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Run and Gun/Slam Dunk Series

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Konami's Run and Gun series has been an arcade-only game. Before you think this is about Contra or something, Run and Gun is a basketball game series. Its Japanese name is Slam Dunk. Both of the original Run and Gun games resemble NBA teams, but doesn't use actual NBA teams, logos, arenas, or the like. Both games are played with a fixed view. The view is from the baselines, rather than the sidelines in most basketball games of its time. Teams are mostly identified by their city or state name in this game. This blog entry talks about the both of these games in the Run and Gun series. While Run and Gun/Slam Dunk was primarily an arcade title, there would be a game for the Super Nintendo called "NBA Give n' Go," featuring the same Run and Gun/Slam Dunk style action, but with actual NBA teams and players.

So let me go ahead and blog about this series! You're invited to read on, of course! :)

--- Run and Gun/Slam Dunk ---
B-Ball Show Time

Run and Gun/Slam Dunk was released in 1993. The game features basketball from a unique perspective, as you are facing the baskets. The great quality of this game Laughable commentary from the announcers give the game its unusual character. The action is purely arcade, but realistic. The shot clock and game clock appear to move at double speed. So if you're going to put points on the board, better make them fast! Your overall goal is to win the championship. As with the NBA playoffs, you have to go through four teams to win the title. Those are in best-of-seven series, but Run and Gun is more single-elimination, just like the NCAA Basketball tournaments. The first three matches are against teams in your respective conference. The fourth and final match involves you taking on the winner of the other conference finals.

Here is a video preview of this game:

--- Run and Gun 2/Slam Dunk 2 ---
Konami Basketball Championship. 1996

This game's sequel would follow three years later. An overall enhancement in graphics and gameplay would make this game run much smoother than its prequel. The ridiculous commentary from the first title has been replaced with some more interesting comments in this game. The atmosphere is more realistic as well. You hear the crowd chanting "De-fense!" You still have the same goal in mind- win the championship. Gameplay is more intense as you can get block shots.

Here is a video preview for you:

Both videos come from the YouTube channel, SupremeJudge, who has a great variety of true game videos (meaning, no videos audioswapped with some stupid song that takes away from actual gameplay video).

None of the games have anything like timeouts, free throws, fouls, plays, or anything like that. All there is is the shot clock and Out of Bounds. These two games are completely arcade. Arcade, but realistic (unlike the NBA Jam series, for example). I have only seen the first Run and Gun, but never played it. So if you get to see or play Run and Gun/Slam Dunk at an arcade store (the ones that are left), be sure to play the heck out of these two games if you're a basketball fan! One of the later basketball titles from Konami would be "NBA: Play by Play," which features every franchise and accurate rosters from the 1997-1998 NBA season.

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