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I don't know as much as I would like to about OceanLab, but this is a very cool vocal trance group. I know them best for "Satellites," which is my favorite of theirs. Vocal trance is all about taking everything that's cool about trance, and throw in some cool vocals. A good trance song with vocals can make a great song even better. OceanLab is one of those in vocal trance that puts out great music.

Here's your chance to check out OceanLab if you've never heard of them before.

^ Satellite - Isn't this song beautiful? This video comes from the official YouTube channel of Armada Music.

^ Sirens of the Sea (Original Above & Beyond mix) - The vocals blend in beautifully along with the rest of the song. In a way, this song has kind of a Robert Miles edge in which the song sounds beautiful while not being too much of a trance thrill ride.

^ Clear Blue Water - This song was made back in 2002. You kind of go on a trip listening to this song and seeing the video for it. Justine Suissa is along for the ride for this video. According to a YouTube comment, Justine was not a full-on member of the group back in 2002.

Visit OceanLab's Amazon Store to check out some of their music. For MP3s of OceanLab, please use my widget below to purchase some of their songs. Until next time, thank you for reading!

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