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Pixel Staff

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Pixel Staff continues the story of Pixel Sword. Homeworld Arts offers a new experience within their gaming realm with this title that can be played in Flash, Android, iOS, or the OUYA. You play as a mage this time in a different world. Can you rid the world of evil that threatens it? Pick up your magic staff and prepare to do battle in a brand new and different adventure! Time to go to work again- it's another post for "John's Blog Space!"

--- Pixel Staff ---

Aside from what "Pixel Sword" brought, you are now taking on a different challenge in "Pixel Staff." Rather than levels, you are involved in one large stage with many different rooms and outdoor sections to explore. You will do battle against a horde of new enemies as well as the ability to upgrade your abilities and unlock some perks and powers. You fire projectiles against enemies by using your magic staff. As you go around the vast world in Pixel Staff, you can find some treasure chests with upgrades to your health and attack power. Battling major enemies will grant you extra abilities should you defeat them. Should you defeat the final boss of this game, you will have saved the world from a curse. Not that I know many gaming terms, but this is a true "Metroidvania" type game.

Your character is a mage bestowed with a magical staff. His abilities and powers can be upgraded by finding various treasure and beating major enemies. Among other things is the ability to jump higher. The staff can be upgraded to provide more powerful attacks. You can even find heart pieces to boost your health further, just like in the Zelda games.

Review of "Pixel Staff".

Don't expect too many new things if you are familiar with Pixel Sword and have played it. I don't mean this in any negative context; it is just that if you enjoyed "Pixel Sword," you'll love "Pixel Staff" a good bit more. The action is more free and loose than in "Pixel Sword." Some of the different enemies offer a different touch as opposed to in "Pixel Sword." Your strategies will change since you are dealing with a different kind of hero with a different style of offense. Both "Pixel Sword" and "Pixel Staff" were not meant to be overly difficult. So in this game, the only thing really difficult is in trying not to get lost or trying to do too much back tracking. Here is a game basically anyone can enjoy- and you probably will if you're a fan of classic action games like this one. The game can be completed at or just over half an hour. The main song that plays throughout the game is great, but I like Pixel Sword's song a little more.

So this game will keep you busy for its length. If I were to offer a refresh of this title, I'd maybe expand the wizard's attack abilities to include using the staff as a melee weapon if in a close-quarters battle. This would even include making the mage be able to crouch and perform low attacks. I would also include the ability to fire upwards. If I wanted to expand the game, I'd include another world or another story to add to the experience after clearing the main game.

Video Preview.

Here is the game I've discussed in video form:

^ "Pixel Staff - Indie Game - Gameplay"

Want to play this game? Here are the ways you can enjoy Pixel Staff:

Pixel Staff (Flash)
Pixel Staff (Android)
Pixel Staff (iOS)
Pixel Staff (OUYA)

That's all from me on this game. Hope you enjoyed this review. To learn more about HomeWorld Arts, visit

--- Looking Ahead? (Bonus Section!) ---

Part of me says if HomeWorld Arts were to expand on both Pixel Sword and Pixel Staff, what would a third installment of this series include? The two games are similar in structure to where I wonder what a third game would be like. There are a few possibilities:

• Combine Elements of Both?
I think it can be possible to have one protagonist be able to wield a sword while also being able to use magic. Do you have one character serve as having both the heroes of Pixel Sword and Pixel Staff, or do you have one character be able to be diverse on offense? Think of Link being able to engage in swordplay as well as be able to fire arrows. You'd have both a melee fighter that also has some long range ability. So the sword fighter from Pixel Sword could also engage in projectile attacks for long-range battle. You have to love the idea of a versatile protagonist for a game and be able to utilize that versatility effectively.

• Switching Characters?
Not that I've played the full game, but I remember playing the demo to a PC game called Realms of Chaos from Apogee/3D Realms. You could freely change from the male fighter to a female mage. Using their respective abilities are crucial in getting through that game. It is possible you could go with the sword fighter but then use the upgraded abilities of the mage. Or to look at another set of games, you can think about the Donkey Kong games on the SNES, where you could change between characters once you have a little party going. You may even think about games like "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" and after when you have Sonic and Tails working together for if you have both of them together. So you can have yourself a possible RPG party to help take care of business.

• Possible Multiplayer?
Part of me wants to imagine some multiplayer action. Can you imagine one fighter and one mage taking on the enemies? Two fighters? Two mages? It is also possible to maybe have one-on-one battle. Since I talk about the OUYA so much, and since the OUYA can handle up to four players, is it possible for the Pixel Sword/Staff universe be conducive to any sort of four-player multiplayer?

These are just things to wonder if you like Pixel Sword/Staff.

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This looks pretty cool. I haven't play games in a while. I have a super addictive personality and once I start, I cannot stop.

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