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WipEout 3

John Marine | 1/14/2010 07:34:00 PM |
(UPDATED: April 10, 2012)

Wipeout 3

Released only for the PlayStation 1, WipEout 3 was the last WipEout game for the PlayStation 1. It won Best in Show at E3 1999. This game gives you everything you love about the WipEout series in a much more beautiful package. Enjoy racing eight different ships across three levels of difficulty and eight different tracks. This takes you into the F7200 Anti-Gravity Racing League. Not only was this the last WipEout for the PlayStaion 1, but it was also the first WipEout made by the design studio, The Designers Republic.

NOTE: All of the material I will review is my own words. I did not steal a review from another site. I do look to other websites to help me in making my review, but I don't totally steal from other web sites. I am, therefore, completely credible for my words.

--- WipEout 3 Overview ---

What you need to know about this game will be covered in this blog entry of mine. Whereas WipEout XL gave you four ships to race on six tracks, this game gives you as many as eight ships on eight tracks. And unlike WipEout XL, the different classes of racing pertain to all events. So you can race Vector (Easy), Venom (Normal), and Rapier (Hard) for all courses. Vector events give you two-lap races with easy opposition. Venom gives you three-lap races with normal difficulty. The feared Rapier class gives you four-lap races with the toughest opposition. By winning more races, you can unlock more ships and tracks to use. More diverse weapons will be available for you to deal some damage and better your chances of winning. For the first time in WipEout history, this game offers in-ship views.

Let's look at the eight ships you can race:
• Feisar - The old blue and yellow ships return. They are the gateway to WipEout racing.
• Goteki 45 - These ships are very good handling machines and very average. Not very fast, though.
• Auricom - The de facto standard of average. Everything is simple. The intermediate pilot's best friend.
• Pirhana-A - Great handling and performance. It can't take too much of a beating, though.
• Qirex - The Qirex ships are massive and fast, and only the elite can pilot these ships to victory.
• AG Systems - These ships have great handling, but unfortunately, the shields are truly pathetic.
• Assegai - I think they are the best-looking ships. They can somewhat take a beating.
• Icaras - This ship has very poor handling and weak shields. It is pretty quick, though.

Now let's look at the tracks:
• Porto Kora - This venue takes place either along a port or in a seaside location.
• Mega Mall - This race takes place in a massive shopping mall.
• Sampa Run - On a rainy night, try your hand navigating these roads in this city.
• Stanza Inter - A sunny day on these narrow streets can push your flying skills over the edge.
• Hi-Fumi - Try your luck on this industrial circuit in the evening.
• P-Mar Project - This is a beautiful track with plenty of turbo pads and decisive corners. Also a beautiful course full of particle effects.
• Manor Top - This track takes place in a downtown setting at night with rain and thunderstorms.
• Terminal - This course takes place at an airport terminal.

There's even a bonus course for you to race on as well as a bonus mode when you clear all the other courses.

You can paricipate in challenges. Race challenges want you to win the race to the best of your ability. Time challenges test your ability to acheive the fastest time in solo runs. Weapon challenges test your ability to knock out as many opponents as possible. Compete in these to improve and test your overall ability.

A number of weapons and items are available to take out the opposition or improve your chances of winning. Here are some of the many weapons (especially newer ones):

• Grenades - three grenades will be launched and explode when they impact a ship or a wall.
• Force Wall - when launched, a laser wall will be launched. Opponents to run into this wall will have their progress halted.
• Energy Drain - the nearest opponent will have his/her ship energy drained, adding to your ship's shields.
• Cloak - you will be unable to be seen upon using this. No damage is assessed to you ship.
• Reflector - this will repel any attacks from other ships, but you can still take damage from doing constant ramming.

Music choices are always special for WipEout games, and this one is no different. Tracks from Sasha (who plays a huge deal in the song lineup), Orbital, The Chemical Brothers, and even Paul Van Dyk lend their musical expertise to shape the lineup of songs. My personal favorite songs are Under the Influence (Chemical Brothers) and Xpander (Sasha).

Maybe this WipEout doesn't have the character and personality of the previous title, but it's still a great game. It's worth checking out if you're a fan of the WipEout series. It's a beautiful game that remains fun, but you may not like this game as much as WipEout XL/2097.  Buy now from Amazon if you love this game!

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