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Car Style - The Nissan GT-R

John Marine | 12/18/2009 04:58:00 PM |
UPDATED: May 29, 2011

The car: The Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R
^ from: my Facebook page - You've wanted it for years in the States. Now, it's here!

Some discriminating Gran Turismo fans hate that there are more Nissan Skylines in the game than most other cars certain folks care more about. GT4 featured about 50 Skylines across a huge plethora of Skylines. With the Skyline namesake being around since 1957, the latest Skyline isn't a Skyline... it's simply the GT-R. Today's GT-R is the first TRUE Skyline in the United States. This car is the successor to the R34 Skyline GT-R. Earlier this year, I had the chance to see one on the road. It was black and had a lot of decals, but mostly seemed like a GT-R in racing competition or some automotive competition. It was NOT a show car. If you want a performance comparison or a test drive, that's not what my Car Style posts are about. This is simply a description of how I feel about cars style-wise. So let's do this.

Some people have an "Always Hate Japan" mentality. You know, probably saying things like "Japan doesn't make supercars," or "Japan shouldn't be making supercars." A lot of people feel that "rice rockets" are all Japan makes as far as sporty cars are concerned. Nothing competitive, nothing that captures the imagination, nothing amazing. Even Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson was noting that this car is mostly like piloting a video game. Only video game influence for this car is the computer panel developed by Polyphony Digital (yes, the same folks that made the Gran Turismo series). It's a car designed to rock the Nürburgring Nordschleife. It sounds awesome at speed.


Well, this is the latest offering from Nissan. Up front, the car features a two-piece grill design. The true front grill bears the classic GT-R badge, as seen on the R34 Skyline. One of the latest styling exercises has been in blacking out part of the front to make the front grill appear larger than it is. A lot of my friends on GTPlanet call this as a "mustache." I bet the car might look bland if it didn't have this "mustache" or this blacked-out portion of the front. Whether or not you like this is your call. The car features a slight lip spoiler up front. The headlights are sharply designed. They almost provide the impression that as this car goes full speed, that the headlights can't keep up with the car's speed. So the headlight area is elongated to the back. Two vents occupy the front hood of this car and provide meanness as that engine needs to be fed air to breathe better and eat up everything in sight like Pac-Man. The front quarter panels are aggressive and muscular, which is quite fitting considering how this car loves to flex its muscle on the road or at the track. A tall side duct on the front quarter panels makes sure air escapes the car safely while also adding extra meanness. One of my biggest complaints about the GT-R's style is its side profile was how the cabin was designed and how disproportionate it all looked. But the car does pack some extra aggression on the side. The door design is very peculiar to me and not as stylish. I'm sorry to make this comparison, but the cabin design is almost as bad as a Daytona Prototype (only this car's cabin is styled much more beautifully than almost any Daytona Prototype). The small windows on the side don't flow at all with the car's overall design. The rear quarter panels aren't as aggressive, but offers graceful style. The rear spoiler is minimalistic. However, it isn't as sporty and suggestive of sporty character as the R34 Skyline GT-R. The classic Skyline taillight design from the R34 Skyline remains intact. It remains sporty at the back. I'm not as sure about the style of the trunk/boot. The rear bumper design has beveled edges bearing the twin exhaust below. The rear diffuser is great for this car as it's a pure sports car.


This car is a combination of sophistication and high-tech on the inside. The car is all-business inside with its computer console in the center. The front seats are very racing-inspired. You can also seat two more people while enjoying (or "rocking out" as most kids say these days) that Bose stereo system. The instrument panel and gauges are pretty sophisticated and a bit futuristic.

This car is a lovely car. I'd love to enjoy being up close and person and really examine every nuance of this car's styling and performance. It's an awesome car.

Want to know how this car performs on Top Gear? Find out by clicking this link!

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