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When first getting into Japanese Pop, S.E.S was the first Korean group or artist I loved. SES stands for the three girls who made up this group- Bada (Sea), Eugene, and Shoo. The first song of theirs I loved was called "Believe in Love." According to what I've read from Wikipedia.

This blog entry coins another seperate label- Korea and Korean. Don't expect too much from this category here because I'm severely uneducated about Korea and Korean culture.

S.E.S. (Bada, Eugene, and Shoo)
^ from: - Bada (meaning "Sea"), Eugene, and Shoo- the three Koreans that make up S.E.S.

Here are a few SES favorites of mine on YouTube, beginning with the first song of theirs I've loved:

^ "Believe in Love" (Live)

^ "Just a Feeling"

^ "Twilight Zone"

Other great songs from S.E.S include (but not limited to) "Oh My Love," "Chance," and "Eternal Love" among others. If you want to get yourself some music from S.E.S., check out S.E.S. on Amazon. Thanks for reading!
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