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Survivalcraft by @CandyRufusGames, to some, is another Minecraft clone. Minecraft established itself as a quality game. Developer Kaalus of Candy Rufus Games developed Survivalcraft to offer an experience equal to or better than Minecraft. But did this developer deliver, or is it just another game trying to jock Minecraft's swagger? I will offer my own thoughts with this blog post. Come along for the ride!

NOTE: This game review is based on my past experience with it on Android years ago.


Let me tell you about Survivalcraft.

^ from: - Survivalcraft has that similar feel of a similarly-titled game, but is it better than... that game?

Survivalcraft is about what its title implies- survival and crafting. It was created by a developer named Kaalus of Candy Rufus Games. This developer has spent a good number of years and made several releases to make this game as amazing as it can be. Or at least... to the developer's liking.

You are off of a boat and set out to live as long as you can in a wild world. You can craft items and structures to build your own world. Or, you can try to survive for as long as you can with various items. Either way, the goal is survival. You even can craft things such as clothes as part of the survival process. If you think this game is interesting, you should follow the blog from the developer's website documenting on various changes to the game. The experience can be as easy as you like... or as difficult as you like.

Survivalcraft takes many of the elements that made Minecraft successful and add its own touch to it and offer its own challenges. The Survivalcraft world is quite vibrant. You have great looking skies as well as some amazing weather effects. If you absolutely hate blocky-looking entities in the realm, know that there are many detailed, but low-polygon beings that roam the land, the skies, and the water. Your crafting includes tools. In addition, you can even craft electronic systems you could only dream of in Minecraft. So needless to say, you have a lot to look forward to and a lot to do that you may not want to put down Survivalcraft.

Survivalcraft is available on a variety of platforms: Andoid, iOS, Windows Phone, and even PC. Since I'm talking so much about Minecraft here...

Survivalcraft vs. Minecraft

Many people would probably eaasily say Survivalcraft is a better-looking Minecraft. Some people who played Minecraft Pocket Edition would say Survivalcraft is what Minecraft's mobile version should have been. Those who dislike the blocky aesthetic of Minecraft would say that Survivalcraft is a welcome change graphically. Many of the various animals as well as the player model are all done with realistic looking models (compared to the blocky Minecraft models). It's my own preference, but I think Survivalcraft's colors are rather bland compared to Minecraft.

Though both games mostly pertain to a similar set of goals, the two games are NOT copies of each other. The difference between Survivalcraft and Minecraft is almost like the difference between Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport- two similar style games with different personalities. Minecraft takes on more of a fantasy RPG feel. Survivalcraft takes on more of being at one in a living, breathing world than try to have any set storyline. There is even some gadgetry found in Survivalcraft that Minecraft's redstone systems can't better or match.

Both Minecraft and Survivalcraft offer different experiences while being very similar. So it is up to you to determine which is the better game. It is not my job to tell you which you should play over the other. That is up to you.

Survivalcraft: Final Thoughts

Survivalcraft from Candy Rufus Games is anything but a Minecraft clone. It isn't a rip-off of Minecraft. It is not a wannabe Minecraft. It is not trying to jock Minecraft's swagger. Survivalcraft is a Minecraft-style game that offers its own appeal and charm to what Minecraft started ages ago. Even if it falls short in a number of categories compared to Minecraft and lacks the name recognition, Survivalcraft is still a game to give a chance. The game remains as engaging and appealing even if it isn't completely blocky in aesthetics. You probably wish it was available on more platforms so more people can get to see what Survivalcraft brings to gaming, but it is otherwise not a bad game to play on whatever platform it is available and that you can play. Even when you can make your own impact apart from a more popular game, that alone is enough to warrant giving something a try. So if that describes you, by all means, go get Survivalcraft! Don't let the fact that this game lacks name recognition or appeal that Minecraft has. If you care anything about gaming and not always be about the biggest names, Survivalcraft is worth every bit of your time. At least try it out and see if you like it as much as or more than (the similar game).

An Additional Note...

There is a sequel to Survivalcraft called Survivalcraft 2. I have no experience with the sequel, but I may offer a review of that game if I somehow get a hold of Survivalcraft 2.

Video Preview.

I described the game all blog post long- now see it in action!

^ Survivalcraft

For More Information...

Learn more about this game from the developer's blog at You can visit that same site to download Survivalcraft for your device that is offered.

I hope you continue to enjoy my content and the range of topics I try to bring Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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