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WipEout XL/WipEout 2097

John Marine | 1/14/2010 06:06:00 PM |
(UPDATED: April 10, 2012)

WipEout XL (also called "WipEout 2097") is the best futuristic racing game series of all-time that isn't the F-Zero series. This game is the successor to the very first WipEout WipEout XL takes you well into the future- 2097 to be exact. You will be racing very fast and very powerful anti-gravity racing ships. This game features intense combat with lots of weapons and many ways to devour the competition. Enjoy great racing along with awesome music. This game has it all. And I'm here to share with you a few things you need to know for this game. I've only played the PlayStation 1 version, so I know nothing of the PC version of WipEout XL.

NOTE: All of the material I will review is my own words. I did not steal a review from another site. I do look to other websites to help me in making my review, but I don't totally steal from other web sites. I am, therefore, completely credible for my words.

--- WipEout XL Overview ---

WipEout XL features four different teams and six different tracks. You can do a Grand Prix race, perform time trials, or even compete in multiplayer racing. Meet the four teams:

• Feisar - These are the simplest racing ships. They have great shields and nimble handling. However, they are the slowest ships.

• AG Systems - AG Systems presents you with a great-performing racing ship with great handling. This ship, however, has the weakest shields of all the teams.

• Auricom - Auricom is a great all-arounder. You'll find yourself racing this more often when you're able to harness its capabilities.

• Qirex - These elite ships are the fastest and meant for the most adept WipEout racers. Their handling is very poor, but their top speed is incredible.

There is also a fifth ship for you to use, boasting incredible performance in just about all categories. I'll leave it up to you to get this ship.

There are three classes: Vector (2-lap races), Venom (3-lap races), and Rapier (4-lap races). There ie also an extra class of races you can unlock that is the fastest and most challenging class. Now let's look at the tracks.

• Talon's Reach (Canada, Vector) - This is the simplest course in WipEout XL. Just try to keep the ship in good shape and enjoy some of the simple corners.

• Sagarmatha (Nepal, Vector) - This is a fairly simple course with snow falling. A few cool jumps are available.

• Valparaiso (Chile, Venom) - This course can be a tricky one to navigate in this lovely place. This is a nice natural terrain course.

• Phenitia Park (Germany, Venom) - This industrial park is very much a real Grand Prix-style racing course. It's very fun and technical to race.

• Gare D'Europa (France, Rapier) - This is the most brutal course in the entire game. As the rain falls in this nighttime course, get ready for sharp and decisive corners. This course REQUIRES your absolute finest skill.

• Odessa Keys (Black Sea, Rapier) - Prepare to fly into the Black Sea itself quite a lot of times here. This course is very tough to master. But it isn't as brutal as the previous course I mentioned.

WipEout XL features a great variety of weapons and powerups to use in ensuring that you make it to the finish line before the other turkeys get there. Items can be received from running over item areas. What you get comes at random. Here is a basic rundown of some of the items available to you:

• Rocket - a straight-shooting rocket which deals great damage to whomever is immediately ahead of you.
• Missile - a homing missile that immediately attacks the closest ship to you.
• Turbo - a quick turbo boost.
• Autopilot - Autopilot automatically takes control of your ship for three seconds, or until you reach a difficult turn.
• Mines - five mines will be dropped, and all who run over them will take damage
• Quake - trigger a earthquake that lifts up the race track temporarily. Since these are anti-gravity ships, the impact from the quake will deal great damage to all ships immediately ahead of you.
• Plasma Bolt - with perfect timing, one tiny shot will immediately destroy any ship ahead of you.

There are other items in the game, and it's up to you to learn more about them and use them on the way to being champion.

This game features two extra courses, both needing to be unlocked. The music features some of the best in electronic dance music. Considering this is game from about 1996, some REAL classics can be found in this game. WipEout games usually never fail to feature great music. Enjoy the sounds of The Chemical Brothers, Future Sound of London, Fluke, and Underworld among many others.

I mentioned this game had multiplayer options. That's the real flaw of this game... unless, you have two PlayStation units, two copies of this game, and a link cable seperating the two. There is no split-screen racing for this title. So you almost basically are only allowed to play solo. But still, many people think this is the best WipEout of all time. You need to play this game to know what this deal has to offer. What are you waiting for?  Go get this game now if you want to experience this great game! There is also a very cool soundtrack to this title, as I mentioned previously.

Here are some items from Amazon in case you want to buy this game.  You are encouraged to buy this game if you'd like to purchase this title from Amazon.  Thank you for your support!

(PlayStation 1 version)
(Soundtrack to WipEout XL)

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