the hard-hitting beats of American hip-hop and R&B, an artist who sings beautifully, and give it that Japanese 'twang? SLOW is a Japanese artist that delivers music that's a cross of both worlds. I first was introduced to SLOW's music after I became friends on Myspace with Japanese rapper, B-FRESH. I am not sure what the first song of SLOW's that I've heard, but I love this newer song of hers called "Slow Down." When you listen to this song, listen to the American style of beats and instrumentals in this song. You can check out this YouTube video of "Slow Down" here:

"Slow Down," by SLOW

Really, the beats and flow of the music reminds me a bit of "In This Club" by Usher and Young Jeezy.

If you want to hear more of her music, I invite you to visit SLOW's Myspace page to hear more of her music. I have no doubt that you'll love her music if you love the hard-hitting style of American hip-hop and R&B. I have no doubt you'll enjoy her music.

Here is another song from SLOW if you enjoyed the previous YouTube video I supplemented:

I hope to blog on B-FRESH in the future. His music is as awesome as SLOW's music.
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