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Diecast Models

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There may be cars you may never drive or see. The next best thing is to go for diecast collectible cars. There are a variety of cars to choose from. Everything from your average Hot Wheels or Mattel cars all the way to serious collector model cars can all be had. It's best to know what you're looking for. This blog entry concerns diecast model cars.

--- Why Diecast? ---
The reason is simple- if there are cars you love so much that pictures can't do it justice, the next best thing is to get a diecast car. Maybe there's a race car you love that you wish you could own a scaled-down replica of with intricate detail? Whatever kind of car or cars you like, ranging from street cars to race cars, there may just be a model car for you.

Depending on your budget, you may get a fairly good scale car for around $20 USD to $30 USD. More hardcore types (like those who look to GMP Diecast for model cars) aren't afraid of spending big money for the most intricate and beautiful collector cars. However, these cars are well north of $100 USD.

--- What to Look for in a Diecast Model? ---
I look for a few important elements in scale cars:

* Build Quality.
I love a car so much, but I don't want some piece of crap design and build of a car I love. I want to be able to have realistic details all around. I don't want a diecast scale car of a beautiful car to be designed so poorly and cheaply.

* Attention to Detail.
I want model cars to be beautifully designed with some extra doors and such to offer great detail. The more detailed (while not being overly complex), the more I will love it.

* Easy-to-Use Doors and Openings.
I love a nicely-detailed diecast car. However, I don't want one that I'll risk breaking and destroying just trying to open up the engine bonnet or something. I want to be able to use something over and over again and touch all over with love and care.

* Getting the Most from its Scale.
A diecast car usually has a scale of 1:18 or 1:25. I want to have the most out of its design overall. I want to be able to open the doors and all that stuff. Whatever scale you're looking for depends on the amount of detail you're looking for.

--- My Diecast Car Experience ---
Of my major scale cars, I have nine diecast model cars. Here are the models I have (I don't have pictures to share):
* a 1990s F-Body Camaro Z28 convertible (red)
* McLaren F1 (silver)
* Dodge Viper GTS (blue with white stripes)
* Cadillac Northstar LMP
* 1998 Zakspeed Porsche 911 GT1
* 2000-ish Mini Cooper (red)
* Panoz Esperante GT1 Road Car (color-shifting blue paint)
* Dodge Viper GTS-R (white with blue stripes)
* Honda Civic Tuner car (red/white/black with Super Street decals)

I have these on my big bookshelf. As much as it's cool to own a number of diecast cars, one other thing is more important...

--- Taking Care of Diecast Cars ---
Every so often, I have to dust off my model cars so that they don't have dust hanging around from being on the shelves so long. So if you have something like this, I recommend you clean off the diecast cars of dust. A nicer option would be to invest in a case with a glass door. This way, you can be able to enjoy your model cars without needing to constantly dust them off every few weeks or months.

There's one important thing to look out for if you have small children or pets or something- these diecast cars have small parts to them that could pose a choking hazard if certain small parts are swallowed. So PLEASE be careful if you have children or pets playing with some of these diecase cars.

--- Model Cars I Would Like to One Day See or Own ---
I mostly want some good model cars from some good companies. I'm mostly interested in a few race cars. Here is one I would most like to own if I were to resume my diecast car collection:

^ (from:

The Momo Ferrari 333SP is my all-time favorite car, as mentioned in my blog entry on the 333SP. It may not have the sweet roar of the Ferrari engine that powered this car, but I can definitely fall in love with its glorious looks. This is really the only car I'd like right now if I were to resume my collection of diecast cars.

--- Diecast Models and Cases ---
NOTE: This section contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item. You are free to order any items featured in this section or in any widget if you choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

If you don't want to look for your own model cars or cases, disregard this entire section thank you for reading! Pass me some comments on my blog entry.

As long as you love cars and have a car or kind of car you love most, you can certainly find a diecast car you can love to own to add to your collection. Rather than specific items, I'll share with you some diecast car BRANDS rather than specific cars. I don't know what kind of cars you like (if you like cars). So hopefully, you can find something you like from diecast car makers like the following:

Diecast Models.

Bburago Model Cars
^ Bburago makes some lovely model cars. The Viper I mentioned earlier was a Bburago model car. Bburago has a wide variety of collections including modern and vintage automobiles. They even have race cars of various kinds. The car in the picture is the Bburago Lamborghini Revention 1:18 Scale.

^ Majisto - Majisto also specializes in lovely model cars. I am not as experienced about their lineup of cars, but they make some lovely models of all kinds, like the 2008 Audi R8 diecast model car 1:18 scale die cast by Maisto - Light Blue Metallic 36143 in the picture above.

^ Victory Lane Racing Collectibles - They specialize mostly in NASCAR collectible cars and merchandise. They include things like Action, Action Racing, Motorsports Authentics, and more. It's something you definitely want to check out if you're a NASCAR fan. And yes... I'm a Jeff Gordon fan (in addition to Jimmie Johson and Carl Edwards). =)

The majority of this thread is on model cars. But here are some diecast MOTORCYCLES below:

^ This is a diecast version of the BMW HP2 Sport motorcycle.

^ This is a beautiful diecast model of the beautiful Ducati 1098. There are so many beautiful intricate designs to this model.

You need to look after your lovely collections! So here are a few cases you might want to look at to safeguard your beauties:

^ If you have a 1:24 scale model car, this is a display case you'll need to safely display the car in without it collecting lots of dust and glair on it.

^ This is the same kind of case as the previous item, but this one is for 1:18 model cars.

^ This is a 1:24 scale car display case with a mirrored bottom. It isn't a bad case for beautifully showcasing your 1:24 model car. Get multiple cases if you own more than one 1:24 car you want to showcase proudly.

Now for some options if you own multiple model cars you want to safeguard...

^ This case carries many 1:24 scale model cars. It has eight shelves which can hold three 1:24 scale cars on each shelf.

^ If you own multiple 1:24 scale cars, this display case will do you wonders. It has four shelves and can be mounted on a wall. It carries up to 20 1:24 scale cars. It's the best way to keep grubby fingers and [more importantly] dust off of your model cars.

^ This case carries up to 24 1:24 model cars on eight glass shelves. This is a must-buy if you want to safeguard so many 1:24 model cars as well as display them beautifully.

^ This display case is almost basically meant for NASCAR fans. The angled shelves give you a nice view of the cars at an angle. Kind of think of this as the cars riding beautifully down a banked straight or banked corner. Though it was meant for NASCAR 1:24 models, it may also be nice for Indy cars.

^ If you have multiple 1:18 cars you want to protect from dust and grubby hands, this carrying case can hold up to ten 1:18 scale cars.

Other than this, more expensive options would be to go to a furniture store and get yourself a big wooden display case with big glass doors. That's especially if you own lots of model cars.

That concludes this blog entry. I hope you love diecast models of various kinds. I've mostly covered diecast automobiles, but there are people who own other kinds of diecast models they want to protect. At least this is a start if you love diecast models and want to safeguard them. Want more diecast models and diecast cases? Find more in my two widgets. Thank you for reading!

For diecast models:

For diecast cases:

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