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Car Style - The Suzuki Kizashi

John Marine | 4/23/2010 11:17:00 PM | |
"Something great is coming." That is the English translation of "Kizashi." Suzuki's Kizashi is hopeful to get people excited about Suzuki cars. In their efforts, Suzuki came along with their Kizashi, a sporty mid-size sedan. This car is a stylish and sporty machine. According to Wikipedia, the Kizashi is the successor to the Verona and Forenza. You won't get a car review, but you will see what I think about this car from a style standpoint. How does it look to me? What do I think this car is trying to showcase? You will see in this blog entry.

--- Car Style: The Suzuki Kizashi ---
Suzuki Kizashi
^ from: - This may be the most exciting-looking Suzuki car ever. "Something good is coming" is what Kizashi translates to.

The Kizashi is a very cool car that delivers as much excitement as any of Suzuki's sport bikes. Its style, while somewhat bland, is still very lovely. At least this car is more muscular and bold than their Aerio from the early 2000s.

The headlights and front grill both show bold style. The Suzuki logo is shown boldly on the chain-link fence-like grill. The headlights are clean and elegant. The front bumper matches the elegance of the lights and grill. Its front is aggressive, but the sides offer great elegance. The flow on the sides shows a sophisticated and beautiful automobile. The tires have some subtle fender flares on the sides. The wheels are a beautiful set of multi-spoke wheels to accomodate the tires. With toughness up front and elegance on the sides, the rear is actually pretty bland. The tail lights and all are clean, but the rear design doesn't look all that elegant or imposing. I do wish the dual exhaust rear mufflers were styled better to match the toughness at the front. Otherwise, the rear just isn't saying much of anything in regards to toughness or elegance.

The Kizashi is sporty and elegant on the outside, but what about within? The Kizashi is pretty sporty on the inside. It has a very nice center console and a nice set of gauges. The seats look very comfortable and plush. The steering wheel looks pretty nice as well. My problem, however, is the way the dashboard is designed. For lack of a better term, it's a hot mess. It does little to showcase its style in conjunction with the exterior of the car.

So to say the least, the Kizashi is styled nicely up front and on the sides, but not much else at the rear or inside. It's probably the most exciting-looking Suzuki car, but I wish there was just that little extra bit of style to match the aggression up front. A harsh set of words to describe this car's style would be to call it a cowardly beast. It has a character imbalance style-wise. Is it a sporty sedan, an elegant sedan, or just another daily driver? It is a hot mess stylewise. It could have been much better in looks both in the car and especially at the rear. Still, this is a Suzuki worth being excited about.

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