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My Favorite Feminine Names

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These are names that I've always liked for femmes. These are some very nice names that I've considered favorites. These are feminine names that I've considered as some of my favorites. I share why in this blog entry. I'm not posting these to get blog traffic; I'm sharing these to show what some of my favorite feminine names are. Maybe if you're one of my female blog readers and your name is here, feel free to pass me a comment showing your thanks! :)

--- My Favorite Female Names ---
These are among some of my favorite feminine names. Check out the list. Maybe pass me some love if your first name is mentioned here! They are in no specific order.

Gabrielle was always one of my favorite names. It was a name I considered if I became a father to a baby girl. It's a lovely name.

Felicia and Feliciana.
This was another name I would consider if I gave birth to a baby girl. It probably helps that I love cats, so that makes Felicia even more of a lovely name.

Candace, and its variations (Candice, Candyce, Candy, Candee, Candi, etc.)
I guess I most like this name because it's sweet. I think candy, speaking as a sweettooth (guilty as charged). There are people who have a problem with naming someone Candy, but it's a very nice name. At least I try to think of it as "someone who is very sweet" instead of thinking of someone named Candy as some kind of exotic dancer's nickname. And if a girl is sexy and named Candy, it means she's as sweet as candy inside and within.

I've always liked this name. Very beautiful.

I've always thought Amanda was a cute name.

I've only known one girl named Xochitl back at my first high school, then the same girl at my community college. Xochitl means "flower," as I'm told.

This is a nice name because I best know Minerva in Roman Mythology as Athena in Greek Mythology. I think Athena embodies a woman with divinity and courage.

Noelle and Noelia.
The name has a harmonious and holy ring to it. It's a lovely name.

Annabelle, Anabel, etc.
Ana/Anna itself is lovely, but when you add "belle" to it, it gives an already lovely name a better one.

Elizabeth, Elisabeth.
I've always loved the name Elizabeth. I tend to immediately think of Queen Elizabeth at times.

Michelle and Michele.
This is another lovely name. It is a lovely name.

Shelby is a very cute feminine name. While I'm listing it as a feminine name, I have heard of two guys with Shelby- NASCAR racer Shelby Howard, and automotive and racing legend (and Texas' own) Carroll Shelby.

Carla or Karla.
I've always liked the name Carla (or Karla).

Sylvia or Silvia.
Sylvia is another name that just sounds beautiful saying it.

Marlene or Marlen.
I've known some ladies named Marlene, and one named Marlen. This is a sweet name in my view.

Another very cute name, Amber just sounds sweet to me.

Charlotte Church comes to mind for me. It's a beautiful name.

The only dog I've ever loved was named Carmen. She was so lovable! It's a nice name for a female as well.

Vanessa and its Variations.
I've always thought of Vanessa as a lovely name.

Rose, and its variations (Rosario, Rosy, Rosie, Rosemary, etc.)
"Beautiful as a rose" is the expression that crosses my mind hearing this name.

Carol, Carolina, and Caroline.
Regardless of how it's spelled, this is as lovely of a name as Carla/Karla. Carolina and Caroline are equally lovely.

Selena and its variations (Selene, Selina, Celine, etc.)
This is another name I've always loved when I hear it.

Liliana, Liliane, and Lilian.
Another beautiful name no matter how it's said or spelled.

Crystal and its variations (Krystal, Cristal, Krystle, etc.).
Crystal-clear beauty is what I think with this name. I also tend to think of hearts as strong as crystals.

Rachel and its variations (Rachael, Rachelle, etc.).
This was a name I've always loved as one of my favorites.

Desiree just sounds beautiful to me, and it sounds like "beautiful" to me.

Ashley and its variations (Ashly, Ashlee, Ashleigh, etc).
This name is an old favorite of mine.

I've never known anyone named Cheyenne, but it's a beautiful name.

Stephanie and its variations.
I've always thought Stephanie was a beautiful name.

I've known only one Destiny, and I think it's a very nice name.

I've never known a girl named Liberty, but it's a cute name.

I've learned that Contessa is Italian for "Count." But as a name, it's romantic.

America Fererra comes to mind, and I usually like saying "America the beautiful" when there's a pretty girl named America. :)

These are MANY different names I've chosen as some of my favorites. There are many more, but I've named a good list of favorite feminine names here.
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