Friday, March 30, 2012

A Day With Unlimited Money

John Marine | 3/30/2012 11:26:00 PM | |
Imagine one day where you have unlimited money. Spend as much as you like on whatever you like. Pay off whatever needs to be paid off (like bills) if you like. If anything can be acquired with money, you can have it. But remember- you have only 24 hours. After the 24 hour period, you're back to the original amount of money you have. How would you spend your unlimited money? This just for fun blog post is for all of my readers/visitors who can imagine what they'd spend their money on if they had unlimited money for one day. Imagine one day without having to say, "I don't have any money," because you have unlimited money. Don't worry about taxes or anything like that- it is just one full day where you have all the money in the world and want to purchase anything. If there is a supply for something and if you have the money to buy something, it's yours. How would you spend your limitless budget of a day? Thoughts will be expressed here, so welcome to John's Blog Space!

--- Unlimited Money: Background ---

For you gamers out there, you may have played a game or two that has a cheat that allows you to have unlimited money or a whole lot of money. You would be able to buy anything in the game and still have lots of money left over. Unlimited money is basically is your ticket to getting whatever you want that money can buy.

There will never be a day where anyone has an unlimited amount of money. However, we all can imagine what we would be able to do if we were loaded with cash. You likely may never be a millionaire. You probably wouldn't even know how to protect and establish having lots of money should you reach that point. You may even childishly spend all of your money on whatever you want.

Certain Criteria.

Here are some things to note when thinking about how you'd spend your money on a limitless budget day:

• Things that have to be paid off over time probably isn't a good idea. So if you finance something that has to be paid periodically, that probably isn't good to consider on a budgetless day. This is all unless something can be completely paid off in one day without you having to worry about it anytime soon or in the future.

• Taxes, warranties, and things like that upon purchase are perfectly fine. As long as it could be paid for that day, it's fine to include here.

• Since you have unlimited money, it would be pointless to say you would bank your unlimited money. Once the day is over, your unlimited money will go away too.

• Donating a good deal of money to organizations and charities would count. You wouldn't want to offer unlimited money to a certain cause, though.

• Unlimited money is provided that basic necessities are covered. You know, buying gas or eating at certain places also tie into your unlimited money. It's still your money. You're still covering your basic needs. If it costs money, it's yours.

• I wouldn't recommend discussing gambling. It would be pointless to have unlimited money and either win or lose... unlimited money. So stay away from this.

• Most importantly: This is about consumer spending, not anything governmental or economy-related.

Whatever the case, this blog post is a question of how you would spend your money if you had one day with unlimited money. Don't worry about taxes. Don't worry about having to pay for something long-term. And most importantly- don't worry about not having enough money. Just imagine: unlimited money for a full day. Buy whatever you want within the span of 24 hours. Once even a nanosecond past the initial 24 hours comes along, your spending of unlimited spending is over, and you're back to the amount of money you have before this unlimited money day.

So now that you know what this is all about, it is now time for you to think about how you'd spend your limitless budget. It is a one-day free ride where you have unlimited money to spend on whatever you want. You can't keep the money after one day, but you can certainly spend as much as you like for as long as you like for up to a 24-hour period. So how will YOU spend? How would you tap into your inner shopaholic? Or are you simply one of those types who would say that you don't need money for anything, or that you wouldn't you wouldn't be tempted to spend an unlimited (even if for one day) resource for one day?

--- Unlimited Money: How Others Would Spend ---

Money talks. Can you hear what it's saying? There would be a number of ways people could spend their unlimited money:

How Others May Spend Their Unlimited Money.

• I know there are some fashionable girls who believe in "if the shoe fits, buy it in every color." So I would imagine some girls would have NO problem buying shoes or whatever in various colors. Some fashionistas may lovingly fill their closets with great clothes, perhaps even from high-end designers. You may be the only girl in your high school or college wearing 7 for All Mankind jeans, Dior sunglasses, and Louboutin pumps as you're getting an education.

• Financially-struggling people and families can certainly have this as a lifeline to get through a financial pinch. Having everything paid for in full can mean a whole lot.

• Someone who may do a lot of traveling may have the ability to go to a certain place anywhere in the world and have money to do some shopping if need be.

• If someone (even yourself) has an emergency situation and needs some quick money, having an unlimited amount of money can help finance something immediate. Some people have more important immediate needs than anything materialistic.

• Profit and non-profit/not-for-profit organizations would be able to fund or do anything with unlimited cash. Surely an extreme case of financial stability would be accomplished.

• Local sports teams could have money for all the available resources needed. So if a little league baseball team needed more money for custom uniforms or baseball bats, unlimited money would help the team have all the needed finances to get their team out to compete.

• Those madly in love with someone may want to spend some of that unlimited money on their lover or spouse. A fancy dinner at a lovely downtown restaurant would be a sweet way to appease to your lover. You could even order the most expensive food and drinks offered on the menu with no worries of paying too much! (By the way, I probably sense your lover/spouse nudging you reading this. Treat your man/woman right! :D)

• You may be the nightclub type, and so you don't mind going to the swankiest nightclub paying for anything to your heart's delight.

• Someone who may need money to finance a project usually may ask for donations or set aside some money for a project. With unlimited money, enough money can help finance a project successfully.

Many people and entities would spend an unlimited amount of money any sort of way they can. These were just a few examples to get this post going.

If you're not reading the full blog post, please click on "Read More" to read the rest of this blog post. I'll share how I'd spend my limitless budget if I had 24 hours to shop and spend my money on whatever I wanted.

--- How I Would Spend my Unlimited Money Day ---

Here is a look at how I would spend my one-day limitless budget.


For one thing, I am very much into technology and devices. I have actually developed interest in doing tech reviews. Part of the reason is because I've wanted to try out some electronic devices and don't have any sufficient money or have any great confidence in a certain device.

My Own Spending Spree.

• I don't believe in buying a gaming console just for one game or a set of games. However, I MIGHT get an original XBOX for Forza Motorsport and the two Project Gotham games; then, I'd get an XBOX 360 to play Forza 3 and Forza 4. I would want to be more experienced and spend some time with the Forza games aside from my Gran Turismo playing. Otherwise, I'm still perfectly happy with my PS3.

• I could go on a spending spree online trying to find more games to build up my PS3 collection while also maybe finding some PS1, PS2, and PC games. I'd surely love the opportunity to finally own games I've either long wanted to own or play. You basically have to get games online these days since not a lot of physical stores will actually have certain older games available.

• I may even go out and buy some online-only games for my PS3 with some online money. Maybe even some downloadable content (DLC).

• I might buy a current-spec computer just to keep up with everyone else. Otherwise, my 2005 PC is fine as is. I'd probably just upgrade it a little more.

• If a PC program has to be purchased online just to keep using it, I'd surely pay for it and not have to worry about it ever again.

• I could step up from my SanDisk Sansa Fuze and buy the top-of-the-line version of the latest iPod Touch (no iPhone for me- I'm not a phone person). I would also go out and buy as many different apps and songs for it that I like. I could even get a lot of accessories and docks for it as well.

• I could buy myself a more proper camcorder in case I really want to do some more serious videos for YouTube. I do still love my Sony Bloggie (MHS-PM5).

• Expensive programs, like 3D Studio MAX and FL Studio would be things I'd buy or order just to make more material for online as well as perhaps making things available for download.

• I could get a new music keyboard. After years with Casio keyboards, I'd want to go from Casio to Yamaha, and especially a Yamaha keyboard that has XG MIDI capability.

• If it were possible, I'd upgrade my PC monitor or even get myself an HDTV for my room.

• I might buy some more clothes just to enhance my wardrobe and have some more stuff to wear.

• I probably wouldn't mind having a treadmill or a free-standing punching bag to stay fit.

This would be how I would spend my money if I had unlimited money for a day. I kept most of my ideas basic and realistic. Not once have I mentioned buying a mansion or buying 50,000 kinds of some product.

As mentioned before, money talks. The importance of having enough money to get things certainly speaks volumes. I based my ideas entirely on what I would do with the unlimited money. So what and how would YOU spend your full day of unlimited money? Feel free to share! Thank you for reading!

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Eric F said...

Bail out Sega, start my own game studio, buy a bunch of arcade games, buy a '63 Corvette and Subaru Impreza, and buy a bunch of Microsoft Points.

Huan Mwana said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. You're so sweet. If I had unlimited money, I'd probably buy google and a whole bunch of stocks and that way I can stay rich after the 24 hours. Oh hey! haha(:


GlamChameleon said...

Hi John, just wanted to wish you nice and successful week ahead!!!!! Happy Monday!!
p.s. Thank you one more time for all lovely comments and compliments!


Sazi Pee said...

brilliant post on unlimited money

Dominika :) said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I certainly found your advice helpful, you're always so sweet to me!
As for your question, I would buy myself a house in New York and a number of other properties so that I can rent them and have some money afterwards. I would live in my newly bought house and pay for some university studies, since I found myself fretting about the future recently. Then, I would probably send my Mom on a luxurious trip or two and give her enough money to buy whatever clothes she wants, it's her dream and she totally deserves some quality time. The next thing would be a bunch of technology gadgets such as Canon 5D Mark III (I swear this camera is to die for...), a brand new mobile phone, laptop and the list goes on. Of course afterwards I would go on a huge shopping spree and come back with lots of designer clothes I wouldn't normally affore to buy as well as some normal ones from retailer stores. Then maybe a few trips and a new car for me- I have always been telling myself that I don't want to have a driving licence, so that would motivate me!

Gabriella Cozza said...

I tried to answer this question...but I'm greedy and want too many things for myself and my family/  Sorry, it'd take too long, homework to do.  First on my list would be a really nice house though.  Interesting post as usual.  :)

 ♥ Principessa

My Unfinished Life said... interesting.......if only we could actually get hands on the 'unlimited' money!! 

GlamKitten88 said...

I want too many things for myself. #lifefail

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

sukipooki said...

If you had bought a mansion than you would have to pay for the upkeep even after the 24hrs lol personally I'd probably pay off any bills that my family has, perhaps buy a few pieces of property as an investment, buy a bunch of gift cards for shopping and treat my family to trips =) Oh and a new camera too LOL

John Marine said...

this is so intersting I truly enjoy your writing !!! 

hope your doing well 


John Marine said...

wow! this is really cool idea! :o LOL i bought a lottery ticket today...
thanks for commenting and visiting my blog!

John Marine said...

I have given this a thought often, so it's an easy answer. I think I am pretty well off right now in terms of material possessions, but the first thing I will buy is a personal island, and a resort on the same, with a lifelong staff, their entire life's salaries and benefits paid in advance to a Trust. Secondly, I will buy a fleet of luxury yachts for myself and my family. then I will buy myself TWO tickets around the world, quit my job, and travel the world with my partner.

I think I am done :)

John Marine said...

Interesting perspective. you strike a chord with everyone when you mention unlimited money, especially in this awful recession. Just the though of unlimited money makes my mind go crazy. I think for most people it is the freedom that comes from having the money that people crave. I don't think most people would buy Mcmansions, but most of us do want to live the good life on some level.

John Marine said...

How amazing would that be!! I would first take care of my parents and buy them every thing they've ever wanted!! Awesome topic John, keep up the great work =) By the way thanks for the sweet comments, you always make my day!

John Marine said...

Great topic,John! Well done! It was really interesting to read and to analyse it

John Marine said...

Nice topic! Great post! Thank you for the comment and visit. :)
Following you now.. ;)
Hope you'll Follow back. Thank's A lot!

Kisses from VV!!

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