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Flare Flair

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(UPDATED: August 25, 2014)

Tired of skinny pants? Long live flares! Flared legs offer the impression of longer legs. For many fans of flares (myself included), you get a sense of disco chic because of the unique appeal these flared bottoms provide. The right amount of flare can add a dramatic touch to any look. Those who have become so tired of skinny jeans would love to see something different. Something like this is not a bad alternative. Flared bottoms start off by fitting slim or loose, but flare outwards past the knees. The end result is something with enough flare to hide the shoes worn by the femme.

AUG 25 2014 - simple edits made to post

--- Flares at a Glance ---

This blog entry concerns multiple kinds of flared bottoms. I was initially intending to talk about just flared jeans, but you know me- I got to cover all the bases. Some people just got burned out on skinny jeans. So many tried to go with wide-leg or flared or bootcut pants. Some who love the feel of flared pants and jeans even made their own flare pants/jeans in do-it-yourself fashion. With the resurgence of high-waist bottoms, high-waist flare jeans and pants are very doable for true '70s style. The trend of very high-waist jeans and pants with short shirts and tops was a trend back then. For a spell, high-waist bottoms with cropped tops was revived as high-waists were brought back into fashion.

Mention flares to most people, and many will envision the elephant bell bottoms of the '70s. My older audiences may have even worn bell bottoms back in the '70s! I will grant some people that skinny jeans basically give your legs some sweet curves for those who can't get nice curves in wider or looser jeans. I tend to love draping and dramatic fashions. That's why I've loved these bell bottoms. The ones in the '90s were mostly the best as it was a combination of flared jeans and some wicked platforms. I thought it was cute seeing teen girls wear some groovy flared jeans along with either platform loafers or platform oxford shoes. There were even some platform sneakers that were popular in the '90s. If you want some extreme platforms, the German shoe maker, Buffalo, has lots of '90s-style platform shoes for you to wear.

Maybe I've loved these pants so much since I've gotten tired of all the '80s fandom. I was born in 1983, but I think of myself as a '90s child. Fashion tends to have 20-year cycles. That's why we had that resurgence of '80s fandom back a few years ago.

And if you ask me, I think 7 For All Mankind makes the finest flared jeans and pants. The best-looking flares offered by 7FAM is the Bell Bottom Super Flare jeans. They look great in Vintage California wash. A pair of platform wedge sandals or pumps with those jeans will make your '70s chic look irresistable. They even offer a sexy pair of back pockets to help you look even more chic. If high-end flared denim is your calling, check out the flared denims 7 for All Mankind offers. To see their lineup of flared denim for women, check these links out:
7 For All Mankind Bootcut Jeans (Women)
7 For All Mankind Trouser and Wide Leg (Women)
7 For All Mankind Flare Jeans (Women)

There are also bootcut jeans for men from 7 For All Mankind. Check this out if you're a guy:
7 For All Mankind Bootcut Jeans (Men)

--- Types of Flares ---

Here are the basic flare types as far as flared jeans and pants are concerned...


bootcut jeans
^ from: - bootcut bottoms offer a modest flare.

Bootcut relates to a pair of jeans or pants with very modest flare. The name is most appropriate when wearing something like high-heel boots. Boots are worn over jeans these days as a style. But with '90s style, you only give a little peek at the boots or shoes. High-heel boots were primarily the hottest shoes to wear with these as well as high-heel pointed-toe pumps.


split-leg pants
^ from: - split-leg bottoms are considered flared bottoms.

Call it a poor man's flare pants. By having huge slits on the sides of jeans or pants, you create the illusion of flared bottoms (while also getting an elegant showing of the lower legs).

NOTE: I will NOT mention split-leg pants in this blog entry. I just wanted to share this as an example.


flare jeans
^ from: - jeans with a significant amount of flare.

These bottoms are the namesake of this blog entry. These are jeans and pants with very wide flares to provide a dramatic touch as well as a vintage touch.

Bell Bottom (or Bellbottom).

bell bottoms
^ from: - denim styles and tastes may have changed, but bell bottoms are still every bit as cool now as they were in the 1970s.

Flared jeans and bell bottom jeans are used almost interchangably in today's fashion culture. But really, bell bottoms have extremely wide flares.

Elephant Bell Bottoms.

elephant bell bottoms
^ from: - elephant bell bottoms from Judi Rosen.

The so-called elephant bell bottoms are flared jeans and pants with massively flared legs. These bell bottoms are the absolute extreme in flared jeans and pants.

These can be massively-flared pants either right from the designer or in do-it-yourself fashion. Some femmes love bell bottom jeans so much that they even take their own jeans and try to widen them out while including some extra fabric inserts to provide flare. Here is a sample picture I found online demonstrating putting in extra fabric to add flare to any average pair of jeans:

pants with panel flare
^ from: - a diagram demonstrating how to turn a regular pair of jeans into bell bottoms by simply adding extra fabric.

If you're interested in taking jeans and giving them wider legs and inserting fabric for extra flare, I have two resources for you. The first is from the tutorial I got the picture above from, which is's how-to on bellbottom jeans. You may also want to check out this wikiHow link to learn how to make jeans with wider legs.

--- What to Wear With Flares? ---

I'm going to be pro-70s or pro-90s here. Almost any kind of shoes ranging from flip-flops to any real shoes will suffice. But if you want to make a statement, there's nothing like platform shoes and sandals. Some '90s chic would mean you find a pair of platform pumps, loafers, sandals, or oxfords with chunky heels. Platform wedges would also do you well. When it comes to flared and bootcut jeans, I've always seemed to like pairing dark blue jeans bootcut or flare jeans with a pair of platform sandals. That's especially if you have a hot pair of cork platform sandals or something. If you're feeling sexy, go pick out a hot pair of platform peep-toe pumps with a sexy pair of flares!

Flared skirts, especially trumpet skirts, have the same options. Only that I'd probably stay away from boots. Instead, pumps, sandals (even flip-flops), and various sneakers will do.

UPDATE 3/15/2010: If you want to find some platform shoes or learn more about them, please read my blog entry on platforms.

--- Criticisms of Flared Jeans and Pants ---

About the only real criticisms of these flared bottoms is that they don't look very well for taller people and that there aren't any good flares for curvy/plus-size figures. And... just that fact that the '70s is so out of style (even though we CONSTANTLY have to have these '80s revivals as if the '70s never existed) are another reason why there aren't as many bell-bottom jeans and pants. As I've gotten sick of the '80s, it's always cool just to go with the '70s or '90s.

--- Fabulous Flares! (added: January 11, 2011) ---

Recently, an Australian designer known as Ellery designed a deliciously sweet pair of flare pants called Bloodstone. They don't come cheap- asking price is almost $1,000 USD! There are two of them. Allow me to introduce you to the most fabulous and funky pair of flare pants money can buy.

ELLERY Bloodstone black silk
ELLERY Bloodstone silver tweed
^ (ORIGINAL PICTURE CREDITS: - "Bloodstone" pants in black (top) and silver (bottom). The black pants are in silk while the silver pants are tweed.

Australian designer, ELLERY, came along with a fabulous pair of flared pants. The Bloodstone Extra Wide Flare Pants boast elements that make them funky in this day and age as their '70s inspiration. They have massively-flared legs and a high-waist design. They come either in woven silk or silvery tweed. They don't come cheap- almost $1K USD for the black silk pants, and almost $1,500 USD for the silver tweed flare pants. To see these pants in better detail, visit ELLERY's homepage, and click on the "Spring/Summer 1 2010-11" collection. Begin now by clicking on ELLERY's homepage.

--- Flares Around the Internet ---

(ADDED: SEP 29 2011) Around the blogosphere and elsewhere online, here is your dosage of flare inspiration. Be an inspired diva by checking out these flares and the ladies rocking them!

Flare Inspiration: tiny sailor.

Let the hippie love flow like a river when Niki of "tiny sailor" shows off a cute pair of flare jeans. Enjoy these lovely flared jeans in "it's just tequila and the beach, that's why it's salty when we kiss. " on tiny sailor.

Flare Inspiration: i am Khatu

Khatu wears a lovely pair of flared white jeans in this post. The petite princess keeps it classy and hot (even on a cold/cool day) in "I love you, but" on i am Khatu.

Flare Inspiration: KARLA'S CLOSET.

A yellow polka dot top and Prada platforms go nicely with a pair of See by Chloe flared jeans. Don't believe me? Well, you haven't seen anything yet until you see "golden dot" on KARLA'S CLOSET!

Flare Inspiration: zarna's runway.

So, do you want to see a pair of elephant bell bottoms? You're in luck if your answer is yes! Meet Zarna. This young lady wears a pair of lovely bell bottom jeans. They don't look that significant in the first picture, but wait until you see some of the others. It's flared beauty when you check out "casual flare." on zarna's runway.

Flare Inspiration: PetiteLittleGirl.

When I first followed Sydney's blog called "PetiteLittleGirl," the Ohio-based petite fashion blogger had one post showcasing a lovely pair of flared jeans. Though it was a cold day, she was hot wearing her 7 for All Mankind flare jeans. Trust me- I think 7FAM makes some of the loveliest flares of any designer. Or at least, the best flared jeans from a denim designer. The focal point of this post is on a button-down shirt, but you should see the flares on Sydney in "Review: BR petite tattersall ruffle shirt (runs tiny)" on PetiteLittleGirl.

Flare Inspiration: cute and little.

Kileen wears a pair of bootcut jeans, and they look pretty cute on this petite cutie in "Casual Cool" on cute and little.

Flare Inspiration: Chictopia.

Various Chictopia influences now. Check it:

Levi's Lookback Collab - tie-front blouse with Levi's flare jeans
Yeah - denim shirt with denim flare jeans
Castles made of sand - cropped top with flared jeans and sandals
OUTFIT | THAT 70's SHOW - golden yellow shirt with flap pocket flare jeans

Want me to shout out to you too? Feel free to contact me!

--- Remembering an Old Website... ---

(added: April 6, 2011)
There used to be a website called, dedicated to showing people (both males and females) wearing flared bottoms. This site featured bell bottom pants and flared pants in many varieties. It even included some tips on how to turn a regular pair of jeans/pants into flared or bell bottom pants. The site even included some flare pants pictures of Mistress Flara, a beautiful model who proudly wore bell bottom and palazzo pants in her images.

So with this post being about flared jeans and pants, I say that I miss you all at You were a wonderful site in showcasing the beauty of flared jeans and pants.

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Or, you may check out these two widgets to shop for flared jeans, pants, and skirts:

For bootcut bottoms:

For flared jeans:

For bell bottoms (or bellbottoms):

For flare skirts:

On ShopStyle, here are more flares to spur your interest...

For flared jeans and pants:

For flared skirts and dresses:

I would appreciate your business if you find and buy something from these Amazon widgets if you enjoyed my blog post and found something you like. I'm doing this for you all in case you love my blog posts and want to find/buy something online based on your reading. So please... feel free to show your support if you love my work.

Thank you for reading! Rock those flares! :)

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