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501 Must-Visit Cities

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While I admit I'm not much of a book reader, 501 Must-Visit Cities is a wonderful book showcasing on 501 of the world's most interesting and/or beautiful cities. This book was published by Octopus PUblishing Group Limited, based in London, England. I used this book in a few of my YouTube videos to show off some of my favorite cities in the world. This book features a combination of information on each city as well as what times of year are best to visit each featured city. Not every city has pictures, but you do get some lovely pictures of many of the cities. You will sometimes see a full page or two full pages showing you a picture of a certain city. It is a well-done, well-designed book. Here is how this book looks up front:

^ from: 501 Must-Visit Cities. Six of the 501 cities are on the front cover.

You can see that one of the featured cities is one of my personal favorites- Florence, Italy. My problem with this book... my hometown (Houston, Texas, USA) is NOT one of the cities in this book! Still, it's a lovely book to where you can learn about many more cities the world over. I think if you want to learn about lovely cities around the world and get some good facts on them, you can not pass up this book. It comes in paperback and hardcover. I have the paperback version.

You can get this book on Amazon. Here are two versions of this book (please read "An Important Amazon Note" for all Amazon items):

(Hardcover (as of May 19, 2010; this version is temporarily out of stock.))

Thank you for reading!
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Jingle said...

Thanks for the great book, i am wishing to go and visit all the cities you mentioned, i am very excited to visit these cities.

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