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Ukulele Showcase

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(UPDATED: August 13, 2012)

The ukulele can be a cool instrument to make music with. Such a small stringed instrument can make big time music. Don't believe me? Well, you're about to see some videos featuring the ukulele being played. While I am more into pianos and keyboards, I do respect other instruments, like the ukulele. So what you are about to see and hear here are various performers jamming to their ukuleles to provide amazing music.

Special salute to all of you who own or play the ukulele! Hope I can do you all proud with my featuring of this instrument.


AUG 13 2012 - edited one of the featured ukulele players.

--- Ukulele Showcase ---

An ukulele is no fun. Just a small toy that can't generate good music. You're about to be proven wrong if you actually believe this. Some of these actually come from my blog post about music of the South Pacific.

This post is more about ukulele music rather than the ukulele itself. For an educational piece on the ukulele, this Wikipedia link will be of good use to you: Ukulele - Wikipedia.

Each featured YouTube video has a link to the video in case you can't view Flash media. Click on the link to visit YouTube to see each video. Thank you to all the channels that allowed for their videos to be embedded.

Yuki, of Roconamente.

Yuki is my tomodachi ("friend" in Japanese) who often does covers mostly of anime songs. Here, though, the lovely lady shares with you a mellow and sweet cover she did. I'll actually feature two here- one is an Anime cover, and another is a non-Anime song. As a cute way of marketing her ukulele performances, a fan of hers call her ukulele performances as "Yukilele" performances. So... enjoy this Yukilele performances!

^ (an Agnes Lum cover)

^ The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby

If anyone is visiting my blog from Roconamente Yuki's blog, thank you for visiting "John's Blog Space" and welcome! :)


The beautiful Allison Chu is someone whom I've first met on Myspace. She has such a sweet singing voice and is very beautiful. Here is an ukulele performance by this angelically-voiced lady:

^ "Sunday Morning (cover)" - Allison Chu

Natalie, of NDTitanLady.

NDTitanLady on YouTube is one lady named Natalie. This Filipino comedian is quite funny on YouTube as well as being very lovely. This is a very old videos of hers. However, the main point is on featuring ukulele music. Here, she performs a cover of "In This Club" by Usher featuring Young Jeezy. Check her out here:

^ [Ukulele Cover] Usher - Love in this Club

Brittni Paiva.

Around the time I got to meet Allison Chu on Myspace, I was introduced to a lady named Brittni Paiva. She specializes in ukulele music, and does it darned well. Here is some of her ukulele charm right here:

^ Teenage Dream Katy Perry - Brittni Paiva on ukulele

Kalei Gamiao.

Kalei Gamiao will blow your mind with his ukulele play. I hope you're a fan of "Apologize" from One Republic, because that's what this guy is playing in this video:

^ Kalei Gamiao "Apologize" OneRepublic Cover

Chrishia Leon Guerrero.

Chamorrita cutie Chrishia Leon Guerrero hails from the Northern Mariana Islands. This song is as beautiful as she is. She sings sweetly while playing the ukulele. Listen to the lady from Saipan as she sings sweetly while playing one wicked ukulele:


These are only a few of various ukulele performances that I wanted to feature. I may add a few more based on traffic to this blog post and interest from my readers/visitors.

--- Cross-Promotion and Other Reading ---

Just one to share here...

Music of the South Pacific (John's Blog Space)
^ This blog post features many different musicians hailing from the South Pacific. If you love music from the South Pacific, this blog post of mine features many more musicians from the South Pacific.

That's all from me. Hope you enjoyed my blog and this blog post.

Maybe this blog post will interest you in perhaps getting an ukulele. If so, here are some resources to help you out:

Ukulele - Wikipedia
Ukulele Underground
Ukulele Tabs
Uke Hunt
KALA Brand Music Company

If you don't have a ukulele, you can buy yourself one by taking a look at these links. I would appreciate your business if you did buy anything that interests you based on the links I've posted:

Ukulele on Amazon
Musician's Friend - Ukuleles
Ukuleles on Guitar Center (search result)

Thank you for reading!

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