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Digitally Imported

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Digitally Imported may just be one of the finest Internet streaming radio stations in the world. This broadcaster has a great variety of various kinds of electronica for your listening pleasure. This is a broadcaster I've grown to love as I was looking for some great electronica when I want to listen on my computer. I'm here to share how I learned of this network and what I usually like to listen to when I do listen to Digitally Imported.

NOTE: I'd like to note that I'm not trying to promote this site or anything. I'm just here casually offering my love of what this group does and plays on the Internet airwaves. This is just honest personal commentary from me.

--- What Digitally Imported is About ---
Electronica of all kinds! You're really going to find lots of electronica music you've never heard before across a whole lot of channels. I don't know exactly how many DI has, but there are LOTS of channels devoted to the pulsating sweetness known as electronica. Everything from trance to house to EuroDance to house and lounge are all here for you. It's an Internet destination with lots of songs to listen to. It's just a no bullcrap sureshot of electronica goodness.

--- How I Discovered Digitally Imported ---
I was listening around in WinAmp using SHOUTCast when I came across a wide variety of stations playing great music from one source. I then learned of Digitally Imported and immediately checked out the lineup of music they have to offer. I started checking out some of the channels to kinds of electronica that I like or that I eventually got to like. I felt like if I wanted to listen to the kind of music I love most, and if I had an Internet connection, I could listen to this stuff all day online if I wanted to. I've even put certain channels I like most into an M3U playlist so I can quickly access these channels in WinAmp when I'm ready to listen to some awesome music.

--- Channels I Listen To ---
If you love electronica, there are lots of channels for you from Digitally Imported. Here are a few I listen to:

This is more like an appetizer to me. It reminds me of some of the electronica tunes to get you going when it's the weekdays or Saturday afternoon.

Classic Electronica.
You sometimes find some classics here, even if you've never heard of these sessions and songs before.

DJ Mixes.
I think this is one of the newer channels. It's basically a chance for you to enjoy electronica mix sessions from lots of DJs.

Club Sounds.
Can't make it out to the nightclub? This newer channel basically brings the nightclub to you. Popular songs may even be played with sweet mixes.

Trance Channel.
Most of you know I'm about trance. This one basically sets you up for the night with lovely music.

Vocal Trance.
Vocal Trance can be awesome to listen to. Imagine your favorite trance songs, but with some accompanying voices. You may hear some lovely music here.

I usually consider Sunday nights to be the time to listen to stuff like House or Breakbeat. Saturday night is all about trance to me, and Sunday nights are about house and breakbeat. This is a good way to enjoy house music.

Get your breakbeat on! That's what this channel is about. I think this is music you should listen to if you love hip-hop and want to hear something a bit different.

Lounge is all about sexy instrumentals with some sick vocals. I tend to think of Lounge as Saturday night music, especially at some of the upscale places. This is kind of like when you want to groove, but also want to relax.

As an extra note... during some of the late stages of last year's 24 Hours of Le Mans (meaning the time between Saturday night and early Sunday morning Central Daylight Time), I was listening to Digitally Imported because I still wanted my fix of electronica while also enjoying a race as lovely as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. I play some of my video games and PC games while also listening to Digitally Imported sometimes. If there's an Internet connection, I want to enjoy some great music.

I'm definitely a fan of Digitally Imported when listening to electronica online. It's something I'd recommend you check out if you love elctronica and want to listen to great electronica online. Channels are available in WinAmp and Windows Media Player. It's must-listen. Visit Digitally Imported at Bookmark it if you love them. :) Thanks for reading. Now go enjoy some electronica, lovely readers of mine! ^_^
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