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Asymmetrical tops offer a touch of feminine charm. When held together by just one shoulder, the other shoulder offers a daring and romantic touch. One-shoulder tops and dresses combine just a regular sleeve or a strap with the sexy appeal of an off-shoulder top. A one-shoulder top can be like a tank top, or it can have just one beautifully-designed sleeve. One shoulder dresses and tunics offer the same kind of appeal, but with a lovelier shape. No matter what kind of one-shoulder top or dress you look for, you'll be very stylish.

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--- The One-Shoulder Top ---
When looking for one-shoulder tops, it's best to find a nicely-styled one that is both beautiful and sexy at the same time. I tend to like seeing one-shoulder tops that have a beautifully-designed sleeve or just one that has a nice tank top or sleeveless design. Sleeveless one-shoulder tops, like the one below (picture from Amazon)...

Sexy Sassy One Shoulder Ruched Top with Stylish Rhinestone Trim from Hot Fash Tops - OFELIA Black

...are simply bound together either by a strap or by a nicely-designed sleeveless portion of the top. The reason why I label it as a sleeveless one-shoulder top is because it simply does not have a sleeve to it. But one-shoulder tops WITH a sleeve, like the one below (picture from Amazon)...

ANIKAN Bright Floral One Shoulder Top

...have a sleeve to them. Many just have a very feminine sleeve to them. You know, like a flutter-sleeve. Some just have a simple sleeve that goes down to about the wrists or so. These tops can be very lovely to wear. And really, it's up to you whether you fancy a one-shoulder sleeveless or sleeved top. Just be sure to come along with a sweet look for it.

--- The One-Shoulder Tunic ---
Nothing is more feminine than a beautifully-styled tunic. Really, a tunic can be lovelier than a simple top or blouse. Especially a one-shoulder tunic can be very beautiful and feminine. Here's an example below (picture from Amazon):

Sexy Gray One Shoulder Plus Size Tunic Top - 1X

Note how this top has a beautifully-styled sleeve, but also some lovely side tie details. So it's the right combination of flirty and fashionable at the same time with little compromise. I think if I were to style someone with a one-shoulder tunic, it would have to be silky and smooth (well, I'm thinking warm weather) with a nice fabric. Maybe a satin or silky fabric with just a single strap.

--- The One-Shoulder Dress ---
All dresses come in three varieties- casual, semi-formal, and formal. The right kind of one-shoulder dress can provide a daring and sexy appearance. Even more so if it is a very beautiful and shapely dress. Some dresses have that versatility to be worn in the daytime and at night. Just trade shoes (and maybe a few accessories). It's best to go with a one-shoulder dress that has an elegant design. If you're going with a casual dress, it would be best to go with a one-shoulder dress that is just fun to wear on a normal day. Some of the semi-formal and formal one-shoulder dresses will need to have a soft and lovely fabric as well as a wonderful overall design. Some of the loveliest formal dresses would have to be some romantic one-shoulder sleeveless dresses. No matter how what you look for, make sure you show plenty of style and confidence sporting a daring one-shoulder dress.

--- My Ideal Model ---
Now it's time I challenge myself to envision a nice outfit. And I changed the name of "My Ideal Look" to "My Ideal Model." I usually try to envision my model and then try to find items online similar to my model. But this time, I won't do that. This would be my idea of a lovely one-shoulder look:

The one-shoulder deal I have in mind is a femme in a teal one-shoulder sleeveless top. The material is shiny and loose. It would be a lovely and shiny top to wear during a warm day.

The bottoms I have in mind have to be a pair of slim or skinny jeans. They'd have to be indigo or very dark blue jeans.

The shoes for my model would depend. Either I'd go for a pair of black pointed-toe pumps, or a black pair of peep-toe pumps with a slingback design. On a hot day, I envision a pair of platform sandals with a cork base. The sandal straps would have to be strappy and colorful. Or perhaps to offset the blues, why not bright yellow straps?

The look I've supplemented is a flirty one for warm weather. The emphasis is on BEING hot when it's already hot. When all put together, tunic + jeans + pumps/sandals equals one hot look. Most important to me is finding the right bottoms and shoes to go with everything.

My idea of a mismatch with this look would be a dark one-shoulder top (sleeveless or sleeved) with light-colored skinny jeans and black Converse-type sneakers. I wouldn't compromise a chic look by going with a casual pair of sneakers. Traditonal flip-flop/thong sandals (flat ones, at least) aren't much better either. Only exception would be a pair of kitten heel thong sandals. But I say to go with a feminine pair of pumps or sandals with this look.

So no matter what kind of one-shoulder top you go for, be sure to look for one that best suits your style and what you're looking for in putting an outfit together. Rock your one-shoulder style, femmes! :)

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