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Music of the South Pacific

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Pacific Islanders have their own distinctive music tastes and styles as with any other culture. Continuing my blog label of Pacific and Oceania-themed blog posts is this blog post regarding music of the South Pacific. I will try to showcase a variety of music from various nations in the South Pacific. While I do mention Oceania, I won't really make mention to Australia and New Zealand. Instead, I will mostly feature various other South Pacific nations and South Pacific island nations.

WARNING: This blog post has many YouTube videos, which may slow down your browsing performance. Please let me know if you are unable to view everything. This way, I will replace some of the videos with links to videos so you can view them freely.

NOTE: All videos are provided for educational purposes.

--- Hawaiian Music ---
Aloha! This section features Hawaiian music. This is your chance to get to enjoy some lovely Hawaiian music from various artists. I will only showcase a few different names and then move on. Click on the names in the headings to visit their official home pages or fan sites (if available).


Allison Chu exudes a level of positive energy that is incredible. The singing star sings a variety of songs ranging from traditional Hawaiian songs to a variety of operatic pieces. Allison is very fun and very lovely.

Listen to her sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" below (you may need to turn down the volume):

Or, you can hear her perform a more traditional Hawaiian melody here, called "Akaka Falls":

I am a great fan of Allison. Been that way since hearing Allison's Myspace music page and seeing her YouTube videos.

Owana Salazar.

The queen of Hawaiian slack-key guitar jazz is one Owana Ka?ohelelani Mahaelani-rose Salazar (or just Owana Salazar). Her voice is wonderful, as is her guitar play. Listen to her sing from the heart and sweetly as a mellow guitar melody fills the air. Hear this beautiful woman in action:

Brittni Paiva.

Brittni's YouTube channel (alternate site)
Brittni Paiva is a native of Hilo, Hawaii. The young musician knows how to make incredible music with a ukulele. Have a listen to her lovely music. by visiting her Myspace page or her YouTube channel.

Kalei Gamiao.

Kalei's YouTube channel (alternate site)

This young Hawaiian has a real experimental flow to his music. As a result, you will hear sounds and see techniques inconceivable in playing a ukulele. You will be blown away by his music.

Pauline Wilson.

The Hawaii-born Grammy winner Pauline Wilson is a great jazz singer. She was born in Hilo, Hawaii. I've first heard of her as she provided voices for the vocal version of "Like the Wind" as part of the Gran Turismo 1 soundtrack. I personally like the instrumental version since the instrumental version has better flow than the vocal version. Still, both are lovely.

Here are two songs from the Hawaiian songstress for you to check out:

^ "Like the Wind" (Vocal Version)

^ "Follow Your Road"

--- Guam and Northern Mariana Islands Singers ---
This section is a combination of both Guam singers and Northern Mariana Islands singers.

"Hafa adai and tirow" ("hello and welcome!" in Chamorro) to all of my readers/subscribers from both Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI).

K.C. DeLeon Guerrero.

I know nothing of K.C. DeLeon Guerreo except that the fellow from Guam is representing the Chamorro folks with pride. Check out the amazing singing here in this song, "Chamorrita Girl."


Chrishia Leon Guerrero is a young singer who jams on her ukulele and sings beautifully. Chrishia was only 14 years old when she did "So Over You." Chrishia is very cute. The Chamorrita cutie boasts a wide smile and lovely hair. Her older sister, Christal, is a model. Both are sisters from Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. Both sisters boast lovely hairstyles and wide smiles. And... both are amazingly hot!

Amber Mendiola.

This is Amber Mendiola, who was 14 years old creating this lovely song. I would probably go as far as to say that this Chamorrita cutie has the same musical dedication among Mariana Island singers as Taylor Swift in American music.

Ashley Hernandez.

This young lady from Guam has beautiful singing and looks. The video is a good indication of her musical talents as well as her looks. Feel free to check out the video above.

Tanya "Teeh" Manibusan.

Teeh's Facebook Fan Page (alternate site)
Tanya (or Teeh) may look like a boy, but Tanya is very much a girl. The young singer is not afraid to express herself through the medium of music. That is especially considering her making songs with names like "Let Me Be" and (pardon my language) "Fuck the Bitch." The boyish Teeh from Talofofo, Guam is very much a talented singer who makes songs based on personal experiences. Tanya says that she doesn't really like guys. I think many people can respect that she still has great musical talent and doesn't have to be some super-sexy diva (like Miley Cyrus, for example) to push her music and gain fans. You can check out "I Want You" by checking out this video below:

Pete "Badu" Magofna.

Who says Chamorros can't rap? Pete Diaz Magofna exhibits his skill in throwing down mad rhymes in "Daggao Hulo." Embedding the video was disabled, so click on the the link at the end of this sentence to see the video to "Daggao Hulo".

Marianas Multimedia Inc., and at MMV's YouTube channel has played a big role in allowing me to showcase these videos to all of you.

There's more music to showcase and mention! I'm far from done here! Make sure you are reading the full blog entry if you've enjoyed what you read so far (or disregard this line if you are reading the full blog entry)! The jump break is provided for performance purposes.

--- Papua New Guinea Music ---
I know very little about Papua New Guinea. Here is a sample of Papua New Guinea music below. The song is called "Nipa Pere" from Elizabeth Tandoa. Elizabeth Tandoa is from Southern Highlands Province in Papua New Guinea. This song is a very nice dance music song sung in the native language of the Papua New Guinea province of Kagua:

This was one of the better ones I could find. So I apologize for not finding anything better. I hope you enjoy this!

--- Cook Islands Music ---
"Kia orana" ("hello" in Cook Islands speak) to all of my Cook Islands readers/subscribers! Here's a focus on Cook Islands music. Here is a beautiful song I heard on YouTube called "Tiare Maori" below:

Here is a video from 2009 highlighting on Cook Islands music in New Zealand:

^ courtesy of tagatapasifika1's YouTube channel

Judging on this video, I do become a bit concerned that there aren't as many Cook Islands music talent getting themselves noticed. I guess their concern is in trying to grow and evolve Cook Islands music. Some Cook Islands singers include Melissa Gosselin (any relation to Engara Gosselin?), Kathy Brown-Pitomaki, Tara Kauvai, and Brother Love among others.

Engara Gosselin.

Last, but not least, Miss Cook Islands 2009 winner Engara Gosselin. She was one of the first I came across singing lovely music. Engara Gosselin came across with an album called "My Rarotonga" in 2006. Two of her songs are in these two videos below (featured also in my "South Pacific Beauties" blog post). She is one of my personal favorite ladies from the Cook Islands along with Joyana Meyer (who recently won the 2010 Miss South Pacific Pageant). The first video is "My Rarotonga," and the second video is "Avarua Enua":

I am proud that I get some traffic from the Cook Islands. So I salute all of you Cook Islanders out there!

--- Samoan and American Samoan Music ---
"Talofa!" ("Hello!" in Samoan) to all of my Samoan and American Samoan readers! I know very little about Samoa and American Samoa, but I want to showcase a little bit of Samoan music. The video below features a song called "Nai Nei Mea Fou" by Moefaauo Lotomau Sugar Komiti. Check it out. Come get your Samoan love!

Unfortunately (according to comments to this video on YouTube), Moefaauo Lotomau Sugar Komiti is no longer with us. So I hope you were able to enjoy this video while paying tribute to this fellow.

--- Marshall Islands Music ---
"Yokwe!" ("Hello!" in Marshallese) to all of my Marshall Islands readers! I want to give some mention to Marshallese music. Marshallese is spoken by people of the Marshall Islands and Nauru. This song below is from a group called 7-Degree North (or 7° North) apparently called "Toun wot an al romak naij yokwe yuk." Have a listen:

Here is another Marshallese music video. This is a good one, trust me:

--- Kiribati Music ---
"Mauri" ("Hello!" in Gilbertese/Kiribatese) to all of my Kiribati folk! For those of you who don't know where Kiribati is, it is an island nation to the left of the International Date Line and along the Equator. Its capital is Tarawa. Here is a sample of Kiribati music:

I like this song as it has kind of a reggae flow to it. It is a great-sounding song that will greatly touch you.

--- Honorable Mention! ---
I want to pay special tribute to certain people and services whom have helped me to come up with these names.

* A friend of mine online named Ann from Hawaii has somewhat introduced me to certain Hawaiian music talent on Myspace. She promotes "Stars of Tomorrow" Channel 52, 'Olelo Community Media in Hawaii. After being friends with her on Myspace, I checked out some of the Myspace Music talent to get to hear some of Hawaii's music stars. So I want to pay special tribute to Ann for showcasing me to these stars. And if you are reading this, I say hello to you from here in Houston! Thanks for reading and thanks for being a wonderful friend!

* Marianas Music Videos was responsible for exposing me to music talent in Guam and in the Northern Mariana Islands. They haven't uploaded much of anything for a few years, nor has their blog been updated anytime recently, but their music is still a great deal.

* Even though Anieszka is of Mauritian descent (which is an Indian Ocean island nation, not a Pacific Island nation), she was born in Papua New Guinea and lives in Australia. So this is another bit of Honorable Mention. Hello to the beautiful young Aniezska if she happens to read this!

Some Sad News...

Krash Kealoha (Victor Opiopio), father of modern Hawaiian radio, died on November 25, 2010 from a tumor he was dealing with. To learn more about his passing and what he has brought to Hawaiian radio, read this article on Krash Kealoha. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family and all whom have known and loved him.

--- My Message if Any Artists/Groups/People Were Mentioned in This Blog Post... ---
If I made mention of you in this blog post, PLEASE feel free to say hello to me here in my blog! I wanted to provide this blog post to provide more material to my international audience. I appreciate your musical talent since this blog post regards music. If I didn't mention you, I probably have never heard of you or don't know anything about your music to make any solid commentary.

And please- if you enjoy ANY of my blog posts and want to show continued support, just subscribe to my blog! You can even friend me on Facebook and even join my Facebook fan page if you love my work. Don't just show up here and leave- let me know if you love my work! The best way to do so is to either subscribe or contact me on Facebook (or even contact me directly). Just let me know that you love and appreciate my work!

Here are some more sites you can visit if you are fond of the music you've heard or seen me make mention to:

* HawaiianRadio.com (listen to streaming Hawaiian music online)

* "Stars of Tomorrow" on 'Olelo Community Media, Channel 52 in Kailua, Hawaii, USA

* Tara Kauvai (Cook Islands singer)...
...Tara Kauvai official
...Tara Kauvai Productions
...Tara Kauvai Facebook Fan Page

* Marianas Music Videos official and MMV YouTube Channel

* more information about Elizabeth Tandoa

* Stel Star Productions (Chamorro music)

* Tanya "Teeh" Manibusan on Myspace
* Tanya "Teeh" Manibusan on Facebook (Fan Page)

* Anieszka...
...Anieszka official
...Anieszka on Myspace
...Anieszka on Facebook (fan page)

More links may be included in the future.

If you are from the South Pacific and want to share your music sites or videos with me, contact me, and I'll be sure to include you too if I like your material!

Thank you for reading!

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