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(UPDATED: October 17, 2011)

You might have visited a website or a blog (like my blog) and seen a toolbar below. Well, more websites and blogs seem to have these toolbars at the bottom. I discovered wibiya (as it is styled) on someone else's blog and decided to get my own for John's Blog Space. The wibiya toolbar allows you to increase overall time on the site, get more people to view your online content, and a lot more. It is one of many things I am now starting to recommend for bloggers and website owners. I am always looking for new ways to boost and expand my content. Blogging and YouTube are my industries. So when you specialize in something, it is best to take advantage of all items available to you in helping expand your content. From the wibiya dashboard, you are able to customize the look of your toolbar. If you want to put more wibiya widgets on any of your other sites/blogs, you will need to sign up for any of the paid packages that allow you to monetize your work and more.

I think wibiya is a wonderful tool. It is as wonderful a tool for sites and blogs as DISQUS has been for John's Blog Space and John's Gran Turismo Space. I have used the heading area to post my announcements to all of you. Now, I basically use the Live Notification tool for wibiya to send out my announcements to all of you. I always want my readers to know what it is I am working on. In addition, I always want my readers and subscribers to get more involved with my work. I don't want these items to just be read and left. If you love my material or want to comment, you are always free to post comments on my work. I do police my content (to root out spammers, haters, etc.), but I do welcome all comments. I want you also to view any of my other links as well as share my content. If you love my blog, support it. Share my material with friends and with others. My goal is for my blog to be as popular and as successful as it can be. John's Blog Space is a personal blog about anything and everything. I do all I can to make this blog successful and worthy of coming back to again and again. I can do only so much, though. The rest relies on you and you alone. So help a brother out!


OCT 17 2011 - added an extra section highlighting on my respect for the wibiya widget.

--- wibar Advice ---

For those of you who use the wibar (wibiya's toolbar), let me offer you some advice to help you make the most of your wibar.

Customize Your wibar.

wibiya offers a variety of items to help you to maximize the most of your wibar. It is best to have a wibar that allows you to allow your visitors to view and share your content while visiting your page. Enter your wibiya dashboard to analyze your content. In addition, it is important to rearrange your toolbar to make the toolbar more efficient.

Choose Apps Wisely.

You want to create a wibar that allows your visitors to make the most of your time there. A big part of wibiya's benefits is more time on a website. Adding apps to help maximize content helps. I have set up my wibiya wibar to allow my readers to share my content as well as have them visit my other links. The more material you offer to your visitors, the more they will better be able to link to your content. More sharing by others and more involvement = better site.

I am focused on sharing content via major social media, allowing others to see my other online content (like my YouTube channel, for example), allowing visitors to translate my blog, allowing sharing of my material, allowing others to tweet my material on Twitter, and allowing others to "like" my blog on Facebook. I also have my wibar set up to link to four other resources including my Live Notification tool. You can subscribe to my blog, Become a Fan of my fan page on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, check out my YouTube channel, and read my latest Live Notification message.

wibiya Premium.

The service wibiya provides only lets you do so much. If you want to try a more advanced wibiya service, go Premium with wibiya! Paying monthly gives you many more options to offer to your visitors. You can even better monetize your material. Some wibiya applications require at least a Pro-level Premium package. Premium packages are all paid for monthly.

Among the many benefits of wibiya Premium is the ability to make multiple wibars for websites and blogs. The wibar is pretty solid in free form.

These are just a few things I recommend to you all who want to have your own wibiya toolbar. I may modify these elements in future edits.

--- A Salute to wibiya ---

(ADDED: October 17, 2011)

I don't know if you noticed this, but I have retired wibiya from John's Blog Space. It was great in allowing for more involvement for my blog, but I don't really think it was utilized all that much. I also noted it slowed up loading for my blog. So I made the tough decision to get rid of wibiya. It was still solid for what it was. I salute the team behind this wonderful widget.

To learn more about wibiya, or to get your own wibiya toolbar for your website or blog, click on the image below to visit wibiya's website:

^ from:, image links to - the wibiya logo.

Thank you for reading!

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