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John's Corner: A Positive Space

John Marine | 4/04/2012 11:50:00 PM | |
(UPDATED: April 10, 2012)

John's Blog Space is a positive space. I find great importance knowing I have a chance to help people feel happy and open any time I post something. There is already a load of content online mostly meant to demean or undermine others. There are people who somehow post bad blog posts about people in a destructive manner. Some people post about certain topics in a demeaning way, even including some crude humor.

While I have no problem in entertaining content, I do feel it is refreshing when certain content is portrayed in a factual and respectful manner. Let me provide you some examples. One of my YouTube friends long ago appreciated the work I've done to where he thought of me as a good friend. I have felt responsible in continually working to provide positive material and positive insight to help with day-to-day issues. As a blogger, I make myself responsible for making material that may hopefully be useful aside from most of my other posts on various topics. It is with certain topics that "anything and everything" becomes much more than just a motto or a monacre.

All the while, John's Blog Space is a positive place. Don't come here expecting any sort of tongue lashing on certain things or give into any mainstream train of thought. This is not the place where I abuse Internet memes or things like that. John's Blog Space is a positive space.


APR 10 2012 - made an edit to a section; edited content in another section

--- What I Want My Readers to Know ---

I want my readers to know that I try to offer something positive in my posts. How positive? Here are some of the most common topics relevant to this blog being a positive place to visit:

Life Issues.

Life Issue blog posts regards various issues about life. Many of them are based on past experiences of mine as well as certain opinions of mine. I want people to feel happy and gain some motivation.

Love and Relationships.

Posts in the "Love and Relationships" category does not exclusively cover romance. These can involve issues regarding love and bonds among family and friends. Do NOT come here for any relationship advice because I have never been romantically involved in any such relationship. Never dated. So all I am suggesting are primarily based on opinions and thoughts.

LGBT Issues.

Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender issues are a touchy subject, and it is often times very easy to say the wrong thing(s) to infuriate or undermine the LGBT community. Some people talk about these people in such negative or comedic ways.

The LGBT community, just like any other, are just as much a community that is welcome on John's Blog Space as any other. I am still getting views from people. This is all one thing I ask as a blogger and as a publisher of online content- views and involvement.


People need motivation and inspiration from time to time. I am hopeful to provide my own motivation to others.


I launched the Positive label to offer things that I think are lighthearted and fun. I even extend this to discuss people actually providing helpful and insightful material for the Internet. Those items are featured in my Positive-labeled posts.

--- My Latest Posts in Featured Labels ---

You can see the latest posts in some of my labels by clicking on these links. Clicking them will show you the latest posts marked under the certain blog labels in question. Please note that some topics concern any number of issues. Therefore, some posts may have topics directly or indirectly associated with each featured label.

Click on the links to see the latest posts in each category:

Latest "Life Issues" Posts
^ A look at various life issues I've posted about.

Latest "Love and Relationships" Posts
^ Not necessarily about romance, but these posts concerns bonds between lovers, friends, family, and more.

Latest "LGBT Issues" Posts
^ These are issues concerning the LGBT community. These pertain to issues involving or featuring issues regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexed, and others in the culture. No matter how you feel about these people, they are as much of an audience as any other. I welcome this community to all of my online work as much as I welcome any other.

Latest "Motivation" Posts
^ You need to be inspired or motivated? Maybe I can help.

Latest "Positive" Posts
^ These posts are about people and things providing some positive insight. Some are figures that I think offer some positivity for any number of reasons. Do not expect too many posts here since this is a fairly new category I've added as of the date of this initial blog post. I will, however, add certain posts to this label over time.

As more posts are created in each category, the latest of each topic will change over time. So make sure you're Subscribed or Following "John's Blog Space" so you can keep up with my latest material. I hope all of my efforts to make people feel positive and respected are worth it and worth your time. I do what I can to provide some sort of positivity in peoples' lives.

The moral of this story- John's Blog Space is a positive space. Even with some of the most touchy or controversial issues discussed here, I always try to be professional and positive with my work. I will never use this blog to intentionally undermine or disgrace someone. I may go on a tirade, but I will not break down anyone severely in any of my blogs. So please keep visiting.

John's Blog Space is a positive space; and I positively love all of my readers and subscribers. One thing I usually don't realize is that there are people who visit, but may or may not be subscribed. Let me tell you what I mean when I say "involved." I usually check out the number of Google Followers I have. I feel like I don't have as many Followers because the number is still relatively low for as much traffic as I get. I also have only so many subscribers through FeedBurner. If you so much care about my material, all I usually ask is for you to show your support of my work. You do have the option to Follow my blog without making yourself public. Still, I feel like I could gain more support from others while feeling and knowing who all actually cares about my work. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself or not being too hopeful. Regardless- I want your support! Let me know if my work means something to you!

Then again, I have so much bad luck trying to get support from the general audience. I feel like with so many people who visit, only a relatively small percentage show their extended support. I would certainly want to feel like more people read and share my work more than the loyal audience who comments on my posts. That is why I always ask that if you enjoy my blog and its posts, PLEASE show your extended support. I have a vast social network including my Facebook fan page and recently- my Google+ page. Just let me know that I have a diverse worldwide audience that appreciates my work. My blog and its popularity has been the work of over three years since my first post back in January 2009. It's time I begin to feel like I have actually emerged as one of the better blogs on the Internet. However, I need YOUR help to make this happen. Will you help?

More posts to come in the near future with many different topics abound. Thank you for reading another installment of "John's Corner!"

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sushmita sarkar said... do cover a whole range of topics..even more than me!! 

GlamChameleon said...

It's inevitable- your space must be a positive place dear John, cause it completely reflects your polite and generous personality! I wish you to have more comments and reactions, and I'm sure it will come very soon!!!!!

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