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Tablet Computers

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Tablet computers have caught my interest as I was trying to get myself more educated on recent tech products and recent tech trends. Tablet computers are basically the evolution of laptops. Imagine feeling like you have the world in your hands. Or at least, cyberspace. Tablet computers give you that sort of power and control. If you are into Apple, you are obviously loving the iPad. Most others have their own favorites. This is a general blog post concerning tablet PCs. The discussion even includes a few I've been interested in.

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--- Tablet Computers at a Glance ---

I described tablet computers as the evolution of laptops. I would go a step further and say that tablet computers offer a middle ground between a laptop and a smartphone. The power and functionality of a laptop is combined with the portability and connectivity capabilities of a smartphone. The end result is the tablet computer- a device that is much less cumbersome to carry around than a laptop.


Connectivity is also a key element of tablet computers. Some connect to cyberspace through a WiFi connection, and some others are offered with certain data connections including 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE through a certain carrier. So you'll have to arrange with a certain mobile provider to be able to use and utilize mobile Internet with a non-WiFi tablet.

Tablet Sizes.

In the realm of today's tablet computers, there are two key sizes: 7-inch tablets and 10-inch tablets. A 7-inch tablet is very portable and more than useful for all sorts of applications. A 10-inch tablet is (obviously) much larger, allowing you to do more and see more than you would on a 7-inch tablet. A number of other tablet computers have screen sizes somewhere between 7 and 10 inches. Regardless, it's best to find a tablet computer to suit your needs, including with certain screen sizes.


Equally important is the interface used by a tablet PC. The three main interfaces most tablets are powered by are mobile interfaces of iOS (Apple-exclusive), Android, or some Microsoft Windows mobile interface. A number of tablets are mostly Android-based. Some tablets even have the tablet-exclusive Android "Honeycomb" interface. Most of today's tablets may even run on Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" or even Android "Jelly Bean." Some other tablets have their own respective interfaces. For example, the HP TouchPad runs on the webOS interface.

There a lot of things to look at in regards to tablet computers. It's best to find one you can use and utilize.

--- Appeal of Tablet Computers ---

There are many reasons why to even be the least bit fascinated by tablet computers. The biggest reason of all is the fact you don't need a proper desktop computer or laptop computer... to enjoy using a computer. These mobile devices allow people to enjoy computing without needing a desktop PC or a laptop.

Would I Want a Tablet Computer?

When I started watching more tech videos on YouTube, I started thinking more about if I had a tablet computer. I probably would want a tablet computer in case the WiFi connection on my PC isn't going so well or if I want to view something better on a tablet rather than on my desktop PC. Or maybe I'm out and about and want to enjoy some mobile computing.

I would prefer a WiFi tablet so that I wouldn't have to worry about some expensive data plan. Also, I don't feel I need to be connected everywhere I go. I would rather a WiFi-enabled portable media player than a tablet, but having a tablet would be a great way to access cyberspace without needing a data plan. Also, I'd basically have it as an alternative way to get online rather than just rely on my PC. I would also prefer an Android tablet, as I've become a bit more accustomed to Android.

--- Various Tablets ---

Here is a look at some of the many different tablets now. These include some I am interested in as well as some others I just want to introduce to you all. So have a look at these:

Amazon Kindle Series.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD
^ from - This is the Kindle Fire HD, the latest in Amazon's Kindle series.

From the base Amazon Kindle e-Reader, to the Amazon Kindle Fire, to the recently unveiled Amazon Kindle Fire HD; Amazon's Kindle lineup is primarily for enjoying eBooks (or e-Books). It is possible, however, to equip (especially) the Kindle Fire with a proper Android environment. The ecosystem for the Kindle Fire is still in the Amazon realm. Therefore, it almost seems like a waste of money in buying any Kindle if you want it as an all-in-one tablet computer. The best you can do is with the Kindle Fire series, as you can enjoy Amazon material and much more. However, it won't be as diverse as with an Android-powered tablet under the Google ecosystem.

Google Nexus 7.

ASUS Google Nexus 7
^ from: - Google Nexus 7, made by ASUS.

The Google Nexus 7 is made by ASUS. This tablet is Google's own Android-powered tablet running either on Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" or Android "Jelly Bean."
Featuring golf ball-like backing, I have heard it is comfortable to hold in your hands. Don't expect too much in the way of extra features and slots. There is no expandable memory to my knowledge.

Toshiba Excite 10.

Toshiba Excite 10
^ from: - This is the Toshiba Excite 10, which runs Android ICS.

The Excite 10 from Toshiba is a 10-inch tablet from Toshiba running on Android "Ice Cream Sandwich." It is very adaptive with a number of ports and openings available for all kinds of functionality. Toshiba makes some fairly solid laptops. With this tablet, Toshiba hopes this tablet will be just as solid as their laptops.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0
^ from: - Samsung's base model tablet is the Galaxy Tab 7.0.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 is the base offering from the Korean consumer electronics giant. This tablet running on Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" has a seven-inch display along with a two cameras (3.0 megapixel rear camera and a VGA front-facing camera). A microSD card can be fitted into this tablet for more storage. If you have a Samsung DLNA-enabled TV, the IR blaster on the Galaxy Tab 7.0 can be used as your remote control for a WiFi-enabled Samsung TV. Most of this tablet is predicated on being an inexpensive tablet that delivers the goods when doing basic computing.

Personally, this would really be the tablet I would want to own if I had any tablet computer. Big keys for me would be portability and usefulness.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2
^ from: - The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2 is an evolution from the first Galaxy Tab 10.1 in a number of respects.

This is by far the best design and the smartest design of any tablet I've seen. The biggest draw of the 10.1 2 to me are the front-facing speaker grills. This design allows you to enjoy sound the way it was meant to be enjoyed. It is very much designed for media. Because of the dual-speaker design up front, this is also why I love the design of the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 that I so want to get whether with my own money or as a gift. Anyhow, this is a fairly solid tablet computer running Android "Ice Cream Sandwich." Its IR Blaster can be used for this device in much the same way the IR Blaster is used for the Galaxy Tab 7.0 tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
^ from: - The Galaxy Note 10.1 will drive you crazy if you think the Galaxy Note smartphone is big.

If you think the Samsung Galaxy Note is massive as a phone, the Galaxy Note may be "just right" if you prefer the Galaxy Note's functionality in the form of a tablet. Maybe the best way to think of the Galaxy Note 10.1 is like a Galaxy Tab that is fused with the writing functionality like a WACOM writing tablet. Then again, this tablet does feature WACOM technology with the S-Pen. It boasts the same sort of basic design as the Galaxy Tab but with more bezel One of the most compelling features of the Galaxy Note 10.1 is the fact you could do some serious multitasking. Imagine being able to watch a video while also using Memo or some other apps. This tablet features Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" and even features some effects like with the Samsung Galaxy S III. It is a very interesting tablet. For photo editing and art, this 10-inch tablet is wonderful. You can also use the IR Blaster to control other Samsung devices that take advantage of any Samsung devices that may be controlled using the IR Blaster features.

ASUS Transformer Prime.

ASUS Transformer Prime
^ from: - The ASUS Transformer Prime is a beast of a tablet computer- just refer to AnTuTu benchmark tests.

Anyone familiar with AnTuTu may be familiar with this tablet computer. The ASUS Transformer Prime is atop the benchmark ratings if you are familiar with AnTuTu. This tablet is an absolute beast. Here are specifications on this tablet computer (source: Amazon):

• Android "Honeycomb" equipped, but upgradable to "Ice Cream Sandwich"
• NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core CPU
• 10.1-inch LED backlight WXGA (1280×800)
• Eee pad Transformer docking keyboard (not included); WLAN, Bluetooth, 8-megapixel rear camera

Needless to say, anyone seeking a more-than-capable tablet computer need only check this tablet out.

And of course... a tablet you may or may not be familiar with:

Apple iPad Series.

Apple iPad
^ from: - This is the iOS-powered Apple iPad.

Not everyone wants or owns an Apple computer. So to provide the experience of bringing the desktop computer experience without needing a desktop computer, Apple came along with the iPad. Most of the other tablets I've mentioned are based on Android. Since we're talking about Apple here, you have iOS as well as a handful of apps and features made specifically for the iPad.

Many people like to think of the iPad as one big iPod Touch. However, and in reality- comparing the iPod Touch to the iPad is like the classic apples vs. oranges argument. These are two completely different devices. Both use iOS, but the iPad has a few different features and functions exclusive to and better-functioning for the iPad in comparison to the iPod Touch.

These are among some of today's tablet computers. Are you into any of the tablets I mentioned?

--- Have/Will Tablet Computers Surpass Desktops and Laptops? ---

Let me make this perfectly clear- absolutely NOT. The capabilities and features of a tablet computer are nowhere near as impressive as a standard desktop computer or a laptop computer. We have desktop computers for a reason- they are much more capable and useful than tablet computers. You can do and use a lot more with them. Tablet computers are basically good for on-the-go usage mostly. They are (to me) great to use when a laptop is too bulky and too much. And besides- since when were mobile devices better than something as durable and reliable as a basic computer or a laptop? I don't see laptops- or even netbooks for that matter- overtaking desktop computers or laptops any time soon.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Have you any interest in getting a tablet computer? Did you enjoy my blog post to where you don't mind doing a little shopping if interested? If so, here are many of the tablets I made mention to in this blog post. Why not help yourself to these if you're in the market for a tablet? You can learn much more about each item by clicking on them. I would appreciate your business if any of the following interest you (availabilty of each item may vary):

THIS LINE (left to right):
• Amazon Kindle Fire. 7-inch, WiFi, 8 GB.
• Amazon Kindle Fire HD. 7-inch, Dolby Audio, Dual-band WiFi, 16 GB.
• Google Nexus 7. Quad-core Tegra 3 processor with 8 GB and WiFi, Android 4.1 included.
• Toshiba Excite 10. 10-inch tablet with WiFi and 16 GB of storage.
• ASUS Transformer Prime. Eee pad, 10.1-inch, 32 GB Tablet.

THIS LINE (from left to right):
• Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 2. WiFi.
• Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2.
• Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. 32 GB (16 GB also available) and in Deep Grey (White also available).
• Apple iPad. Black and white offered. Sizes feature 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. Connection options: WiFi, WiFi with AT&T 4G, and WiFi with Verizon 4G. Runs on iOS.
• HP Slate 500. Runs on Windows 7 Professional.

Happy shopping (if doing any)!

I hope you enjoyed this post on tablet computers. Maybe I have helped you to find a tablet computer if you enjoyed this post and found it useful. Thank you for reading!

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I'm an Apple person, so of course I want an iPad! Once I can afford one, I will buy one.
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John Marine said...

My dad has an iPad. He was asking my opinion of what kind of tablet to buy, and I told him to get the iPad just because I knew he would like the apps better! He has an android phone though. :)
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John Marine said...

I have a tablet, but I find that I don't use it that often. I'm mostly on my phone and using that instead!

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