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Motorsports Style: The Ferrari 333SP

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(UPDATED: May 19, 2012)

My all-time favorite race car is the Ferrari 333SP. It was a car that was both beautiful and fast. Various teams have used this beautiful racing car to compete in racing competition. It's seen a variety of tracks, ranging from Le Mans to Sebring to various races in the former FIA Sportscar Championship. Various teams have used this car ranging from Risi Competizione, JMB Giesse, and various other teams. This car would ultimately be a car that would later be the product of the Ferrari F50 supercar. My all-time favorite 333SP is the Momo Ferrari 333SP, shown below:

Ferrari 333SP
^ from: - My personal favorite race car of all-time, the Ferrari 333SP.

This will begin a new blog label, Motorsports Style, a variation of my Car Style blog entries made entirely about racing machines. It will encompass all kinds of competition vehicles ranging from cars to motorcycles and... various other kinds of racing machines. And as always, I'm talking about how I think these machines look. I try to remain only on the base model itself rather than solely focus on a certain team's car. It may be tough talking about some machines because some have various aerodynamics packages. It's also going to be tough to discuss how the interior looks.

--- Motorsports Style: The Ferrari 333SP ---

This is my all-time favorite race car. It has very sweet engine sounds, though I'd rather the Ferrari engine rather than some of the Judd engines some teams have used with this car.

Four circular headlights (two on each side) are encased in a lovely glass cluster on either side up front. A big air dam up front seperated in the center gives this car a good deal of airflow. The front splitter is mostly flat up front, but there is a little upward curve for the splitter on the sides. The Ferrari logo is emblazoned above the centerpiece in the front air dam. Big louvers above the tires are styled beautifully and tastefully along with the other big scoops accentuating the view up front. Some 333SPs have just two big circular headlights (one on each side) encased in these glass clusters.

From the sides, the car carries a beautifully smooth profile, continuing the loveliness of the car from the front. Earlier versions of the 333SP had big side ducts. An aspect of the 333SP I don't really notice is how the side rollbars have glass side windows. Some of these glass windows have the driver names and flags on the sides. The side bodywork is styled beautifully and aerodynamically, matching the seductive lines of the front. The engine scoop is big with some rounded edges. The engine cover is styled a bit like an Indy car.

The rear of the car car features a pair of nice set of tail lights. The rear wing is big with some large endplates. The mounting of the rear wing is angled kind of like a drag racing car.

This is a beautiful racing machine I've missed since it was no longer raced. Just looking at it and hearing it is absolutely sweet. I always look at this car with loving interest. It's a truly fantastic car. Still is. I actually want to get a model car version of the Ferrari 333SP. Love this car so much, especially the Momo Ferrari 333SP, which I love most.

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